After 7 wonders, now its time for natural wonders

Now its time for another vote, after successful strive and publication in India and other parts of the world, the TAJ which is one of the inspiration and a landmark around the young has been selected as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Many factors and sources are responsible like media promotion, mass internet voting and overall the population of India for its success.

Taj Mahal certainly deserves to be a wonder of world, never mind the architect but the symbol of love made it won. After the new 7 wonders of the world, New open foundation has started another poll called New 7 natural wonders of the world. The nominations are clearly defined only for natural site or natural monument that was NOT created or significantly altered by humans.

We have our chance of showing up the Great Himalayas which protects our country in every basis. So my kind request is to nominate Himalayas for the natural 7 wonders and make it win.

How to Nominate ?

Click this link and in the nomination field enter “Himalayas” and select the category as  Mountain, cliffs, Volcano,Rocks etc and select the country as India.

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  1. i am not suprised.
    the 7 wonders of the world clicked because it is something that we’ve all been grown up with an have been the same for thousands of years.

    but natural wonders is just another attempt by the marketing mutts to leak some more money and world wide attention out of this “pageant” of sorts.

    glad taj majal made it tho 😀


  2. Wow that’s just wonderful! Although, its one of the marketing thingy but the success of first event showed that people are actually interested in choosing the wonders by themselves. They are not interested in those results which are chosen by a panel of 10 or 20 people.

    This is legitimate because it’s done by the same people and that can be seen on both the sites too.

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