Life without Moon!

Have you ever imagined your Life without Moon?.  Most of us do not know the reason of its Existence.  I was shocked and surprised on looking at the documentary.

Moon was born with the fragments of Iron and Magnesium of Earth which was hit by an asteroid centuries back. Moon’s gravitational pull is the single main reason for our Ocean water to being stabilized.


Moon’s gravitation pull is also responsible for many of the asteroids not hitting earth.  You would have heard about planet Mars, which was once like Earth and now as a Red Planet.  There were traces of water in Mars and has been dried out due to the single fact that it did not have Moon as the stabilizer.

Earth’s Axis is mainly controlled by the Gravitational pull of Moon.  If Moon does not exist, the earth will rotate much faster and there would not be a stable season and question of survival.

Scientists have predicted that Moon is going farther away from Earth every year and is a big threat for Earth to be survived.

Prior knowing these things, Moon was just an object used for Moonlight dinner!  Just imagine how we would live without Moon!

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  1. nice effort… but i would expect a detailed study on this subject.. posting some reference can make it work well.

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