Pierce your ear this summer as I did!

earpiercing.gifI am already fed up with my study holidays with 10 days remaining for the university exams and the hot climate made my day very long and slow. So just for a change I thought of doing something different and as a result, i pierced my ear. The idea suddenly striked my mind that i should pierce ears.  At last I started my bike, went to the nearest men’s parlor and pierced my ear.

Will it be really painful?

No! Not even a bit. With modern standards of ear piercing and its instrument you won’t even feel a bit pain while piercing. A special type of medicated gel is applied over the area to be pierced, which after a while makes the area insensitive. With an ear piercing instrument which looks like a gun, your ear will be pierced less than a second without feeling even a micro pain.

Why should you pierce your ear?

World is changing everywhere and so do you, with the change in modern history and social attitude why don’t switch yourself? Fashion is not permanent which means you don’t have to worry about your ear. Some see the practice as a form of artistic or self-expression. Others choose to be pierced as a form of sexual expression, or to increase sexual sensitivity. I am not forcing you into other body piercing while ear piercing is just a trendy way to show you.

Will other bother about your ear being pierced?

Who cares about others? It’s all your personal attitude and interest. Personal attitudes vary actually because some regard the practice of piercing or of being pierced as spiritual but I pierced for modern primitive.

Still waiting for your parent’s permission? Ok here is a Satan’s advice to pierce first and show your parents second like I did.

Published by Sankaranand

, a Scrum Master and Project Manager with 9+ years of experience handling web, mobile and cloud projects. He is a PSM1 and CSM certified.

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  1. You call yourself Satan? Wow… I never knew Satan loves Photoshop. Gods probably love GIMP 😀

    I want to pierce my ear, but I’m not sure where it is done in Mangalore!

  2. Looks very cool….I just got my first earring a few weeks ago.

    Piercing my ear totally has changed me. After I got the earring, I stopped wearing my polos & new balance shoes Now all I wear are cool t-shirts & vans.

    Enjoy dude, Earrings ROCK!!!!!!

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