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The most anticipated film of south Indians called Sivaji, the boss is estimated to be the most expensive Indian film till date. This sudden post is about the awesome trailer which was recently released in IBN-CNN website. As usual the sound scoring is given by our music legend A.R Rahman. Wow, there is a special curiosity among the public for Mr.RajniKanth sir’s film who is known to be the “SUPERSTAR” of south indian films. I vote him as superstar too and no one can perform styles like he does. I love to watch his films since childhood especially his dialogues and styles which are not only attractive but inspirational and thought provoking.

This film Sivaji is getting a very high fame not only because of its cost, but the mixture of three great minds, RajniKanth who is starring, Shankar who is one of a famous director and our legend A.R Rahman.

Thanks for the trailer, I hope you all enjoy it.

Links: Watch | Download.

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  1. I love Rajnikanth movies from the childhood too. They’re really great entertainment ones.

    This Shivaji – The Boss is the most anticipated movie in whole India as of now (I’ve even heard that worldwide, loads of people are waiting for this movie release). It has most superb minds together and promising to be the most entertaining movie ever.

    Can’t wait to see it in full screen. 🙂 Thanks a lot Sankar for giving us a taste of it.

  2. Rajni – Turning his head when a stricker hits his head is superb that too with a chewing gum. Styles are marvelleous.

  3. rajni is not super ster but shooting star.he is more powerful.the song adhiradikaran is wonderful.he is a magnet to attract everybody

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