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Hi, I am SANKARANAND,  a CSM and PSM1 certified Scrum Master and Project Manager with 9+ years of experience handling web, mobile and cloud projects.

I lead a large remote development team and perform end to end activities of delivering projects from requirement conception to production deployment.

I have worked in a multicultural environment for diversified clients such as the World Health Organization, L’Oréal, Sport Singapore (Govt), Santé Publique France (Govt), LexisNexis, BBVA, Melco, PWC and agencies like Acquia, Axelerant, Wunderman and Isobar.

I co-founded a non profit IT association called aitpro

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  1. Mr.Sankaranand,

    I came across you blog spot while browsing through some discussion in google group. I have recently launched a website eyemany.com, which basically a professional profile builder with features like blogs, Text and video resume, question and answer, network growth etc.
    Kindly do visit the site and let us know what do you feel about the concept and features. IT will be wonderful to have you as a guest blogger too.


    Saumitra Shanker

  2. Hi,

    I got your details from your blog while researching advertising opportunites in India – hope you can help!

    I work for a company called Zlio.com. The site allows anyone to open a customized online store from where to sell products from 3rd party merchants and make

    profits (CPA and CPC). We are originally a French company, but we are also now in the US and in the UK.

    We think it would be a good idea to have Indians in India creating Zlio shops (English speaking, computer savvy, etc.) – but other suggestions are always welcome!

    The shops would only be for the use of anyone living in the US or UK, and anyone can setup a shop for free in a matter of minutes. Please take a look – http://www.zlio.com

    Anyway, I have no contacts in India, and would like to know how to go about publicizing the campaign. We could put an ad on your blog, or anywhere you suggest. Let me know – also if you have any other business partnership ideas.

    Thanks and best wishes,
    Peter Sewell

  3. Hi,
    thanks for watching the trailer of my movie,i was really impressed by everything,i mean the blog,the website…everything looks very sleek…and please watch out for what would you do? 4,a short movie,its gonna be filled with special effects..releasing in December..thanks again..

  4. i want to buy the plusar 300cc bike.so plz give the detail about the bike and price.
    and picture of the bike.& front look of the bike.

  5. Dear sankaranand,
    It would be a pleasure if this article could find some place in your blog. Knowing that it is a place where a most new releases are updated it would be a good piece of information for your readers.
    “State of the art – Stage of art”

    SATYAM launches virtual global fun @ work platform

    Satyam Computer Services launches a first-of-its-kind initiative in the industry- a new dimension to the corporate fun at work concept. Associates at Satyam can now post their singing talent, and very soon other talents, on a web portal designed to showcase hidden in house talents.

    Powered by NowPos (Short for Now Possible) a Hyderabad based R&D company.
    The initiative is based on a technology platform revolutionizing the fun@work concept through its initiative called iTalent. It is a Voice and Visual enabled program in the internet sphere. A concept where employees from Corporates can participate in online contests.

    Aimed to enthuse its Associates, Satyam introduces SatyamStarPower.com as a novel, innovative way of transitioning the concept of fun@work to online and extends this unique feature by conduction in-house competitions on a monthly basis.

    Speaking at a simple official start of the initiative Mr. Rama Raju, Managing Director Satyam Computer Services pointed out that they have the new mantra for corporate fun without eating into client time or corporate commitment. The 65,000 plus small family inhabiting the global village will now be connected with a “State of the art – Stage of art” initiative.

    Mr. Rama Raju sees the initiative as a unique innovative way of connecting with members of the large Satyam family stationed at any corner of the globe. “The spread makes the cause even more sensitive and necessary. “The more the branches of a tree, the stronger are the nourishment for the roots.” Onsite employees can now connect with fellow team mates back home and participate in these events.

    The whole project is in realization that work is no longer a one-dimensional platform. Hidden talents wanting to be recognized but buried in the labyrinths of the mundane seek expression. Corporates have come to realize that inbuilt stress busters help achieving better targets. They also reflect on a ore humane concern for the builders of corporate efficiency. This initiative is a clear and focused step in this direction.” said Pradeep Kondiparthi – Head Associate Relations.

    Ayyappa Nagubandi the CEO at NowPos sees this as the beginning of bridging information with entertainment in the web world and sees a great future for others in implementing this fun at work concept.

    The web managed events for the associates of Satyam would start with a contest on musical skills where associates from any where – client sites included, could post their entries. The exclusive singing contest would be available for “hearing and viewing” for the associates who can also vote their favorites and make the winner a democratic champion.

    About NowPos

    NowPos (Short for Now Possible), is an R&D led technology company. Its innovative approach has allowed it to create new paradigms in an array of fields like Voice mail technology, Mobile applications and Online entertainment, most of which are path breaking innovations and inventions.

    NowPos makes dreams possible and every technology challenge a reality. It functions largely in the space of mobile, telephony, voice and the Web World.

    Today every Corporate globally is strategizing on innovative and creative ways of retaining their employees, which is the core for any enterprise. We have heard of “The Carrot Principle” which states that its not money alone that motivates an employee…On a more holistic note, its recognition and rewards that will drive employees to higher echelons of performance.

