My consumer experience in buying a water purifier

After making a lot of research on Amazon and Google to buy a water purifier, I decided to go with Aquaguard. Because of my past relationship with EurekaForbes and experience using their water purifiers, I placed my interest on their website. In a while, I got a call from their sales team to confirm my interest and another call from a local sales representative to book an appointment.

The local sales rep has arrived on the appointment day not by the time he committed but late by a couple of hours i.e during the lunch hours. He quickly explained the product and suggested us to buy a variant which does not have UV.  I was keen to buy a water purifier with UV because my existing purifier has one and proposed my preference to them. I was recommended to buy Dr. Aquaguard Magna Nxt RO+UV. I did a quick research to see if the price they were offering was costlier than what I can buy from an e-commerce website, however, I was not able to find this specific product in any site probably because it was a newer model. The physical difference is the word NXT and some additional sticker on the product.

I was not shown any demo of the product and I really didn’t care because Aquaguard has my trust already. The most frustrating moment of discussion with the sales rep was when I was asking questions, he was very keen on filling up the form and getting the payment. By his attitude and action, I was hesitant to purchase it but then realized I don’t have to worry about the sales rep because I trust the brand.  I am buying this for my office and I gave all the details to him including my business card and GST details. I wanted to make sure I receive a GST bill, so my company gets a GST credit. The transaction was made and I was provided a debit card transaction slip. I was promised the product will be delivered within a couple of hours. They also charged another 500rs in cash saying they will give this to the installation guy.

Was hoping I would receive the product at least end of that day but there is no update from anyone about it.  I called the sales rep again next afternoon to remind him to deliver the product who told me it will be delivered in few hours but the same story continued. I did the same thing the day after morning and then finally they delivered the product by evening. I looked the invoice and noticed there is no GST number so I realized they forget to update my company GST number. While making the transaction, I wrote my GST number in a paper and sent the same in WhatsApp as well. I told him constantly to ensure he enters the correct GST number so my company gets GST credit, but it is a #fail.

I immediately called him and said I need a bill with my GST number in it. He assured me it will be provided by EOD. Here I am talking about 29th March 2018. After that, I used to call him every day in the morning as well as in the afternoon to remind him to provide my GST bill.

This is where things get intense. I called almost 40+ times in this 13 days and today is 11th April 2018 and I still didn’t receive a bill with GST. I get the same response from him every time I call and found there’s no use pursuing him. I was thinking about the nightmare of what will happen if I have a service issue and how long it will take? Because just for a bill I had to pursue these long.

Finally decided to call EurekaForbes Sales customer care. This is where the fun starts and a real test for my patience. My first call was to their online sales where they heard my whole story and handed me a number to which I should call because they can only handle online sales and not offline sales. So, I called the second number and after hearing the whole timeline of incidents, they gave me another number. I was like what the hell? I told them I was rerouted already and they said like no sir you have to call this number and register a service request. But after I insisted, they have raised a complaint and still asked me to send a message to that number to get my service request. While I still have no faith, I also raised my query to their twitter handle to ensure it gets the required attention. Finally, I got a couple of calls from EurekaForbes. One of the calls from their Chennai HQ branch was assuring and promising. They assured me the problem will be resolved within 24 hours and if not they asked me to return the product. Looks like it is not assuring as it sounds because nothing happened :(.

Today, it’s 12th April 2018. By 11.30 am, one serviceman from EurekaForbes visited thinking I have a problem with my purifier. Explained him the actual situation and he was kind enough to share me his superior number from Pondicherry.  He saved my day.

I talked to the Superior and his accountant who resolved the problem in just 10 minutes. They felt very bad about the experience I had faced. I got my invoice within 10 minutes via email. I also told them the extra amount that sales rep charged which they said it is not necessary and asked me to get the money back. They assured me if he is not giving it back, they will raise a complaint to the head office and make sure I get it. That’s a bliss.

Finally, when I was writing this content, I asked myself why am I making a fuss out of it? For expression of my anger? I think it is more than that. Sharing experiences like this would be useful for someone who comes across a situation like this. And at least I get a chance to update my blog 🙂


Wonders of Passport

I recently got my British Passport and was travelling back from India to UK from Chennai airport. Having had a bitter experience with Air India, decided to travel with Emirates who had good reputation in the Airline Industry

My flight was from Chennai to London via Dubai. As usual, landed in the airport, checked in my baggage and heard something unusual.  The support staff was talking to some foreign passengers and asked whether they need Exit Row seats. I was instantly shocked as getting an exit row seat is not an easy job, it gives more leg space and one of the finest seats in the plane.  To add more surprise, the foreign passengers do not know the meaning of exit row seats and was asking whether they need to pay any extra money for that.

British passport, European money

I did not bother to ask the staff as I always preferred aisle seats as it is easy for me to step out and step in. Moreover, I was travelling alone and it did not matter where I was sitting. I was already homesick and in dull mood on going back to London after spending couple of months in India.

