Use Windows and Office in 10 Indian languages

Its not always that English is the only way to learn Windows, but you can use Windows in your local Language too. Although this feature is available for a long time but many of them are still unaware of it.                            With LIP you have the ability to switch your Windows XP Graphical User Interface to […]

Optimizing Zone Alarm for low performance systems

Security threat over Internet has become high and there is a need for standard protection across computers.For users who use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, i have some tips for optimizing and tweaking its settings by which you can use it as compatible with your low performance or slower systems.After installing the Zone Alarm Internet […]

Improving your English online via Thinkglish

Thinkglish Beta is a free English learning and improving site that is designed for everyone without any age difference. This site helps you to learn a perfect English and improve your verbal communication skills, as well as your listening comprehension.They provide interactive sessions,preparing interviews, presentations or if you simply want to have a conversation, you […]

Use Disclaimer in your Email to seek relief from legal actions

Wonder your mail contains Sensitive or Confidential materials or Phonographic which you intend to send one of your friend but unfortunately you misspell the email address and it was sent to someone whom you don’t know! Just think about the sequences or how bad the user might have felt or hurt reading your mail but […]

Speak English with a tRend and sTyle..

First of all i tell you that i am not good enough to teach English but i believe i can help you speak english with a trend and mix.. Why does one prefers to talk english with a trend or style? >The answer is simply to gain one’s attention and uniqueness… We always like someone […]

Type Indian Language text easily via Quillpad beta

After re-designing my blog header with a little mix of masala, i asked my friend Thilak to suggest its design. As we were talking about some tech issues he directed me to a site called QuilliPad which is brother was working with. After visiting the site, the first thing i discovered is that “Typing Indian […]

Basic tips and tricks while using Internet

Use an Anti- Virus Software: Always use an Anti-virus software (like McAfee Virus scan, Norton Anti-Virus, AVG, Avast etc) which could protect your computer from viruses, worms and trojans. It is important to update your virus definitions to meet the current threat. A computer without anti-virus software is a house without roof. Since Internet become […]

Upload photos to flickr even after upload limit ?

You all know about Flickr one of the online photo sharing site which i use to upload all my family photos occasionally. Due to its very low upload limit of 20 mb per month i have to resize my pics in Picasa and have to upload it. Lastweek i scanned new sets of our Goa […]

Block unwanted websites and ads without any software.

This is a simple step by editing a host file. Although many of them know this trick yet its not popular among public. Ok Lets come to the main part, you can ask me how do one block a website without any software. The mappings of IP address is contained in Host file. Generally Host […]

Download Web Designs for Free

OSWD (Open Source WebDesign) is a website that has collection of web designs submitted by Open Source Designers and the best part is you can download the designs for free. Thier goal is to provide open source community with quality designs and to promote people to build up thier websites. Francis J.Skettino founder of this […]