Free October Calendar Wallpaper Gandhi Jayanthi Special

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi to all of you. This is a particular day to remember one great man who stood as a father of our nation. Remembering Gandhi is not just about having him  in your currencies but in your desktop too :). It is my great pleasure to post October Calendar Wallpaper which is designed […]

Using Underground Data Center to Store your Data.

Backup is a mandatory option for an individual as well as businesses. We have our own critical and confidential data that requires backup stored in some place is important. I usually use external hard disk to store my data like client docs, projects, resources, backup image and software applications. We also store them in DVD […]

Add filters to your Digital images with a click

You don’t really have to be a professional photographer to bring that effect into your images because the folks at have developed a new site that gives any digital photo a new look and feel by offering filters ranging from 70’s vintage to more modern ones. They offer 40 various filters as far now […]

Disappearing Car Doors – Amazing Technology

Having trouble parking your car due to space constraints!  Start adopting to this technology and save the parking space. Jatech has come up with a unique way of opening your car doors.  To be precise, you dont need to open one at all.  The doors will just retract down with the press of a button. […]

How the future robots will help you drive safely

A  project known as AIDA (Affective, Intelligent Driving Agent), a collaborative initiative between MIT and AUDI is a personal driving assistant and an intelligent navigation system.   AIDA is not a traditional navigation system that just predicts the best route between two points, its an intelligent system which sets goals for the driver and helps to achieve it. I […]

The Evolution of Google explained in a Video

In 1995 two Mathematicians Larry and Sergey met at Stanford, who shared their fascination and have created a small search engine called Backrub renamed Google later. This video is actually a timeline of How the Search Engine Giant Google has evolved to a 21$ Billion company with 20,000 Employees. Google has made impact in several […]

Google Code Search – An overview

Google Code search is a powerful open-source code search launched in October 2006.  It gives you the public source code and the class definitions of almost many languages and web script technologies. Though it is a beta version, has been optimized well and gives accurate results.  Take any programming language keyword and type it as […]

Lewis Hamilton controls F1 car via Blackberry Storm

Checkout what happens when some guys used the blackberry strom to control the real F1 car. Yeah, it’s True.. By using the phone’s built-in accelerometer for turning the phone like a steering wheel control of car’s direction. They tested it with a toy car and after uploading their video, a msg pinged from McLaren Mercedes Team […]

Chance to Exhibit your photo in Flickr Event

Good news is that Flickr mates celebrating their 4th birthday of their site on 15th of this March. As a part of their celebration they are hosting an event called Pin-up, a photo exhibit in which 5000 photos of Flickr users will be pinned up on walls and exhibited publically to their visitors. How to […]

Need for Speed Pro Street – Review

Electronic Arts, one of biggest DON of Gaming world has released a new version of Need for Speed series called PRO STREET. Actually it’s not a sequential to NFS preceding version of Carbon or Most Wanted but a complete new version of street racing. Pro Street is nothing but Professional Street racing. Letting racers like […]