After all the security checks were over, I was waiting in the lounge with 2 hours of boring time to kill. The support staff were announcing some names before boarding as usual to verify some details of the passengers.  I was in the toilet when I heard my name being called by the staff. It was a surprise to me as no airlines have ever called me before boarding. It was the first time and so many things were running in my mind. Did anything went wrong with my details? Am I a terrorist? Why are they calling my name? All sorts of negative things were creeping in, when I went there, they asked my boarding pass and tore it into two.  I was instantly shocked to see and looking at them berserk. They gave me another boarding pass with different seat number and I was about to ask why, then the lady told me in a smiling way that I have been upgraded to ‘Business Class’.

Yes, you heard it right, it was Business class. It was like winning a lottery to me as I never get these sorts of benefits in my life. It was a perfect send off for me with all these homesick thoughts being carried over in my mind.

I instantly called my wife and brother and made them jealous. I did not bother to think about why they had upgraded my class and more importantly why me? Then when the Boarding announcement came, I got priority boarding due to business class and standing along with all other Business class passengers.

It was a bit of shyness and tension prevailing in my mind as I have never travelled in Business class. I was fully prepared for this since it was like travelling for the first time in a flight. Looking at those seats with hi-tech gadgets, I was totally confused and looking all other on how to operate these things.

I learnt something over there by looking at fellow passenger who were also upgraded to Business class. Then I realized that the Airline had upgraded most of the single passengers who had Foreign passport as sort of marketing campaign to boost their Business class.

I did not know how to react as whether to cherish the moment or think about the fact that it was not offered to any Indian passport holders. I am just writing this incident to narrate how certain possessions can change one’s life and the way people perceive it.

Human beings are rated now based on their power and status and not by their character. This is unfortunate reality of today’s world.

Lifestyle Technology

CHARGEKEY – my obsession of stylish iPhone charge cable


I own an apple iPhone 5 which I am totally in love with because of its design factor and powerful computing. My phone is my oxygen, it has evolved from need to necessity. As a regular traveler, it always run out of juice due to constant usage of songs, maps and social networking.

So i ended up carrying the iPhone charger with me always. Wherever i stop by, i look for a charge point in MRT, bus stations and airports.  After considerations, bought power bank to charge on-demand but still have to carry the long iPhone charge cable. Because these power banks usually don’t come up with lighting cable and iPhone does not use a standard charging port like other android phones.

This completely does not serve my purpose of carrying a slim phone with bulky charges and cables. Looking at options, I had opportunity to try the CHARGEKEY from Nomad.

ChargeKey-iPhone5It is a portable lighting cable that looks like a key chain. Best part is it is Apple Certified. It can charge and sync as well. Look at a situation where you need to copy some pictures from your iPhone and you can always pull up your keychain to do so.

Using Nomad CHARGEKEY for iPhone, I always feel like an international spy with high tech gadgets, it makes me distinct in a crowd. The best part is the key looks so thin and light but at the same time it is very rigid and rugged in quality.

It can hold your iPhone seriously !!!!!

Read more about the CHARGEKEY in Nomad Site.

Lifestyle Technology

Prebook your Ubislate 7+ tablet for 2999 rupees now

A tablet with cortex A8 , 3200 mAh battery powered by Android 2.3 with GSM and Wifi connectivity and i am giving you it for a damn price of Rs.2999 INR. Why would i buy it ? Sorry was that a question ? Nope i mean where can i get it ? Who can give you a damn cheap tablet with all these features ? The Aakash tablet project powered Ubislate 7+ is upgraded version of ubislate7 tablet and it rocks more than the previous one. You can actually make and receive calls with it !

Features of Ubislate 7 Plus:

  • Android 2.3
  • Cortex A8, 700 Mhz Process with HD Video Co Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: (Internal) 2GB Flash / (External) 2GB to 32GB Supported
  • Peripherals: 2 Standard USB Ports (Ver. 2.0)
  • Audio Out: 3.5mm jack
  • Display and Resolution: 7″ Display with 800×480 pixels
  • Supported Document Formats: All Version Office Document formats and many more
  • High Quality Video Streaming & HD Quality Video Playback
  • Input Devices: Resistive Touch Screen
  • Connectivity with GPRS & WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
  • Battery: Upto 180 minutes of battery, AC adaptor 200.240 volts

Don’t even think about the quality just go and order it. All the slots closed for January and February but again the pre-booking has been opened for the month of March. Your wait is worth it and you can book it right away here at their official website. . i don’t know how long the pre-booking lasts !

Optional accessory “keyboard case” can turn this tablet into a laptop which is yet to hit the stores.



If he can why can’t We , a Public Awareness video from News 9

This is an exceptional video from News 9 for Save Water Campaign. After watching this i really felt bad for a minute and embarrassing about we, the Humans, the so called Six Sense Animals.

