Enthiran Audio to be launched this August !!!

The wait is finally over and i am happy again. The most awaited movie of decade, Robo @ Enthiran will be launched this august if i am not wrong. Based upon the posts of Director Shankar in his blog and other media hypes i believe this to be true.  Have a look at the poster below.


You can even pre-order audio cds, tickets, other stuffs like badges, autographed posters too. You can either call 42244000 or log on to enthiran online for orders. Check more Enthiran pics at Director Shankar’s Blog.

The Face of Volkswagen India


As one of the Select bloggers to represent Volkswagen India in the web i am happy to write this first post.  When it comes to Germany engineering, solidity, innovation, safety, state-of-the-art technology the only thing that comes to our mind is Volkswagen. Let me give a quick heads-up on where they are coming from and what they are heading.

Being Europe’s most successful car brand Volkswagen has made successful inroads into the Indian market by presenting itself in a variety of segments as a high volume manufacturer. They launched the globally successful Passat in 2007. By expanding their portfolio and catering to the mid segment, Volkswagen launched one of the brand’s bestselling models, the Jetta, in India in July 2008. Both the sedans are being assembled locally. The iconic New Beetle and the high-end SUV Touareg were introduced in December 2009. Also available is the high-end Phaeton.

From December 12, 2009 the new Pune plant has started rolling-out the hatchback version of the Volkswagen Polo. Recognizing the importance of an extensive dealer network towards scripting a long-term success story, the Volkswagen Group is setting up dealerships spanning the entire country, having in total around 120 dealerships across the country today. They are not only laying the foundation for a substantial increase in sales but also doing the groundwork for offering a first-class all-round service, taking customer satisfaction to the highest level.  The launch of Polo, the hatchback, is a visible testimony to Volkswagen’s vision of “Mobility – Made in India”.

Volkswagen India is working incessantly towards bringing in the right products for the new-age Indian motorist who loves to drive and wants his/her set of wheels to be his companion in all that life throws at him/her. They also endeavor to back this up with an always-with-you approach towards online media. Because at Volkswagen, your expectation is our greatest inspiration!

P.S: The New Vento sedan will be officially unveiled in India on the 6th of July, 2010

They are active on these social media platforms-

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Volkswagenindia

Twitter: http://twitter.com/volkswagenindia

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/volkswagenvwin

Importance of Bees!

I was watching one of the scenes from a Bollywood film where Shah Rukh Khan was mentioning about Bees dying on the signals of Mobile and that would be a threat to mankind.  I wanted to know more on that subject and found interesting and surprising things about Bees.

This was the excerpt given by Einstein about Bees.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”

Bees are responsible for Pollinating the Crops, Flowers and Vegetables which in turn converts the Co2 into Oxygen. Just think of the catastrophic if Bees becomes Extinct, mankind would be able to survive only for few years.

There is no proof yet that it has been said by Einstein! But, yet we need to care about the ecological system and preserve these Bees.

Colony Collapse Disorder is what been named on the loss of Honey Bees. It’s estimated that one-third of all the food we eat relies on bees for its production. Cereal crops are wind-pollinated but virtually all fruit and many vegetables are insect-pollinated, overwhelmingly by bees.

Citibank in Trouble!

I was shocked to hear the news of Debralee Lorenzana who got fired by Citibank due to good looking features she had.  Her male bosses were not able to concentrate on work due to the sex appeal generated by Debralee.  I have never seen a girl losing her job on being sexy and good looking.

No wonder she is suing Citibank on these grounds.  I am wondering whether this is true or just for media attention this lady is suing such a giant bank. Citibank being one of the largest bank in U.S would sure have strict corporate policies that would never make someone lose their job due to their appearance.

We just need to wait and see for the verdict.  Vikram Pandit CEO of Citibank is quite having a tough time of his career.

I am damn sure that Debralee would get an alternate career in modelling or Film industry whether she wins or loses her lawsuit.

Looking at her with Corporate wear, Even I do not think I can concentrate on my work 🙂

Mafia Wars

We do not need any introduction to this game which has won millions of hearts worldwide!  I came to know about this game recently and got heavily addicted.  Few days back, my brother insisted me to join Facebook and was amazed to see the number of friends added within an hour.

I was not a big fan of Facebook until I started playing Mafia Wars.  Virtual world helps people to achieve what they are unable to do in real world. This game is a perfect       example of where you can kill,loot and create your own group to fight other people.

This is one other place where you can earn thousands of dollars within minutes and as well as lose them at the same time. Am a proud owner to have Italian Restaurants, Tommy  Guns and big amount of money in the bank.

Build up your mafia size once you have enough steady income and add up your  energy at the most during the initial levels.

Mafia wars has attracted two millions users worldwide and has got the  Webby  Award for 2009. Mafia wars can also be played in Yahoo, My space,Tagged  and even  in your Iphone.

With the usual stress we encounter at work, this game would give you sense of relief and entertainment.  Play this game and build your own Mafia empire.

