Pick the Best 250 cc bike – pulsar, fazer and taurus


As you all know day by day people giving up mass transit and opting to buy their own vehicle which gradually made the automobile industry hot. Nowadays we can experience an increase in vehicles as well as traffic but without caring about the future the automobile industry is firing up the market with brand new models and features that inspires customers to buy their own vehicle.

Born out of this competition, came up these three beasts that burn up the Indian roads. They are none other than Bajaj Pulsar 250cc, TVS Taurus Fiero f3 and Yamaha Fazer 250. Economic bike drivers please stay away from this post and keep worrying about your petrol consumptions while young energetic drivers out there I am sure these bikes will quench your test. The main catch about these bikes are their 250 Cubic capacities but they inherit different design and performance.

Hope everyone will eagerly be waiting for launch of these vehicles in India but until then I want your personal suggestion of which bike outta 3 will rock?

So go ahead and post your comments for which out of these three bikes goanna rock the Indian roads and why?

The nominations are

Bajaj Pulsar 250 ccbajaj_pulsar_250.jpg

TVS Taurus Fiero F3
Yamaha Fazer 250yfazer250.jpg

I am eagerly waiting for your comments on it…

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  1. I didn’t find any of these exciting. What i feel is 250cc bike looks great with dual silencer or at least the placing of silencer must be like real sports bike with macho sound as was provided by yamaha RX 100 as we have to change the silencers to change the sound quality using cheap booster type boxes. Leg guards must be strong and able to save the legs if bike skids. Disc brakes on both wheels is a good idea.

  2. I love to ride Bajaj Eliminator but what i feel is the tank should had been little bit more broader and little more say 2 inches high placed near handle, the sound should had been like enfield i know it is against company rules but bit modified would had done, the power must have been of atleast 250cc as a cruiser must be. Rest everything is fine except that PARTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET.

  3. hi pls send me the pics of tvs taurus feiro3 i m owning suzuki feiro nd waiting for taurus when it is going to hit roads

  4. I will go for Yamaha, as they have more and more bikes to come in India, i don’t why they don’t do so, may be because of the fuel comsumption, but yes there are more powerful bikes with yamaha 1000cc,1500cc bikes.

  5. PULSAR 220cc DTS Fi,,,i have one,its really “AMAZING”.ITS THE BEST BYKE.i bet that no one can chase me ,its beautiful,good power,good pulling & milage also not bad
    now im waiting 4 the new PULSAR 250,300.

    plsssssssssssss launch it soon
    &im sure its will b the real male in the road.

  6. i m waiting for yamaha fazer 250 its very fast as compare to other 250cc bikes n its sell very much in international market when its come in india,delhi?

  7. Hi all,

    Eventhough the all new ‘TVS Taurus’ has great looks and stunning double discs, my personal opinion is that Yamaha Fazer is going to be the winner. Reason??

    TVS: Their bikes are not the best and not reliable too…Their lower segment bikes itself have proven this fact.

    Yamaha: Boss, it is Yamaha what else you need. Racing Tradition, Quality, Reliability etc etc

    PS: I am not a Yamaha fan, okay… I love Hero Honda Karizma (not the ZMR)

  8. I like bajaj company and the pulsar especially because i have seen other bikes which gives more impressions and attractions on look …now pulsar it was good but i feel the tank shape should be smaller and the bottom in 250 CC if you seen aside the bike nothing only engine and nothing closer like Karizma

  9. hey hy frndzzz i am eagerly waiting for the pulsar and fazer250 2 come in the market but i am not going to buy all such bullshits bcoz i love new pulsar 220 motoring sports eduition which will probably launch next year.

  10. yamaha yes yaamahi is the only machine which canrock anyone
    but in india a few people like me recognise yamaha 250 as a bike…..but one who know the madness of this killer look will rock wihh this byk…but foolish boys who wants to attract girls will like pulsar becoz silly gals like full wiser bikes

  11. hi

    i own a pulsar 220dtsi…i luv itz suspention and itz braking system so much….nw i am planing 4 a new 1 2 get can u plz help me 2 find the best 1.my budget is 2lakhs………plz sugest me….the best 1

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  13. hey that one is pulsar 220.but pulsar 250 is launching soon.let u know that pulsar 250 is solid bike with full covered body and the amazing thing to know is that the silencer of pulsar 250 is like other sports bike having silencer below the seat………………..i think this would be a solid bike and a gud bike for bikers who luv pulsar…………more to know…………………………………

  14. Hi All,

    I am wating for th TVS Tauras and according to me if TVS is going to launcing this byke at the end of this year then it will be good. TVS Tauras has 30BHP engine capacity and acc. to the TVS persons top speed of this byke is around 150 Kmph to 220Kmph which is tooo fast and the model is too good if youi saw the pic of tauras you will say it is too good in the model and engine specification.. as previous byke of TVs like 180 Apache and 160 RTR too faster. so it will gonna rock.

    well i am also wating for the launching of this byke. hope soon it will hit the indian roads.

  15. i have a ieda for the bike style.he is realted to the safe the bike anywhere. because some time i go to the parity or funcation. than many problem face owner because he fear to the any theft of the bike.so i requested to the bike deisgner.plz give me the chance to tell you how to give the design.

  16. Bajaj jaise koi aur bike nhi h saab bakwas. Pulsar is the best all abouth these baki saab bakwas bikes hain only on bajaj

  17. Hyosung GT250R.. im planning to buy this bike.. but im not getting good reviews about this model.. some rusting issues, parts shortage, maintenance hick ups. is there any one out here could give a better clear review about this..

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