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Blogging from blackberry. Thanks to wordpress mobile app. Now I can post even snippet story or short blog posts from my blackberry. Still I need to explore more of its features. I can’t figure out a way to upload pictures and so on 🙁

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The Silent National Anthem – Please Stand up and Watch

Somedays back i updated a status message in facebook something like this -> “How many of you feel a sensation and a special feeling when you hear our National Anthem” Almost all of them said Yes. National Anthem is not just a sound or music, its a Mantra which creates unexplainable emotion for every Indian who hears it. Please watch the video below. To its honour and glory of motherhood, I almost cried watching the video for how beautiful it has been created and how we are ruining our motherhood !

Can you explain the emotion and a power you felt watching this video ? Do remember you are Indian, Sathyameva Jayathe(Truth Alone Triumphs)!! This Wonderful video was created by Big Cinemas !

Code of Conduct: There are few set rules about reciting “Jana Gana Mana” which includes not singing it under any cover or under any imperfect state of mind.

The Great Escape

I don’t know how they managed to take this but i cannot stop myself from sharing this beautiful video..I can see some mix of CGI and artists creativity over the video. Very well compiled and shot.

Hope you like it.

How HDFC Bank uses Strategy to Sue Saving Account Customers

Long back i was in search of a good private bank that provides reliable services and good customer relation. So after several reviews and suggestions from experts i decided to go with HDFC due to its reasonable Quarterly Average Balance which is INR5000. HDFC provides almost all the features of a good end bank with many benefits and security but today everything changed up down when i was checking my online statement and found something like AQB SER CHGS INC ST & CESS APR-JUN2010 with a Debit of  INR827.25. A simple Google search explained me that it is nothing but a fee for not maintaining an Average Quarterly Minimum balance.

I am very concerned about maintaining the records and managing the finance. I always stick to use and get addicted using my online bank accounts but then i am still not able to get an idea of why HDFC would charge me INR827.25 even though i take care to maintain my minimum balance always. But then some consumer and complaint forums had the answer. HDFC has changed their AQB from INR5000 to INR10,000. So by this way a bank customer gets to know about the change in Banking Policy and that too very critical important information like change in AQB.

HDFC Bank does a the following:

  • Calls a Customer every occasion to inform about new offers, car loans, free credit card, insurance
  • Sends ATM pin no via First class Indian Courier Company
  • Asks to Fill a form for Third Party Fund Transfer
  • Even sends a Representative to customers house for opening a new current account

But things like change in the AQB is not a critical matter of information right ? Why should we inform our customers, let us post a small snippet of information in the very corner of website in between promotional offers so customers might not be aware of it and we can charge them because they are weak in math.

Finally i had to call HDFC Phone banking service. It is a big puzzle game to play, you have to find the right option to connect a phone banker, if you click any other option then you end up with a single choice PRESS ZERO to QUIT.  Seriously i do not know how i won this game, the phone banker is on line and i told him the whole situation. The kind hearted person at the other end tells me that my AQB is INR10,000 not INR5000. So i asked him all the questions you would ask if you were in my shoes, She told me that “they had mentioned about the change in the footer of the January Bank Statement” and even sent a private letter informing it. I don’t get statements becoz i opted for E-Statements nor did i got one private letter.

As you very well know E-Statements are attached PDFs with password protection. I used to check my E-Statements but there is no mention of it except the covering letter of some two months Email statement which has a four line information of change in AQB without any highlighting. The Email they send you is a big one with a lot of commercial offers listed in the first place and important information in the middle. Would someone care to read an email with 1500 words or just check the attached statement ?

I have a saving account and a current account with HDFC. Now my final decision would be to close it, never mind if they waive me of the fine. Your comments and critics are really appreciated !

Dandiya nite 2008

Its 11 am now and i just woke up.. Not because today is sunday but last night was dandiya nite and i returned home at 2 am. Usually every year Dandiya nite is celebrated in subalakshmi mahal, puducherry organized by Rotary club of puducherry. Dandiya nite 2008 is the eight annual event.

I managed to get pass by a friend wearing INFORMAL dress (incase of not wearing dhothi and pagdi or kurta pyjama) but just a newly brought Pepe tees. It was 10 pm and the drum roll already started and people warming up for the bash. For first half an hour, i was chatting with my friends and known passer bys later they started distributing dandiya sticks and it was a complete mess that everyone is rushing out to fetch one, it was like i used to get tickets for Rajinkanth film…lol Although this is not a big deal for me as i am well experienced(first day first show movie freak) to get pairs of sticks.

The event started by we (the boys) forming the outer circle and the girls (inner circle). This time i was completely disappointed as there was no-coperation between girls. i should teach them some time…yeah really some even started hitting my hands instead of my sticks. We got fed up completely and quit ourself out of circle by forming a group among ourselves. its kind of swapping places while dancing and tried to attract public.. he he lol.. don’t look at me it was not my idea.

