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Have you ever thought of how much you are worth to this society or your family? Well I don’t know how much I am worth but I think I am doing my best part and wanted to be a piece of worth. Ok I forgot about want I wanted to share now. When I was exploring Mingle2 a site offering cool and funny tools to entertain, I just came through this dead body (Cadaver) calculator called Cadaver Calculator. Don’t get weird or look stupid at me!

What is this dead body worth calculator? Actually dead body calculator is a funny tool designed to calculate the worth of your body which you decided to give for science research. I don’t know how much worth when i live, but I am proud that my body is worth 4850$ when I give it up to science research.

How is your body’s worth calculated? This short tool has a series of interesting questions based on which the worth is calculated. What’s the worth of your body? Share it and see if yours is more worth than

Links: Calculate your body worth | Mingle 2.

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