Computer virus can kill a human?

compvirus.gifYeah absolutely this topic looks weird but for weird people I got to say something. In my experience I have met people who don’t even know the difference between a computer virus and a biological virus.

Considering the above case, FlexBeta reports a funny real incident happened in Pakistan. An effective Rumor has spread around Pakistan regarding a virus spreading across phone that kills people. The prank message stated that a deadly virus has already killed 20 people and spreading fast. We already might heard about many rumors which sounds logical but yet not believable but this prank message has no logic at all which connects a computer virus with biological virus.

The craziest part is that many mosques in Pakistan began to announce about this deadly virus publically. Another funny incident is when my friend was not feeling well he was examined by the doctor. Since he was accompanied by his father before the doctor could speak anything, his father began saying that “Doctor, maybe that my son is always sitting in front of computer might the virus attacked him?” My friend laugh outbreak there.

This is all because some people still don’t know the difference between Computer virus and biological virus.

Ok here is the snippet for those who don’t really know! Sorry not for people who knew it!

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user. The term comes from the term virus in biology. A computer virus reproduces by making, possibly modified, copies of itself in the computer’s memory, storage, or over a network. This is similar to the way a biological virus works but nothing to do with human beings. There are many viruses operating in the general Internet today, and new ones are discovered every day.

Do you have any incidents to share ?

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  1. Well, I am not much of a hardware guy, but I think if a computer virus over-clocks the CPU at an unreasonable rate, the CPU might explode and indirectly causing death(s).

  2. Yeah Mayank! i saw sometime in AajTak. That was really funny..


    Yes u r right but there are many possibilities of computer getting exploded most of Virus were designed to modify your softdata…unless u aren’t lucky.

  3. yes a virus can kill a human but not by infection
    if a malicious virus got into a hospital and started swaping records switching on an off computer controled equipment then many people could die not to mention that most hospital computers are conected via a net work it could spread and infect more hospitals

    also traffic controal systems
    train systems
    aroplane systems
    banking systems (billions could be lost (suicide’s)
    we live in a computer age if some one had the skills all of these could be affected

    so YES A computer virus can kill
    even cause mass genocide

    not so funny now is it

  4. well Killer, i have not posted this topic to make the false proof saying virus cannot kill a human but i wanted to reveal the difference between a computer virus and a biological virus….

    The point is A computer virus can directly attack a computer only not a human.. got it ? All your points are absolutely correct but in that part the viruses play indirect role..

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