The dandiya got over by 1.30 pm and i almost forgot that i was standing idle for half an hour coz i was oogling at the girls over there……:-) I met many of my college mates as they were one of the organizers and not even a single girl frm my college. In the mean time, i tried to interpret frequencies of many girls, some are modulating well and responsed back while some are still using analogue wave while mine is digital.. i hope u can understand about what i am talking. The last part was a bumper lucky draw which ended with selection of some lucky members. Around 1.45 pm it was raining outside but myself and my friend sagar managed to get home by 2 pm yeah just 15 mins…

So saturday nite was over….and today is sunday…i want to kill time.. any ideas…?

chocolate pyramid…yummy!

after two weeks, i started going to GYM today.. well the problem is if you stop doing exercise then your body becomes weak day by day and lose all the pumped up shapes u have been striving hard before…

Until august mid, i was a member of GOLD Gym which is well furnished and have high tech machines and accessories with fully air conditioned, but to meet their demands they increased the monthly fee to 800 rupees per month which i simply cannot afford for it. So i joined power house this september which is 300 per month. yeah that’s afforadable! But the place is very warm, no air conditioner or even fans run very slow. Good place for people who wish to reduce fat but for body building its not the best. After going one week with a two weeks interval started going now.

my today’s excerise is for chest.. well i wanted to maintain a strict diet for my body but unfortunately what smells around neighbours kitchen fails me..

Today my dad was not feeling well and mum asked me to buy a loaf of Garlic Bread from Hot Breads.. Well this is a good chance as i dont like taking bread for my dinner, i simply have a reason to fast tonight. With virtual imagination of people who have good abs running in my mind, i entered into hot breads and pulled the neatly packed garlic bread out of its case.

All of a sudden, my eyes turned over the neatly shaped up cake. its chocolaty and was in the shape of pyramid and thats why they named it as chocolate pyramid..each pyramid costs rs.38/-. i almost gave the garlic bread packet to the counter and checked it out… then suddenly something inside my mind wanted me to buy the chocolaty cake and so without thinking about my diet plan, my hand was pointing over the cake.

Since its 9.20 pm and mum would be waiting for me, i rushed up passing huge traffic and taking shortcuts.. well after reaching home, i wondered that i left the chocolate pyramid in Hot breads! Then handover the Garlic bread, took my bike again from my garage and rushed to the same spot.. Thank god the waiter for waiting with my choco neatly packed… gave him a smile, said thanks and was rushing again in the same shortcut route..

atlast opened up the fresh pack, removed the cover enlcosed over the cake, and almost i cannot handle the cake coz its more fragile than i ever thought.. that much soft…its very tasty and yum…yummyyy..hmmm

Ok enough, i can smell the gas buring from your stomach…ha ha.. and with a glass of milk my dinner is over hurray… to tense you all i posted the pic of cake… enjoy watching it..

8 random facts about me

This tagging game has been highly influenced by bloggers especially personal bloggers as I have been tagged by Shankar Ganesh and RishiRaj who made me reveal some random facts about me.

I am inspired by technology:

It all started when I was in sixth grade during 1999 I created my first email address with which is known to be the turning back of my life thus changing my attention and focus towards computer, internet and technology. I am very much inspired about technology and can’t live up without it. Since i love technology i am doing my engineering in information technology.

I am basically a gadget freak:

Whether it’s a personal gadget or any kind I love to have cool gadgets, wanted to try, use and own them whenever something comes new. Gadgets usually make our life easier and flexible. Currently I own nokia 6680, Nikon 6 mp DSC and USB flash drive with mp3 player.

I love music:

Never concerning about the genre I love all kind of music especially when it is composed by my legend A.R Rahman. Music keeps my life cool and relieves my stress and mental tension.

Regular Chat and snack Eater:

One thing I won’t miss in life is eating all kind of chats and snacks. Some of my favourites are Pani Puri, Masala Puri, Bhel puri, Dabeli, Mushroom Bonda and soup, Onion and Banana Bajji and Bengali sweets. If you want to try these then visit my place.

Freaking outside:

It’s usual for boys to freak out and roam and so the syndrome has impacted me to freak out. Generally we don’t know where we are going to or just passing our way and stopping some where.

No girlfriends!

Yep, it’s true I don’t have girl friends* (someone special) although I do have friends who are girls but I don’t want to waste money and time for them! What do you say guys?  But I ogle at nice and beautiful girls …lol

Being open:

I don’t want to hide anything in my mind or in heart, whether it’s sensitive or not I’d always be frank to tell what I think about them and what I wanted to say.

I love animals:

Basically some like animals at zoo some don’t but I love them. I think animals are just like a neighbor if you are kind to them then they do so. I love dogs; I have a cute little doggie called Nancy (named after famous Nancy Drew). Basically I am a PETA member I hate people who are cruel to animals. I am a vegetarian from childhood.

