While i was trying to index all the pages from, i found and ! when i tried to click it i got a google search page that looked like below.Well does anyone of you have any idea of what purpose this special kind of search engine used ? when i tried to […]

Ajax Yahoo mail Extenstion

Well, its Firefox time and i found an interesting extenstion called Ajax Yahoo mail Extenstion, Designed by Vivek Jishtu. By Using Ajax Technology, it lets you to preview your message with single click without leaving your inbox. But Unforunately the new yahoo comet users dont need it, and useful only for classic yahoo mail users. […]

Creating more than one group in CityCita

CityCita is a powerful group-organizing tool that allows users to get together online and meet face to face locally wherever they may be. This Website has been launched just some weeks before.. The Gui is simply nice and it has good features and same like orkut or google groups, but unforunately it allows user to […]

Add images in Orkut Scrap

Now you can add an image while you scrap one of your buddy and let him suprise… Adding an image is Scrap is simple and its just a code that places an image in scrap. Just type the followind code in the SCARP [link=]yourimageurl[/link] Example: [link=][/link] Please don’t change the url, i got this […]

i dont like google ?

Had anyone tried this keyword “i dont like google” ? You get some Strange wierd results as mine, have a look at the shot below.. Man this seems like people who dont like google works in google. The First result for the term is Google Jobs… dontlikegoogle Hosted on Zooomr Well Larry page once said […]