Blogging from Blackberry

Blogging from blackberry. Thanks to wordpress mobile app. Now I can post even snippet story or short blog posts from my blackberry. Still I need to explore more of its features. I can’t figure out a way to upload pictures and so on 🙁 Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

The Silent National Anthem – Please Stand up and Watch

Somedays back i updated a status message in facebook something like this -> “How many of you feel a sensation and a special feeling when you hear our National Anthem” Almost all of them said Yes. National Anthem is not just a sound or music, its a Mantra which creates unexplainable emotion for every Indian […]

The Great Escape

I don’t know how they managed to take this but i cannot stop myself from sharing this beautiful video..I can see some mix of CGI and artists creativity over the video. Very well compiled and shot. Hope you like it.

How HDFC Bank uses Strategy to Sue Saving Account Customers

Long back i was in search of a good private bank that provides reliable services and good customer relation. So after several reviews and suggestions from experts i decided to go with HDFC due to its reasonable Quarterly Average Balance which is INR5000. HDFC provides almost all the features of a good end bank with […]

Dandiya nite 2008

Its 11 am now and i just woke up.. Not because today is sunday but last night was dandiya nite and i returned home at 2 am. Usually every year Dandiya nite is celebrated in subalakshmi mahal, puducherry organized by Rotary club of puducherry. Dandiya nite 2008 is the eight annual event. I managed to […]

chocolate pyramid…yummy!

after two weeks, i started going to GYM today.. well the problem is if you stop doing exercise then your body becomes weak day by day and lose all the pumped up shapes u have been striving hard before… Until august mid, i was a member of GOLD Gym which is well furnished and have […]

8 random facts about me

This tagging game has been highly influenced by bloggers especially personal bloggers as I have been tagged by Shankar Ganesh and RishiRaj who made me reveal some random facts about me. I am inspired by technology: It all started when I was in sixth grade during 1999 I created my first email address with […]

Happy Birthday to my blog!

Its celebration time since I crossed one year of blogging successfully. Success is not because of what I posted a whole year but factors that encouraged me to post continuously especially visitors, guests, friends who felt to leave their suggestions and comments in my blog. Actually my addiction towards blogging was from many great bloggers […]

Pierce your ear this summer as I did!

I am already fed up with my study holidays with 10 days remaining for the university exams and the hot climate made my day very long and slow. So just for a change I thought of doing something different and as a result, i pierced my ear. The idea suddenly striked my mind that i […]

Am I a blogger or designer or something else?

Some times you don’t have a subject or idea to blog about. Don’t you? Well it’s all because we don’t set our time to search for an interesting story.  My blog has been inactive because I don’t usually set my time to search for a useful or interesting story, maybe to post mine. I am […]