Am I a blogger or designer or something else?

Some times you don’t have a subject or idea to blog about. Don’t you? Well it’s allwhatchanges.gif because we don’t set our time to search for an interesting story.  My blog has been inactive because I don’t usually set my time to search for a useful or interesting story, maybe to post mine. I am not a pro-blogger but I don’t like my blog indexing others story so I avoid that news middle man kind of post most of time. People always welcome unique and interesting posts which are hard to post regularly.

But sometimes I fear of losing my blog page rank and feed readers, which induces one to post something.  A technological blog posts any news related to technology keeping the fact that there are new news on this category every second. Best example is DIGG even though my blog is not categorized as single genres I still don’t have any interesting posts.  Well there are some who are of monkey blogging type posting anything that covers their mind; excepting all cases I still cannot concentrate my mind on blogging. Day by day I am losing my pressure due to increased work pressure both in college and other activities. Loads of projects are dumped in my to-do list but I cannot set the initial point to start the correct work. Life is all about how you organize your time and giving priority to your works.

Generally in my experience what I learned is we have to classify our activities based on the priority and assign the time according to it. 24 hours a day is not extendable and everyone knows it. The mistake I committed is saying YES to all the offers that knocked my door. Never minding the type of work, I used to accept the offer but soon I realized that it’s completely wrong. Everyone has their own talent but people do not tend to realize it properly. Say for example if you challenge with your mates for a cook then to their surprise and yours, the food you’re cooking was delicious which made them mouth watering. In this case you are not goanna change your current profession to a cook since you cooked well.  

Likewise came this blogging along, some say me as a good graphics designer, some accept me as a computer expert while some part express me as a blogger. Which is my profession? How to find which is better for me? When some people still not able to get through in which they are talented I am confused out of which field I am talented!  

Please comment me your suggestions! Can I blog? Am I a good blogger?

Published by Sankaranand

, a Scrum Master and Project Manager with 9+ years of experience handling web, mobile and cloud projects. He is a PSM1 and CSM certified.

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  1. Hi there!

    Sankar, I know you’re a talented guy out there. You’re a good designer, you’re a little bit of an expert. You can be a good blogger if you want to and you’re not that bad. But you still have something in you that tells you that you’ve to do something and establish a distinguished identity.

    I’m still younger than you, but I can surely give some tips.
    Learn to say “No” to what you’re not able to do. I used to accept whatever offers I get, but now I’m adapting to this.

    You might know this, but still reminding you:
    The best part would be to finish one job and proceed to the next. Set goals. Cluttering many unfinished jobs increases your work pressure (atleast to me :)). Preplan what you’re gonna do on a particular day. I usually plan this previous night when I’m on bed 😀

    Never try to be “A Jack of all trades” (I am also of this kind sometimes)

    Set goals, don’t procrastinate, learn to say “no” or even “yes” to something which you can, manage time, prioritise and categorise tasks, you’ll rock. Good luck.

    Ok, I’m speaking too much, I know 🙂

  2. Sankar, you rock. I’ve never seen such a good designer at so young age and also a so cool blogger. Although you don’t update your blog daily but the content you write is timeless and that is the sign of a pro-blogger.

    Best of luck for your future …!

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