Citibank in Trouble!

I was shocked to hear the news of Debralee Lorenzana who got fired by Citibank due to good looking features she had.  Her male bosses were not able to concentrate on work due to the sex appeal generated by Debralee.  I have never seen a girl losing her job on being sexy and good looking.

No wonder she is suing Citibank on these grounds.  I am wondering whether this is true or just for media attention this lady is suing such a giant bank. Citibank being one of the largest bank in U.S would sure have strict corporate policies that would never make someone lose their job due to their appearance.

We just need to wait and see for the verdict.  Vikram Pandit CEO of Citibank is quite having a tough time of his career.

I am damn sure that Debralee would get an alternate career in modelling or Film industry whether she wins or loses her lawsuit.

Looking at her with Corporate wear, Even I do not think I can concentrate on my work 🙂

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