Resolving Internet explorer crash after installing windows service pack 3

iesp3issue.pngLast month Microsoft made a release candidate of Win XP Service pack 3 available for download. So I downloaded the 336 Mb patch and installed it successfully. This patch actually contains security updates and hotfixes issued by Microsoft Corp. up to April 2nd, 2006 excluding Internet Explorer 7 (Thanks MS for it:-)).

Seriously no updates or changes in Windows interface but just a bundle of hot fixes which doesn’t make it special. I like to stay updated always which made me to install it even though it’s a release candidate, but within few days of installing my internet explorer began crashing all the time. On opening Internet Explorer it crashes within a fraction of second from loading a site and pops a message saying “Internet explorer has encountered an error and needs to close”.

After searching Microsoft Technet forums for resolution, I came to know that this is all due the Urlmon.dll thing which was discussed under KB946627. After discussing with a team member working for SP3, I came up with a resolution for this problem.

Warning: This procedure involves editing of registry which would result in serious damage and corruption of date if followed improperly so my kind advice is not to try unless you have clear cut knowledge of what you are doing.

Step 1: Go to Run and type ‘notepad’ without quotes.

Step 2: After the Notepad is invoked, copy and paste the codes given below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Step 3: Save the notepad as somefile.reg (note the extension .reg)

Step 4: Double click the saved notepad file to add the information to the Registry.

Step 5: A dialog box pops saying “Do you want to add the information to the Registry?” Click Ok and there you go.

Step 6: Restart the Computer, now I believe Internet Explorer would not crash again.

Note:If the problem still persists please feel free to post your comments or queries.

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  1. hi, man u’ve all the good things around and u still sticking to IE7 means the best browser of all time Mozilla Firefox is readily available on download that it’ll change ur whole browsing perspective

    Note: This is only my view i know u r working in a S/W firm.


  2. this happend to me too, after installing sp3 rc in a few days my ie7 started to hang up after a few minutes or after browsing a few pages, so thanks for posting this solution, it fixed it

  3. After installing XP SP3, my wireless connectivity has gone down to like a “Dialup” experience.. even through the wireless access point at my home, i’m unable to access my desktop or another laptop connected on the same domain.. IN THE SAME ROOM..!! HEELLPPPPPPPPP….!!!

  4. Ack. Still crashing. Removed IE7 to roll back to Six over this, six has trouble too. I installed SP3 to try to fix this problem, so I’ve probably got something different.

  5. Hi..
    Tried this but it still does the same.. its not on all sites it does it so I can’t figure it out..

  6. did what you have written above…
    But the result still the SAME…
    any latest advice/update ?
    Best regards

  7. I use Mozilla Firefox as browser and after installing SP3 NOTHING works anymore. I have no internet access whatsoever although the connectivity icon shows connection with “excellent” quality…
    Anyone any ideas how to solve this?

  8. after installing SP3 – twice, due to errors, my internet browser IE doesnt work , neither does Firefox, amazing that a company can release software as poorly tested as SP3 obviously was, and get away with it.

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