Mafia Wars

We do not need any introduction to this game which has won millions of hearts worldwide!  I came to know about this game recently and got heavily addicted.  Few days back, my brother insisted me to join Facebook and was amazed to see the number of friends added within an hour.

I was not a big fan of Facebook until I started playing Mafia Wars.  Virtual world helps people to achieve what they are unable to do in real world. This game is a perfect       example of where you can kill,loot and create your own group to fight other people.

This is one other place where you can earn thousands of dollars within minutes and as well as lose them at the same time. Am a proud owner to have Italian Restaurants, Tommy  Guns and big amount of money in the bank.

Build up your mafia size once you have enough steady income and add up your  energy at the most during the initial levels.

Mafia wars has attracted two millions users worldwide and has got the  Webby  Award for 2009. Mafia wars can also be played in Yahoo, My space,Tagged  and even  in your Iphone.

With the usual stress we encounter at work, this game would give you sense of relief and entertainment.  Play this game and build your own Mafia empire.

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