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Global Warming


Global Warming is the biggest challenge that the world is facing.  The amount of C02 that is been pumped into the sky is more than enough to damage the ozone layer.  Numerous ways are being discussed to tackle the situation in which Geo Engineering is one among them.

Next question would be , What is Geo-Engineering?Will it be a feasible solution to tackle global warming.

Geo-Engineering  is a branch of Environmental Engineering which highly concentrates on Environmental problems.  It changes the day-to-day patterns of Natural Environment.

These are the solutions proposed by Geo-Engineering scientists to handle the Global Warming.



Imagine yourself wearing  sun glasses to get protection from sun.  With the same concept, We can make Sun Shields above earth which can prevent the heat radiation. This will reduce the heat we get from Sun by 2%.  The cost to build these Sun shields would eat up the economy of 4 countries.


Mangrove Trees:

Mangrove trees are known to absorb C02 drastically.  Growing mangrove trees across all the forests and other places might be good solution.  The drawback is that it will take decades for these trees to grow up and we can not wait until then.

Electric Car:

As the Cars contribute 50% of CO2 emissions in the world, the best approach would be to use Electric Cars.  Though these things have not been very popular, steps are being made to publicize use of Electric Cars.

Though there are numerous technologies and debates going around to control Global Warming, there are many small things which we can contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.  Let us try to follow the simple procedures laid by the Government and contribute our part to make the Environment friendly.

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