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While opening my inbox, i found this mail called “joy of living a simple life” and thought it was just the usual forwards, but i felt it not..Yeah, this superb info makes everyone realize and feel the importance of living a simple life.. I cannot find the real source of who wrote this but if you are one of them, kindly mail me.. i wanted to meet you!  Guys, please read his info below and get to know why he is so special. A very interesting mail that will surely ping u r mind…

What is wrong in Living a Simple and Happy Life?

 The recent changes have brought in fear and worry in most of the people on how to manage the coming years.

Last 5 to 6 years, the importance of using money properly has lost its relevance. Just blindly copying unwanted culture has brought in high expectations, expenditure beyond proportion and artificial inflation across society.  

The recent incident in December has made everyone to talk about the greediness of few individuals and also about the methods used to grow the company. Though I am not justifying the same, I honestly want to ask the question, what moral standards do all of us have to talk about it?

Most of the people (IT and other high earning Employees)  have borrowed loans, 100% loan amount, for houses and Cars varying between 60 Lakhs to 1 Crore, paying EMI in the range of Rs 30K to 60K. Everyone assumed that the external world will go on like that. For those who got stocks, the expectation was that the stock value would grow in multiples within 1 or 2 years. Last few years the expectation of stock market is also the same. Everyone knows it is like gambling (simple mathematics knows it is not possible for it to grow) but still wanted to play around and make easy money.

Fundamentally the greediness in everyone has brought in the current state of affairs across the world and hence STOP blaming anyone for the same except our own selves.

What is the best all of us can do at this point of time? Let us all go back and look at our parents & ancestors and see how they lived life. Most of them lived a very simple and contended materialistic life and they were very happy with it.

Look at Abdul Kalam and other few great leaders. They are living a very simple life in spite of being popular and can afford a luxurious life. My father a lawyer by profession at the age of 81 still goes to the court by auto. Even in Wipro few of us, who are working for more than a decade live in rented houses and use only compact cars. The excess money is being donated for social benefit.   

People like them are all passionate about the Job that they are doing and that passion alone is making them to grow stronger and stronger. Instead of choosing a career that will pay more money or focusing on external materialistic things alone, be passionate about the career or the Job that you are doing and that will give immense satisfaction. 

The world is not going to be same again, it will still go through a lot of changes but let’s us not worry and fear. If you look at the history, crossing several thousands of years, right from Satya yuga, Thretha yuga, Dwapra yuga and the current Kali yuga, even great people and leaders went through difficult times.  Everyone has to go through a difficult time however great he or she is because Nature wants to cut the ego of every Human being and make them humbler and simpler. There are no exceptions and hence be ready to learn from the experience of difficult times.

There is nothing wrong in leading a Simple life – loan free and minimum expectation – makes one to enjoy every moment of life. Even if you have to take a loan, at the time of need, follow the 80:20 rule, 20% is loan and 80% your own investment. Even if you have taken a big loan, at worst situation, without bothering about the family circle etc, be ready to walk away without being possessed or sentimental about the item. 

Success is not in materialism, Success is not what position or status you have in your Company or Society.

Real Success is if you can be at peace within yourself in every moment of your life. 

Every Day Practice Silence for 10 minutes. It will slowly change you from an animalistic nature to being a Good Human being, caring & sharing for others. Finally it will take you to the Divine nature, Truth / Ultimate Silence, where you are aware that you are everything.

As Guruji Viswanath always says “Life is to be lived, respected and celebrated”

May God Bless you all to get the knowledge of True Wisdom and to lead a really Happy and Peaceful Life… 

(The Information above is a full extract from a forward mail, if you hold copyright or if you feel this informatin should not be listed here, kindly mail me or comment over here..)

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