Creating more than one group in CityCita

CityCita is a powerful group-organizing tool that allows users to get together online and meet face to face locally wherever they may be. This Website has been launched just some weeks before..

The Gui is simply nice and it has good features and same like orkut or google groups, but unforunately it allows user to join only in not more than 5 groups and to create not more than one group.

But i have found a way to create more than one group,

After registering with, create a desired group then you will be the organizer of it, now unsubscribe from that group, then go to account settings and destroy your account and re-register.

Now after Re-Registration, you can create another group, then after creating another group, search for your previous group then subscribe to it.

You might see that no one will be subscribed to the old group, so when you subscribe to the group, you will be asked for confirmation whether you want to organize the group or not, confirm it and you will now be able to organize more than one group in CityCita.

You can Repeat the Steps above, if you want to create more groups…

By Sankaranand

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  1. Sure, there is no way of limiting that kind of things and we don’t like limiting the people who show an interest anyway. Starting 1 group is not a feature for us, this was more a way of limiting management of bad or ghost groups at least at beginning, because we are a small team.

    Phil @ citycita

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