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Have you ever wondered creating your own facial password like the matrix film or the Lenovo Advertisement? Well it’s time to make your own security system with Banana SecurityFacial recognition is not all about buying a high tech surveillance system but a simple webcam and some blocks of programs would help you build up your own face recognition security system.

How to setup your face recognition security?

By downloading Banana Screen software and with a good quality webcam, your security system is not far away. After installation, the program acts as a default authentication system for your computer requiring your facial expression to be your password.

How does it work?

BS collects your facial features by a webcam which is used to build a statistical representation of face and does stores it in binary format for execution and detection.  This spyware free program which gives a lot concern for your privacy stores your image in encrypted format meaning no third party programs can access it.

The backend of this program seems like it can support all webcams launched way back to 2 years but the application is still in beta stage. BS has released its version only for windows platform where Mac users have to wait a bit. I myself tried the program which sits lite in the system and unlocks quickly after showing my face but the cons is it doesn’t allow multi-user support as far now.

Links: Download BananaScreen | [via ThinkDigit]

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  1. What a nice find.I’m sure those people who seek the security for the computer will find it good just in case your computer gets lost. Great find sankar, another link back will come your way 🙂

  2. Wonderful software…. Works really well for me n my bro…
    N I never thought it would support multiple users… But it does… (Me n my bro use the same system)

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