Free Internet all over India?


Last week while attending our college magazine function, an officer from Planning commission has been invited as Chief Guest. He was giving several lectures about the recent developments in science and technology based on India and so on. Well the shocking or surprising news to share with all of you is that Government of India has plans to give “Free Internet All over India” within few months. Does that sound great? Also he added that the highest revenue is from the field of Information and Technology, lol I am studying for that… but the reality is that everyone is focusing towards the same field so in order to divert the minds and bring new opportunities in other field; the government has implemented many schemes for R&D (Research and Development Sector), especially R&D in biotechnology.

Ok I am going off the topic, I myself still cannot believe the news of free internet during that time when all of a sudden a guy raised a question asking that India is still lacking in giving high bandwidth to their consumers where other countries get a whooping mbps for a normal rate while this is happening in India how are they able to give free internet?

The guest thought for a while and answered that India is a largest country with millions of population, there are villages which still don’t even get telephone connections but we are using Internet vastly especially the traffic contribution from India is really high, how is it possible ?

This is another reason why we still lack in advancement of communication but our scientist have recently able to transfer date rate up to a terabyte per second (not sure about it but he added this). Even India produced three super computers which we might have not heard or it might be kept confidential. But the plans of Free Internet Connection seem to be on progress and will be launched in quite few months. When thinking from a positive angle there is no surprise or obstacle to believe this thing, since the recent advancements had made the internet and its technology a whooping success.

Lets wait and watch beside ….