Hollywood in Bollywood


Have you seen any Hollywood Actor/Actress in Indian Cinema for the past 50 years!  Things have changed drastically after recession, Famous pop singers, macho-man and popular artists are all streaming into Bollywood. Most of the credit goes to Akshay kumar who is proud to have acted with Kylie Minogue, Sylvester Stallone and Salma Hayek.

Irrespective of that, SRK and Karan Johar has also signed with Fox Studios for a large sum of 100 Crore deal. Global Recession or not, has worked out really good for Bollywood cinemas.

Who Knows! Down the line Bollywood cinemas might become more attractive than Hollywood.

The Evolution of Google explained in a Video

In 1995 two Mathematicians Larry and Sergey met at Stanford, who shared their fascination and have created a small search engine called Backrub renamed Google later. This video is actually a timeline of How the Search Engine Giant Google has evolved to a 21$ Billion company with 20,000 Employees. Google has made impact in several areas like Desktop products, Mobile and Web. Have a look at the Video. Wow..! The growth is Unlimited !

Recession – How India Survived?

RecessionThe billion dollar question that arises in one’s mind is that of how India survived Recession. While the rest of the countries like Germany and France recovered well in Recession, India was never into recession at all.  Is it due to the domestic demands and less foreign supply or strict Banking rules or the mindset of the people?

The truth is that all developed nations didn’t have any problems with the basic necessities of life like Shelter, Clothing and Food before the Recession whereas in India it was always a problem with scarcity of resources irrespective of the nation booming or glooming.  An average Indian had the usual sufferings and the recession would just impact them a little and not more.

But, we also need to check on the brighter side which helped us avoid Recession.  The banking system in India is so good that we don’t face any problems with Mortgage issues vis-a-vis USA.  Everybody knows that “When the Wall Street sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” does impact India if it blindly follows the U.S.  Thanks to the IT  and other sectors who have started exploring the European countries and are less dependent to U.S. The upcoming government projects in India have really helped to generate more employment at the time of global recession.

India is still better positioned in comparison to developed US, EU and Asian economies due to its comparatively less dependence on exports and strong domestic demand.  We can’t argue whether India has fallen into Recession or not, but can agree that the global recession did make little impact to India.

Google Code Search – An overview

google code search

Google Code search is a powerful open-source code search launched in October 2006.  It gives you the public source code and the class definitions of almost many languages and web script technologies.

Though it is a beta version, has been optimized well and gives accurate results.  Take any programming language keyword and type it as a search keyword, It instantly gives you the necessary commands and descriptions with external links and class definitions.

A simple Print command gives you all the possible options from Java, C, Python and also shell script to name a few. Different technology users would now be able to get instant help without going through particular websites or links.


  1. Open Google code search using the link http://www.google.com/codesearch
  2. Type any keyword or function name and it will give you the entire list for different languages.
    Interesting thing is that Google stores a cached copy of all source code and gives you the dump of it.

Vacation – Make it Mandatory in your Life.


Tight schedule was ripping my heart for the past two months, A pre-planned Diwali vacation to India kept my hopes alive and made me to concentrate on my work. The flight was from Manchester to Chennai via Dubai and was on a busy Friday. You should have been there to catch a glimpse of me, butterflies were flying around me with all smiles.

Three weeks of planned vacation in India really changed my life to look on the outside world other than Work.  The Family get-together, Restaurants, Pubs, Friends and Entertainment really makes you feel energetic and charged up.

I do accept that the expenses will pile up like anything, but is really worth for the hard work we encounter. Believe me, the small memoirs, Photo shoots will make you fell like living in heaven.

Everyone should mark up their calender for a compulsory vacation in a year.  Earning and working is not after all the only thing we do, explore the world and and enjoy the nature and your mind will have the peace and satisfaction.