Area 51

A secret Military Base set up by the CIA at Nevada Desert is still a mystery to many of us!.  The U.S still acknowledges that Area 51 does not exist and is just a mere site that carries on classified Aircraft tests.  Literally, Area 51 has become a pilgrimage centre for Alien Watchers.

Popular stealth planes and Blackbird are being manufactured from this base and has countless technologies under this base.  People have claimed to see strange lights at nights and were suspicious on various underground installations.

Area 51

Many speculate that Area 51 is the communication point for all UFO and actually have seen/captured Aliens.  One man revealed most of the secrets, Bob Lazar , a scientist was actually employed to pull an alien aircraft apart and see if they can manufacture the same. He also claimed to have seen a live Alien at S4 base.

The road
to its entrance is known as ‘The Widow’s
Highway’ because of the high numbers of
workers at the base who die through contact
with fatally poisonous materials. Many
experts suggest the area is a secret dumping
ground for toxic substances, rather than a
UFO base.

The road to its entrance is known as ‘The Widow’s Highway’ because of the high numbers of workers at the base who died through contact with fatally poisonous materials. Many experts suggest the area is a secret dumping ground for toxic substances, rather than a UFO base.

Check this link for more conspiracy theories concerning Area51!

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  1. With millions of earth like planets and sun like stars ,this cant be the only planet that supports life….Imagine the panic it would create if people knew for sure that area 51 has aliens….The governments always hide some discoveries from the general public for several reasons…

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