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google.com/ie ?

While i was trying to index all the pages from google.co.in, i found google.com/ie and google.co.in/ie ! when i tried to click it i got a google search page that looked like below.Well does anyone of you have any idea of what purpose this special kind of search engine used ? when i tried to...Read More

Add images in Orkut Scrap

Now you can add an image while you scrap one of your buddy and let him suprise… Adding an image is Scrap is simple and its just a code that places an image in scrap. Just type the followind code in the SCARP [link=http://renatorodrigues.com/img?i=yourimageurl]yourimageurl[/link] Example: [link=http://renatorodrigues.com/img?i=http://a.com/img.jpg]http://a.com/img.jpg[/link] Please don’t change the url renatorodrigues.com, i got this...Read More