Wonders of Passport

I recently got my British Passport and was travelling back from India to UK from Chennai airport. Having had a bitter experience with Air India, decided to travel with Emirates who had good reputation in the Airline Industry My flight was from Chennai to London via Dubai. As usual, landed in the airport, checked in […]

Greatest Jobs on Earth!

Are you a Doctor or Engineer or Software Consultant? Do you think you have the Greatest job on Earth? You might be wrong until you read this. These are the top five sectors/Jobs  of the world people voted most. Check the topmost one. FOOTBALL COACH: No wonder people would vote for this as three fourth […]

Importance of Bees!

I was watching one of the scenes from a Bollywood film where Shah Rukh Khan was mentioning about Bees dying on the signals of Mobile and that would be a threat to mankind.  I wanted to know more on that subject and found interesting and surprising things about Bees. This was the excerpt given by […]

Citibank in Trouble!

I was shocked to hear the news of Debralee Lorenzana who got fired by Citibank due to good looking features she had.  Her male bosses were not able to concentrate on work due to the sex appeal generated by Debralee.  I have never seen a girl losing her job on being sexy and good looking. […]

Mafia Wars

We do not need any introduction to this game which has won millions of hearts worldwide!  I came to know about this game recently and got heavily addicted.  Few days back, my brother insisted me to join Facebook and was amazed to see the number of friends added within an hour. I was not a […]

Cool Facts – Part Deux

As promised, am posting up the second edition of Cool Facts.  Enjoy and learn these facts. We as a Human can not taste water.  It is just the chemicals and impurities that we taste. Sheep can recognize other sheep from Images. Farmers in England are required by Law to provide their Pigs with Toys. Human […]

Life without Moon!

Have you ever imagined your Life without Moon?.  Most of us do not know the reason of its Existence.  I was shocked and surprised on looking at the documentary. Moon was born with the fragments of Iron and Magnesium of Earth which was hit by an asteroid centuries back. Moon’s gravitational pull is the single main reason […]

Global Warming

Global Warming is the biggest challenge that the world is facing.  The amount of C02 that is been pumped into the sky is more than enough to damage the ozone layer.  Numerous ways are being discussed to tackle the situation in which Geo Engineering is one among them. Next question would be , What is […]

SuperNatural Powers

One could never imagine discussing Supernatural Powers in the 21st Century! But, yet, is true.  Everybody needs to accept the fact that they do exists. Psychic powers were directly related to Supernatural powers.  A person born with special intuition of knowing, seeing and feeling is considered to be Super Natural powers. Everybody might have one […]


The most powerful symbol in the earth can be noticed in millions of homes in India and other parts of the world.  Hitler had made it famous by using it as his Flagship.  Swastika is known for its strength and good luck and has been in place for nearly thousands of years ago. Origin: Swastika’s […]