Google Chrome didn’t shut down properly – Fix

Looking at the title, you might be wondering why I would post an article about a basic error message shown by the Google Chrome Browser. “Google Chrome didn’t shut down properly” was a normal error that you see when the browser or system crashed during the usage. But for some, it is a daily welcome message. There is this on-going issue which some users experience with Google Chrome browser. Every time you open Chrome, you see this error message appearing on your browser, in spite of closing properly.To me, this is annoying issue – completely, I don’t want to see it at all. Although there is no official fix or answer from Google, a deep search for solution in several forums resolved my problem. I have consolidated the steps for you.

Fixing the error message:
1. Open Google Chrome, Go to Settings, click Show advanced settings, and scroll down to the bottom.
2. Under System, uncheck “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” and close the settings tab.
3. Go to About Google Chrome (Below Settings), in About Chrome Page, click the Chromium Link. The Chromium site is opened in another tab.
4. Close the browser properly. Wait for 5 Minutes. Restart the computer.
These steps look completely idiotic, but who cares? My issue is resolved.

Another Alternative Solution:
Delete the user account and disconnect the google account. If you don’t really need a Google user account linked to your browser. (I personally don’t prefer this option because I wanted all my plugins and settings to be synced across different devices).

By Sankaranand

Founder at and a Freelance Project Manager building products since 2010.


  1. I have seen this happen consistently with Windows 8. I think it has to do with the way the “shutdown” command is internally handled by Windows 8. If I manually close the browser and then shut down the machine. It works ok.

    If I shutdown the machine without closing the browser (thereby letting the browser be closed by the OS itself), then the problem occurs consistently. For me removing the Chrome background process did not help. By the by, chrome puts an icon in system tray if the “running in background” is checked. You can also use the icon to disable the background process.

    Yes, it is annoying. For now, the restore button is my solace.

  2. click the Chromium Link. The Chromium site is opened in another tab.Then close the browser properly..

    [just open the chromium tab and do nothing with it but shut down?”] You left something out.

    Problem not solved. Thanks any way.

  3. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, it worked!
    I had tried just about everything that was suggested , and this “trick” (click on Chromium) worked a treat!

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