2012 – End of the World

There are many speculations that the world would begin a new era or an Apocalypse by 21st December 2012.  Mayan’s were considered as most sophisticated and inventive astronomers, and 21/12/12 is considered to be the end of their calender. They had predicted the lunar count accurately and scientists believe that their count on 2012 might also be true.

Adding to Mayan prophecy, Nostradamus had predicted that a comet would hit earth by 2012. For the first time in recorded history, the sun will also block our view as the earth gets aligned disrupting the energy flows. The Earth’s magnetic field would be reversing causing the North moving to South and vice versa.

Many of us would have not heard about the “The Web-Bot project” which was developed in early 90’s for stock market predictions.  It uses small programs called “Spiders” to crawl the Internet and search for keywords like a search engine.  The project’s concept is aimed at tapping into the collective unconscious of the universe and its inhabitants.  In June 2001, this program predicted that some disastrous event would take place in next 60-90 days and eventually the Twin Towers incident happened. It also predicted that some worldwide calamity is about to happen in year 2012.  Coincidence or fact, you can read more about it in the web.

Mankind is not immortal!  We need to brace ourselves and enjoy every moment rather than being worried on all these prophecies!

Watch this video for more information on 2012!


  1. Hey, yes there is lot of discussion going around this topic.
    You will not only find prophecies but also scientific predictions of galactical events happening.
    Honestly, this is only a kind of propoganda which creates fear among people. In my opinion we would be working some where in globe and when the day arrives we’ll say ‘isn’t it the eNd oF woRlD tOdaY ‘
    Happy Living Guys – life is wonderfull.

  2. I didnt want to watch this movie , gives me sort of eerie feeling… i want to believe that its not true…why is such a propoganda..I read so much on NASA website nothing told abt this news as factual…It’s weird to believe someone is earning on creating chaos and fear..

    Post more facts on this krish!

  3. This has nothing to do with movie.. you can very well watch it.. Although NASA has declared there is no threats to earth for another 100 years, still fiction plays an important role in enterainment..

    “it’s weird to believe someone is earning on chaos and fear”

    In this world, no one knows the truth ….everything is mystery.. if you come up with a unique idea of your own mystery then you have a market :)..

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