Improving your English online via Thinkglish

Thinkglish Beta is a free English learning and improving site that is designed for everyone without any age difference. This site helps you to learn a perfect English and improve your verbal communication skills, as well as your listening comprehension.

They provide interactive sessions,preparing interviews, presentations or if you simply want to have a conversation, you can by thier One-on-One training sessions.

The basic account is free and anyone can register whereas if you feel and satisfied with their guidance and coaching you can then order for premium accounts which adds additional practice sessions.

Speaking English fluently has become essential in today’s global
community. At Thinkglish! you’ll find the best learning content
available. Our mission is to accelerate your English faster than ever
before. We want everyone to start talking. Access our interactive
sessions for FREE and communicate your ideas globally.-  Thinkglish

I improve my English by blogging and let me try this site… For registering a free account in Thinkglish click here. [via cypherhackz]


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