Resolving DNS Issues with Airtel Broadband

If you are an Airtel broadband user and face DNS Error Redirection or DNS Resolving Error like the one below then most probably your network adapter is configured to automatically obtain DNS server from your service provider. The Modem acts as a DNS Server and sometimes in most circumstance the DNS Error Redirection of your ISP may cause some problem and you end-up with the screen below. I too had this problem for a very long time and tried even other third party DNS Service like Open DNS and Google Public DNS but still i face those issues. After using the ISP’s own DNS Server address in my network adapter i could resolve the issue and browse without any flaws.

By default the problem should be resolved using any third party DNS Server but unfortunately the thing doesn’t work for me and force me to use their own DNS Server. At home i use OPEN DNS which works like a charm. Anyways try to change your DNS Server using these steps with the DNS Address of Airtel Below:

Airtel Broadband

 Preferred DNS Server:

Alternative DNS Server:

Hope this resolves the DNS Issue with Airtel. If you are still not able to resolve it, then the next step would be to ring up the Customer Care @ 121 from your Airtel Landline. Alternatively if you would like to try third party DNS Service like Open DNS and Google DNS, then use the ip address below

Open DNS

Preferred DNS Address :

Secondary DNS Address:

Google Public DNS

Preferred DNS Address :

Secondary DNS Address:

If you live in India then i would suggest using Open DNS which have faster results than Google Public DNS.


By Sankaranand

Scrum Master and Project Manager with 9+ years of experience handling web, mobile and cloud projects. He is a PSM1 and CSM certified.


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  2. Many thanks for this info Sankaranand! Was trying Google DNS but even that didn’t work, your post has resolved the issue for me. Cheers!

  3. I am facing the same problem in my (customer)company. and problem is when i connect airtel modem in my switch then the switch is stuck. and problem (DNS error). my i am using airtel gateway as a dns. Pls Mail me if you have a solution.


  4. Thank you. Helpful post. On a computer, at least you can retry. On iDevices, often it’ll just say “Could not connect to server” and cancel App download or other operation. So better to resolve the root cause directly.

  5. The post helped me figure out the issue which I was trying to resolve for 2 days. Thanks for the post.. very helpful

  6. If you think airtel is great.. YOU ARE EITHER SPAMMING or you don’t use internet well.
    I have posted an MTR/Tracert for analysis to airtel as well as my server companies. And it was even clear to me that the problem is with airtel. Airtel DNS servers produce 60% packet loss and are reponsible why my indian clients are unable to reach my webservers. I have used Hathway back in mubai, it works great there, using vodafone from my mobile works great too, using reliance or docomo dongle it works too! but I can’t as my clients to use them! There is one thing they are supposed to do – MAKE THINGS REACHABLE – it their priority job and they have no clue about it. There customer is super pathetic. And I MEAN – SUPER AND HEAVILY SUPER PATHETIC. Its worse than some body kicks me in my rear. The technical support guy doesn’t know what DNS resolution is. The technical manager doesn’t know what ping failure is. They don’t know what latency is. I use airtel broadband because its the only thing available in DELHI NCR as such to support the bandwidth we use. If we get even a single service provider who has such infrastructure, I will be the first one to shift.
    No putting up those DNS won’t help you or anybody! There DNS servers are outdated slow and pathetic. And you what’s worse.. After telling them this this issue still persists. I can’t even lodge a complaint against them, because people registering complaint couldn’t understand the problem. Its all so frustrating that sometimes it makes me feel I am flintstones living in a stone age and Mr. Bharti Mittal is just another Caveman. FOR GOD SAKE GIVE US ATLEAST RELIABLE INTERNET!

    1. if airtel dns sucks, use open dns or google dns.. i am using open dns. and btw i am using airtel broadband for more than 7 years and not had a single issue. still happy with them. Why would i advertise for airtel ? This is my personal opinion.

  7. problem still persists, i have used google, airtel and open DNS but to no respite..
    @everybody please help.

  8. Hi, I got a new connection three days back. When I tried to open any website other than Google I am getting an error “webpage cannot be found” and in the address bar it is showing HTTP 404 Not Found. I suspect some configuration mistakes is the cause of this. Kindly suggest appropriate fix for this issue. I already tried the above setting but did not work.

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