My consumer experience in buying a water purifier

After making a lot of research on Amazon and Google to buy a water purifier, I decided to go with Aquaguard. Because of my past relationship with EurekaForbes and experience using their water purifiers, I placed my interest on their website. In a while, I got a call from their sales team to confirm my interest […]

Wonders of Passport

I recently got my British Passport and was travelling back from India to UK from Chennai airport. Having had a bitter experience with Air India, decided to travel with Emirates who had good reputation in the Airline Industry My flight was from Chennai to London via Dubai. As usual, landed in the airport, checked in […]

CHARGEKEY – my obsession of stylish iPhone charge cable

I own an apple iPhone 5 which I am totally in love with because of its design factor and powerful computing. My phone is my oxygen, it has evolved from need to necessity. As a regular traveler, it always run out of juice due to constant usage of songs, maps and social networking. So i ended up […]

Prebook your Ubislate 7+ tablet for 2999 rupees now

A tablet with cortex A8 , 3200 mAh battery powered by Android 2.3 with GSM and Wifi connectivity and i am giving you it for a damn price of Rs.2999 INR. Why would i buy it ? Sorry was that a question ? Nope i mean where can i get it ? Who can give […]

If he can why can’t We , a Public Awareness video from News 9

This is an exceptional video from News 9 for Save Water Campaign. After watching this i really felt bad for a minute and embarrassing about we, the Humans, the so called Six Sense Animals. A Very touching one from News 9. Thanks. Is the monkey trained to do so or is that it’s nature ? […]

Greatest Jobs on Earth!

Are you a Doctor or Engineer or Software Consultant? Do you think you have the Greatest job on Earth? You might be wrong until you read this. These are the top five sectors/Jobs  of the world people voted most. Check the topmost one. FOOTBALL COACH: No wonder people would vote for this as three fourth […]

2012 – End of the World

There are many speculations that the world would begin a new era or an Apocalypse by 21st December 2012.  Mayan’s were considered as most sophisticated and inventive astronomers, and 21/12/12 is considered to be the end of their calender. They had predicted the lunar count accurately and scientists believe that their count on 2012 might also be true. […]

Vacation – Make it Mandatory in your Life.

Tight schedule was ripping my heart for the past two months, A pre-planned Diwali vacation to India kept my hopes alive and made me to concentrate on my work. The flight was from Manchester to Chennai via Dubai and was on a busy Friday. You should have been there to catch a glimpse of me, […]

i really appreciate orkut’s auto face tagging feature after this !

When i was passing by some of my friend’s orkut pics, i realized the power of Orkut’s Auto Face Tagging Feature atleast after seeing this pic 🙂 “Some faces were tagged. Click to name them !”  Funny Through ! Finally i can Tag Lord Shiva’s photo but does he have an Orkut Profile ?

Free Cash Withdrawals from all ATMs in India

[Photo used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic. Flickr Photo by petyka72.] There are cases and situation that u live in a remote area where your bank doesn’t have an ATM branch but there’s only one ATM over there. Chances are that you either have to spend an extra fee for withdrawing cash with your debit […]