In love with my Best Friend

This is a short film about two idiots, Kenneth and Shivani. They are best friends but have a very big problem in their lives…
“In love with my best friend” is written, shot and directed by Raghav Bhotika, its loosely inspired from the archie comics…They are currently looking for a third idiot ( hopefully she should be cute and bubbly), so if you are interested pls call Raghav at 9972940791 and Kenneth at 9916379626 or drop your info at Kenny Media.  Pls dont expect any remuneration for this as they believe in “SASTA HAI ACHA”  but they can promise a wonderful experience while shooting!
After casting, principle shooting and post production, they will be sending this short film to many Film Festivals nationally and internationally. This film is a venture by Lights Off Productions.

Cool Facts – Part Deux

As promised, am posting up the second edition of Cool Facts.  Enjoy and learn these facts.


  • We as a Human can not taste water.  It is just the chemicals and impurities that we taste.
  • Sheep can recognize other sheep from Images.
  • Farmers in England are required by Law to provide their Pigs with Toys.
  • Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
  • There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos.
  • A rat can fall from five storey building without any injury.
  • Traces of cocaine were found on 99% of  UK bank notes in a survey in London in 2000.
  • The first alarm clock could only ring at 4 a.m.
  • In ancient China, people committed suicide by eating a pound of salt.

Life without Moon!

Have you ever imagined your Life without Moon?.  Most of us do not know the reason of its Existence.  I was shocked and surprised on looking at the documentary.

Moon was born with the fragments of Iron and Magnesium of Earth which was hit by an asteroid centuries back. Moon’s gravitational pull is the single main reason for our Ocean water to being stabilized.


Moon’s gravitation pull is also responsible for many of the asteroids not hitting earth.  You would have heard about planet Mars, which was once like Earth and now as a Red Planet.  There were traces of water in Mars and has been dried out due to the single fact that it did not have Moon as the stabilizer.

Earth’s Axis is mainly controlled by the Gravitational pull of Moon.  If Moon does not exist, the earth will rotate much faster and there would not be a stable season and question of survival.

Scientists have predicted that Moon is going farther away from Earth every year and is a big threat for Earth to be survived.

Prior knowing these things, Moon was just an object used for Moonlight dinner!  Just imagine how we would live without Moon!

Global Warming

Global Warming is the biggest challenge that the world is facing.  The amount of C02 that is been pumped into the sky is more than enough to damage the ozone layer.  Numerous ways are being discussed to tackle the situation in which Geo Engineering is one among them.

Next question would be , What is Geo-Engineering?Will it be a feasible solution to tackle global warming.

Geo-Engineering  is a branch of Environmental Engineering which highly concentrates on Environmental problems.  It changes the day-to-day patterns of Natural Environment.

These are the solutions proposed by Geo-Engineering scientists to handle the Global Warming.



Imagine yourself wearing  sun glasses to get protection from sun.  With the same concept, We can make Sun Shields above earth which can prevent the heat radiation. This will reduce the heat we get from Sun by 2%.  The cost to build these Sun shields would eat up the economy of 4 countries.


Mangrove Trees:

Mangrove trees are known to absorb C02 drastically.  Growing mangrove trees across all the forests and other places might be good solution.  The drawback is that it will take decades for these trees to grow up and we can not wait until then.

Electric Car:

As the Cars contribute 50% of CO2 emissions in the world, the best approach would be to use Electric Cars.  Though these things have not been very popular, steps are being made to publicize use of Electric Cars.

Though there are numerous technologies and debates going around to control Global Warming, there are many small things which we can contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.  Let us try to follow the simple procedures laid by the Government and contribute our part to make the Environment friendly.

SuperNatural Powers

One could never imagine discussing Supernatural Powers in the 21st Century! But, yet, is true.  Everybody needs to accept the fact that they do exists.

Psychic powers were directly related to Supernatural powers.  A person born with special intuition of knowing, seeing and feeling is considered to be Super Natural powers. Everybody might have one and may not yet be aware of it.  Most of the animals do have supernatural powers and have various proofs for that. A simple example would be like Animals can sense most of the natural calamities before they are yet to happen!

If you want to really check whether you have one, follow these steps and you can find it yourself!

1. Respect your Intuition, if it says not to do something, don’t do it and see what happens. This might be your first step in knowing whether your intuition were right.

2. Follow your dreams; check whether they give you any answers to your day-to-day life. Your Psychic knowledge may guide you by taking into various forms.

Supernatural Powers

3. Pay attention to your feelings. The way you feel about something can be your strongest supernatural power. This power can help you make important decisions that can change your future. It may not feel like psychic power, but it may effect a situation in days to come.

4. The more you trust about yourself and feel that your decisions and knowledge are correct, the more your powers would develop. Many might argue that Positive thinking and Supernatural powers might be same, but there is a thin line difference. Positive thinking always makes you to think that only good things should and might happen. Intuitive feeling is about both good and bad.

5. Meditate yourself, you will come to know many things you might have not known or missed in your daily activities.

Check these links of people who had Amazing Abilities in life!

1.Kuda Bux  – Man with X-Ray Eyes.

2. Ocean animals – Have their own Navigation systems.