And my tags for this posting are Srinivasan Paul Joseph, Thilak, Mayank Gupta, Haochi and Ashish Mohta.

Happy Birthday to my blog!


Its celebration time since I crossed one year of blogging successfully. Success is not because of what I posted a whole year but factors that encouraged me to post continuously especially visitors, guests, friends who felt to leave their suggestions and comments in my blog. Actually my addiction towards blogging was from many great bloggers including my inspiration towards technology.

It all started during the mid of year 2006 when I first established my technology forum called CESWAP which was sold later in the year, then after setting up my own hosted domain I decided to start a blog. During the initial stages of blogging, I used this platform only for my personal blogging like things happening around me and simply about myself but later on I thought of making it more useful then a personal blog without the influence of pro-blogging.Here is the result of what I desired, although I placed some ads which help me motivate towards blogging and the motivation has been working well after I received my first check from Google Adsense.

My special thanks to Srinivasan Paul Joseph without whom this blog wouldn’t be standing here since he was providing me hosting, domain and all the support regard of technical and moral. He is one of my well wisher encouraging me in all aspects of technology. He is also one of my inspirations which I would like to reveal now.

Mistakes are reports of your progress towards success if you haven’t done a mistake then it simply shows you ain’t progressing. Over a year of blogging, some of my posts might be useful, hateful or hurtful to someone or something.I feel apologize and thank you for being a source of identifying my mistakes. Last year my first post was on july 07, 2006 and now I am completing my final year of blog post i.e the current post on 7/7/7 which I posted at 7.07 am today IST.

Thanks everyone for your support especially Srinivasan Paul Joseph, Thilak Raj, Shankar Ganesh, RishiRaj, Haochi, Amit Agarwal, Peter Dawson and others who’s been sharing your suggestion.

Pierce your ear this summer as I did!

earpiercing.gifI am already fed up with my study holidays with 10 days remaining for the university exams and the hot climate made my day very long and slow. So just for a change I thought of doing something different and as a result, i pierced my ear. The idea suddenly striked my mind that i should pierce ears.  At last I started my bike, went to the nearest men’s parlor and pierced my ear.

Will it be really painful?

No! Not even a bit. With modern standards of ear piercing and its instrument you won’t even feel a bit pain while piercing. A special type of medicated gel is applied over the area to be pierced, which after a while makes the area insensitive. With an ear piercing instrument which looks like a gun, your ear will be pierced less than a second without feeling even a micro pain.

Why should you pierce your ear?

World is changing everywhere and so do you, with the change in modern history and social attitude why don’t switch yourself? Fashion is not permanent which means you don’t have to worry about your ear. Some see the practice as a form of artistic or self-expression. Others choose to be pierced as a form of sexual expression, or to increase sexual sensitivity. I am not forcing you into other body piercing while ear piercing is just a trendy way to show you.

Will other bother about your ear being pierced?

Who cares about others? It’s all your personal attitude and interest. Personal attitudes vary actually because some regard the practice of piercing or of being pierced as spiritual but I pierced for modern primitive.

Still waiting for your parent’s permission? Ok here is a Satan’s advice to pierce first and show your parents second like I did.

Am I a blogger or designer or something else?

Some times you don’t have a subject or idea to blog about. Don’t you? Well it’s allwhatchanges.gif because we don’t set our time to search for an interesting story.  My blog has been inactive because I don’t usually set my time to search for a useful or interesting story, maybe to post mine. I am not a pro-blogger but I don’t like my blog indexing others story so I avoid that news middle man kind of post most of time. People always welcome unique and interesting posts which are hard to post regularly.

But sometimes I fear of losing my blog page rank and feed readers, which induces one to post something.  A technological blog posts any news related to technology keeping the fact that there are new news on this category every second. Best example is DIGG even though my blog is not categorized as single genres I still don’t have any interesting posts.  Well there are some who are of monkey blogging type posting anything that covers their mind; excepting all cases I still cannot concentrate my mind on blogging. Day by day I am losing my pressure due to increased work pressure both in college and other activities. Loads of projects are dumped in my to-do list but I cannot set the initial point to start the correct work. Life is all about how you organize your time and giving priority to your works.

Generally in my experience what I learned is we have to classify our activities based on the priority and assign the time according to it. 24 hours a day is not extendable and everyone knows it. The mistake I committed is saying YES to all the offers that knocked my door. Never minding the type of work, I used to accept the offer but soon I realized that it’s completely wrong. Everyone has their own talent but people do not tend to realize it properly. Say for example if you challenge with your mates for a cook then to their surprise and yours, the food you’re cooking was delicious which made them mouth watering. In this case you are not goanna change your current profession to a cook since you cooked well.  

Likewise came this blogging along, some say me as a good graphics designer, some accept me as a computer expert while some part express me as a blogger. Which is my profession? How to find which is better for me? When some people still not able to get through in which they are talented I am confused out of which field I am talented!  

Please comment me your suggestions! Can I blog? Am I a good blogger?