Greatest Jobs on Earth!

Are you a Doctor or Engineer or Software Consultant? Do you think you have the Greatest job on Earth? You might be wrong until you read this.

These are the top five sectors/Jobs  of the world people voted most. Check the topmost one.


No wonder people would vote for this as three fourth people in the world are mad with this game.  Though the pressure is more, you should be a well versed tactician and skill set to sustain this job. Let us see who tastes success in the current world cup.


You should know to lie, give false promises,put the blame on others and energy to sustain this job.  This is one job where you do not need to retire and enjoy a range of facilities provided by the Government. The fate of the country depends on this particular person.  The economy of a country is directly dependant on the amount of black money these politicians generate.  🙂


This lucrative jobs are been sought worldwide by people more than IT jobs.  Reason being is the amount of knowledge you would get in this sector and the power to manage money.  This job requires the adequate skill set of knowledge, decision-making and presence of mind.


This is one of the powerful sector which exposes one to doomsday or to cloud nine.  Media has such power to influence the people and getting a job in this sector makes one pride and exposure along with power. A simple participation in a reality show would make you famous and also would get paid.


There is always a demand in this sector with number of schools and colleges growing day by day. Two to three months of vacation, mid-term holidays, lucrative package and fixed working hours would ensure a decent living . This is one sector where you are paid for improving your knowledge and imparting others the same.

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