Add filters to your Digital images with a click

You don’t really have to be a professional photographer to bring that effect into your images because the folks at have developed a new site that gives any digital photo a new look and feel by offering filters ranging from 70’s vintage to more modern ones.

They offer 40 various filters as far now and will be adding more filters in the future.. is free for smaller images but they do offer additional high-quality processing which some photographers can use for their professional work.

I’ve tried a couple of filters and really satisfied with the output results. Just check my image below where i opted for a movie effect and how the orginal image transformed into a frame from a movie.

And the Good news is offering 15 pro accounts to readers of this blog on a first come first serve basis. This pro account contains 30 credits which you can use for processing high quality images of yours. If you are interested to try Rollip then
signup using the link below.
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  1. OMG..that was amazing..BTW do we have any free applications with which I can create some blinking effects on a picture..?



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