Rahman’s Anthem for Taj – Watch It and vote!

After the successful Vande mataram, Pray for me Brother and other master bits, A.R Rahman has unveiled this Taj Anthem which is simply superb. Report from the seven wonders officials says that Taj Mahal is currently at the tenth place which strives hard with lacking in votes from the Indians. Only few days to go and I think we badly need to encourage our fellow Indians to vote for Taj Mahal. To contribute the best of his side, Rahman has put up his camp of voting for Taj Mahal to elect as one of the seven wonders of world by composing this awesome music.

Before watching the video, please make sure you turn your speakers on, so that you can hear the music.


Rahman’s comment on the video:

“The Taj has always been a source of inspiration for me, and it is not just about the love between Mumtaz Mahal and Shahjahan but about everybody’s love. I think this monument deserves to be on the list of Seven Wonders of the World and we should all strive for it,”

My final Verdict:

Please Spare your little time for the sake of India, I am not asking you to shed your blood for the country but it’s just your time by which we gonna earn fame for the “TAJ MAHAL”. I have done my job what about you?

Links: Vote Online | Or send sms as <TAJ> to 4567. | Your vote Values !


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  1. Hey, that’s an excellent promotional video. Loved the music, and the visuals. As Rahman has said, the Taj deserves to be in the list. It’s something we’ve to be proud of. Can only hope that many people turn out to vote.

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