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Html5 the next version of HTML Standard offers many interactive features and flexibility to web developers by introducing new markups and API. There are several reasons why it is a good time to adopt HTML5 in your designs. The major would be that almost all the latest and upcoming version of browsers now provides the native support of HTML5 without depending any libraries. HTML5 is not a start from scratch, it is an upgrade from existing HTML4. So adopting HTML5 would be like upgrading your knowledge to meet the standards for Future Web Designs.

I have gathered some of the best available tutorials to learn and adopt HTML5. Hope it helps you out.


W3schools is the best place to start and understand the basic html5 tutorials. It covers various sections and gives information about HTML5 new Tags, Elements, Video, Audio, Canvas, Forms and Events with Try out Examples. W3Schools also contains individual explanation of each tags with examples.


A Site developed using HTML5 by Google is a HTML5 Playground. Provides an interactive HTML5 Sideshow which highlights and showcases the functionality of HTML5 as well as let you test it. Test center for experimenting each of the apis and provides step by step tutorials.

1st Web Designer

They have an interesting article which covers a huge list of HTML5 Tutorials starting from the beginners to advanced levels covering almost all the parts from layout creation to functionality.


They gathered a list of 15 essential and useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat sheets. Cheat sheets are very handy and useful. You can take a printout of it and stick over your desk for quick reference.


Really nice collection of tutorials from various sites.  Also included CSS3 Tutorials and basic HTML functionality explained.

The folks at Webappers have collected some must have CSS3 and HTML5 Tutorials aggregated from various other HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials

Best place to find many useful guides for HTML 5 resources including HTML 5 Tutorials, examples and references.

Hope this tutorial would be a piece of use for enthusiastic developers.

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