A Very touching one from News 9. Thanks. Is the monkey trained to do so or is that it’s nature ? Who cares ? Until it is used for a good initiative. Congrats News 9. 


Greatest Jobs on Earth!

Are you a Doctor or Engineer or Software Consultant? Do you think you have the Greatest job on Earth? You might be wrong until you read this.

These are the top five sectors/Jobs  of the world people voted most. Check the topmost one.


No wonder people would vote for this as three fourth people in the world are mad with this game.  Though the pressure is more, you should be a well versed tactician and skill set to sustain this job. Let us see who tastes success in the current world cup.


You should know to lie, give false promises,put the blame on others and energy to sustain this job.  This is one job where you do not need to retire and enjoy a range of facilities provided by the Government. The fate of the country depends on this particular person.  The economy of a country is directly dependant on the amount of black money these politicians generate.  🙂


This lucrative jobs are been sought worldwide by people more than IT jobs.  Reason being is the amount of knowledge you would get in this sector and the power to manage money.  This job requires the adequate skill set of knowledge, decision-making and presence of mind.


This is one of the powerful sector which exposes one to doomsday or to cloud nine.  Media has such power to influence the people and getting a job in this sector makes one pride and exposure along with power. A simple participation in a reality show would make you famous and also would get paid.


There is always a demand in this sector with number of schools and colleges growing day by day. Two to three months of vacation, mid-term holidays, lucrative package and fixed working hours would ensure a decent living . This is one sector where you are paid for improving your knowledge and imparting others the same.


2012 – End of the World

There are many speculations that the world would begin a new era or an Apocalypse by 21st December 2012.  Mayan’s were considered as most sophisticated and inventive astronomers, and 21/12/12 is considered to be the end of their calender. They had predicted the lunar count accurately and scientists believe that their count on 2012 might also be true.

Adding to Mayan prophecy, Nostradamus had predicted that a comet would hit earth by 2012. For the first time in recorded history, the sun will also block our view as the earth gets aligned disrupting the energy flows. The Earth’s magnetic field would be reversing causing the North moving to South and vice versa.

Many of us would have not heard about the “The Web-Bot project” which was developed in early 90’s for stock market predictions.  It uses small programs called “Spiders” to crawl the Internet and search for keywords like a search engine.  The project’s concept is aimed at tapping into the collective unconscious of the universe and its inhabitants.  In June 2001, this program predicted that some disastrous event would take place in next 60-90 days and eventually the Twin Towers incident happened. It also predicted that some worldwide calamity is about to happen in year 2012.  Coincidence or fact, you can read more about it in the web.

Mankind is not immortal!  We need to brace ourselves and enjoy every moment rather than being worried on all these prophecies!

Watch this video for more information on 2012!


Vacation – Make it Mandatory in your Life.


Tight schedule was ripping my heart for the past two months, A pre-planned Diwali vacation to India kept my hopes alive and made me to concentrate on my work. The flight was from Manchester to Chennai via Dubai and was on a busy Friday. You should have been there to catch a glimpse of me, butterflies were flying around me with all smiles.

Three weeks of planned vacation in India really changed my life to look on the outside world other than Work.  The Family get-together, Restaurants, Pubs, Friends and Entertainment really makes you feel energetic and charged up.

I do accept that the expenses will pile up like anything, but is really worth for the hard work we encounter. Believe me, the small memoirs, Photo shoots will make you fell like living in heaven.

Everyone should mark up their calender for a compulsory vacation in a year.  Earning and working is not after all the only thing we do, explore the world and and enjoy the nature and your mind will have the peace and satisfaction.


i really appreciate orkut’s auto face tagging feature after this !

When i was passing by some of my friend’s orkut pics, i realized the power of Orkut’s Auto Face Tagging Feature atleast after seeing this pic 🙂


“Some faces were tagged. Click to name them !”  Funny Through ! Finally i can Tag Lord Shiva’s photo but does he have an Orkut Profile ?


Free Cash Withdrawals from all ATMs in India

3233310297_154eb3fef3[Photo used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic. Flickr Photo by petyka72.]

There are cases and situation that u live in a remote area where your bank doesn’t have an ATM branch but there’s only one ATM over there. Chances are that you either have to spend an extra fee for withdrawing cash with your debit card in another bank’s ATM or u travel far to find your bank ATM. Now u don’t! Effect from April 1 2009, RBI passed a new rule that prevent banks from charging extra fee for withdrawing cash from any Inter Bank ATMs.

Reserve bank of India sought public comments and placed an Approach paper on its website. Based on the analysis of the feedback, they implemented a new framework of service charges. It includes that “For use of other bank ATMs for cash withdrawals its Free – with effect from April 1, 2009.” 

Hurray, now u don’t have to sweat yourself standing in a long queue of ATM when u can simply withdraw FROM ANY ATM NEARBY!

Circular from RBI | link

Thanks: ADI.