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Now you don’t require an e-commerce designer to establish your own shop online since Zlio makes it possible in 5 minutes. Ok before going ahead let me tell you what Zlio is all about?

What is Zlio?
Zlio (aff) is a French company which provides platform and service for establishing your own e-commerce site. It lets you sell products from their list of trusted merchants. You can choose from a large database of products in different categories and virtually add them to your shop.

Currently you can sell products and services to France, US and United Kingdom but never mind you can be an active seller in their site irrespective of your country. The catch is all about using your marketing strategies and promotions. Don’t believe me huh? Ok have a look at Techno Shoppe (check the screenshot below) which I created a while ago in Zlio. It took me not more than 10 minutes to customize and create a brand new virtual shopping site.


How do you earn out of shop?
Zlio provides various deals over the commission and referral levels rather than the products…lol. And the best thing is Adsense. If you haven’t observed my sample shop that I created a while ago, I have linked my adsense account with Zlio and so I can display ads in my site. Usually the commission varies based on the merchants but Zlio works on a Cost per action basis so in order to earn a commission one has to purchase a product from your shop.

What makes this site great?

Frankly it’s the FEATURES that makes this site great. Yeah to highlight some of its features I would say an easy to use interface, various customization options for templates, SEO, RSS and also add-on facility like Google analytics etc. You can use a custom domain name and integrate this shop on your website or maybe your blog.

Other Features includes:
• Multiple shops management under single account
• Widget for adding to blog and website
• Community support
• Reviews and feedback from customers
• Price comparision

So my final verdict would be to start your own shop and experience the results instead of just reading this post. Zlio is really a new experience for me and I would appreciate it as a good start for sellers especially Indians who wanted to sell products internationally. SEO tab has been given an importance which lets you add sitemaps of your shop easily and makes its friendly to search engines.

Links: Create your own shop now | Zlio.

By Sankaranand

Founder at and a Freelance Project Manager building products since 2010.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant and a well written description of how it works. I will try it out later as I am amazed at how little time you say it takes to set up.

  2. are they like the products that i want to sell or jus the product provided br merchants oon the net~~~i have a small business of garments and i want to take it online~~~will zilo help???

  3. I have been a member of Zlio for a few months now and have a few shops online. I promote them through a blog of mine. They have been giving me a fair return for the time I spent updating my shop with new products. I am quite happy with my Zlio Shops.

  4. Hello evrybody

    It seems this program is serious ,but can you tell me which products are most demand.(height conversion)?

    Thanks in advance

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