The best macOS clean up app: CleanMyMac X

I use a Macbook Air 2017 as my fulltime laptop. As my usage increased, my system is cluttered with junk files, files left by improper uninstalls and lot other things. I am lazy enough to re-organize my files, declutter, cleanup and remove junks. Practically it is not a manual process IMO and we need to […]


How to check Apple AirPods case battery level in macOS

After Apple AirPods 2 was released, I got excited and decided to buy one. This is my first AirPods experience and I made this choice because Macbook Air is my primary device and my job role demands at least 4 hours calls every day. The first thing I realized is unlike iPhone or iPad, Macbook […]

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Copy macOS Sierra Installer for installing in multiple systems

If you have multiple systems and wanted to install macOS Sierra, please find this guide to backup the installer.