    To the sea of HR initiatives formulated each day, NowPos offers an innovative and creative way of encouraging employees to showcase their talent…talent beyond the workstation performance.

    Propelled by this response wave NowPos is now offering iTalent as an in-house platform to any corporate that believes in inviting and recognizing talent. It serves as a virtual platform for employees to post their creative skills. Blended to times where talent is searched and recognized, where skill sets saluted, where professional activity is sharpened with extra curricular activities. NowPos offers a voice and visual web platform for employees to speak up, hum on and also shake a leg. For the corporate it’s the best way to search for heroes, find them, nurture them and recognize them.

    Some distinct advantages:

    • A virtual global platform to invite talent.
    • Cost effective solution as against an offline contest
    • Technology made simple and easy-to-use
    • Contest can be run monthly, quarterly or to suit any time periodicity
    • A unique domain created for the corporate

    As a service provider NowPos undertakes the responsibility of the entire back end operations. This absolves the corporate form any concerns on operations and logistics. We ensure that there will be no conflict between the technology of the service provider and security of the client. Corporate can establish the image of a caring, encouraging and supportive employer. It’s an opportunity to engage and retain the employers as we are connecting to the latent desires of people to be recognized and appreciated.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I came across your blog site and really liked your style of writing. I am a Fellow Scholar at IIM Calcutta and have recently taken a break to focus on a website that I am trying to launch.

    I would be obliged if you could help me with this initiative of mine and please write a review on http://corporategrapevine.com. The website is a professional networking website intended at working executives.

    Apart from numerous other activities an user can do the following on the website:
    1. Participate in Informal Gossips to Serious Discussions
    2. Be informed of Organisation’s Announcements & Upcoming Events
    3. Be aware of vacancies in an organisation
    4. Write and publish your Blogs
    5. Build his/ her network with other professionals

    Kindly do visit the site and let us know what do you feel about the concept and features. It will be wonderful to have you as a guest blogger too.

    with regards

  7. We would like to get your website on first page of Google.All of our processes use the most ethical “white hat” Search Engine Optimization techniques that will not get your website banned or penalized.Please reply and I would be happy to send you a proposal.

  8. Hi,

    I am looking for a wordpress expert who has experience in handling blogs, forums, membership software like amember. This is an excellent project that provides opportunity for cutting edge app integration to wordpress as well. Those who have past experience in wordpress and are available to work soon need apply pls. It will be advantageous if you could provide a link to your previous works as well.

    If you are interested, pls contact me at- agrawal.k.manoj@gmail.com

    Manoj Agrawal

  9. Hi,

    I’m looking for a WordPress Designer to

    1. To do some (biggish) updates to a WordPress blog (really more a website now than a blog).
    2. To create a WordPress Job Board (based on the blog template). Just a fairly basic job board at this stage (to be updated, later, to better one).

    With more WordPress work in the pipeline.

    At this point really just want to get a rough idea of your prices. How much per hour (UK pounds), for example.



  10. Hi,

    We are an advertising network currently looking to run few of our campaigns on your website.

    We work with most of the large advertising agencies within the EU, North American and Asian markets , where we deliver campaigns for branded customers like Oracle, Microsoft, Orange, O2, LG, Vodafone, HSBC, Citibank, ICICI, Ford, Naukri.com and Nokia to name but a few.

    Could you please let me know who we should speak with at your company to start working with you on some of the ads we place?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Aditya Pawar
    Tel (UK): 0203 371 8899
    Tel (IN): +91(0)0120 4613214
    Email: aditya.pawar@espotdigital.com

  11. Sankaranand Sir,
    I am Administrator of http://www.causes.com/IAC
    You can see that this cause has reached 5500 Activists in mere 20 days.
    This cause is growing at the speed of 300 members/day today.
    I request you that you please consider placing the widget which can be found at http://www.causes.com/widgets?caurse_id=579073
    on your blog(even if it is below somewhere doesnt matter)
    We are planning nationwide fast on 5th April 2011.
    I also request you to write some posts related to the movement when you get time.

  12. A few days ago I wrote to you about a work sponsored post. I wonder if you are interested. I´m wait an answer


  13. Hi Sankara

    I would like to introduce to you an affordable Ultraportable Laptop ASUS Transformer Book T100 which has recently been launched in India having a huge potential when it comes to ultra portable laptops.
    In brief, it is a 2-In-1 detachable laptop with a 10” tablet which can be used as a laptop or as a tablet.

    The Book T100 has the following attributes:
    • Lightweight multi –touch tablet
    • 11 hour long battery life
    • Convenient to travel with
    • Ram – 2 GB to 16 GB
    • Available at an affordable price range for the travel, photography and other gadget enthusiasts.

    This BookT100 is available in Windows 8.1 and other editions as well.
    For more information please go through the link: http://www.asus.com/in/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/ASUS_Transformer_Book_T100/#overview

    Do let us know if you could support us with reviewing the product/article placement/brand discussion on your social media page.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    It would be much appreciated if I could get your mobile number

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