Activate Airtel Voicemail service for free on your Prepaid Mobile

Airtel provides Free Voicemail service for all prepaid customers but unfortunately no one is aware of it. Even Airtel website or customer care representative is unaware of it.

Activation by Call Code:

  • Call *321*671# for Activation
  • Call *321*673# for Deactivation

Activation by SMS Code:

  • START VMS to 54321 for Activation
  • STOP VMS to 54321 for Deactivation

Voicemail Account Management:

To access your Voicemail Account Management, call Dial 52555 from your registered Airtel Prepaid Mobile. For the very first time, it will prompt you to set a 4 digit passord. Next time you need to enter the password to access your profile settings.

With your account Management, you can do the following things

  1. Change your language presence
  2. Set your Own Custom Voicemail Message
  3. Hear, Save and Delete the received voice mail messages
  4. Change Voice mail box name

You can press the following numbers to perform action on your current running Voicemails

  • Delete – 3
  • Reply – 4
  • Save – 5
  • Previous Voicemail – 6
  • Replay Again – 7
  • Next Voicemail – 8
  • Settings – 9

Settings Page:

  • When you login to setting, Press 2 to change language presence
  • Rename Mailbox Name – 3
  • Change Password – 4
  • Hear or Change current welcome message – 7
  • Remove current Welcome Message – 8

Let me know if you have any issues in activating the services. Enjoy ignoring those unwanted calls 🙂


Published by Sankaranand

a project manager with 9 years of success leading all phases of diverse technology in web, mobile, and cloud. He is a PSM1 and CSM certified.

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  1. I had done this process, and they had charged me Rs 20 for 20 days subscription. But when my phone is on Busy or Switched Off the caller is not getting any option to record a message for me. Whats wrong?

  2. Hey Sankar,

    Very interesting and thanks for sharing this, there is something though I/we at Exotel believe that the voicemail from these telecom operators is not intuitive, though you have written the steps, and now if I try it, it works, but this does not connect to me digitally over email nor gives me access to “all” recording easily.

    What are your views on improving voicemail intuitiveness or do you think its fine?


    PS: Shameless plug – a lot of businesses and SOHO (Self Employed Home Office) entrepreneurs use our Voicemail service, and it connects to their email, gives them recordings etc, but would be great to still know your views on how it can be made more intuitive according to you.

  3. its very funny n disgusting that the airtel customer care personal themselves don’t know about voice mail, its very nice of youyou provide the information. you save the day!

  4. If I want to redirect callers for rejected and unanswered calls, Do I have to set forward call option after activating the service? If so then does this number varies?

  5. Hi, Thanks for the post.
    I have registered for My Airtel voice mail and had setup mailbox and welcome message but it does not direct callers to voice mail if call is unanswered. What do you think is the problem.. is there anything im missing out here.. Or not trying correctly..!!

    1. I’m facing the same problem. Unanswered calls are forwarding to my voicemail box? My voicemail service setup alright, but callers are unable to record and leave messages into my voicemail box. Please, tell us what could be wrong with this matter.

  6. i followed exactly as above, it says the voicemail service is active and the i tried calling from other no. when i did that and ignored the call, it did not ask me to record any voicemail message as it should. coul you help me out with this. n also i dont know where exactly are the settings for voicemail on iphone..

    1. Hello, did you get your problem solved? Facing the same problem here.
      –can anyone help me out please?

    2. With the help of your phone activate call divert to your voice mail box with giving certain parameters as you wish (like : divert if busy, divert if not answered etc). Hope this will work

  7. 52555 seems to be invalid ,owning an i phone .it asks me to end the number with a hash.confirmation message recieved but no vms.

  8. the recorder is saying the number is not valid instead of playing voice recording option.. is there anything I need to do which i skipped ? please let me know. thank you

    1. totally worth it for many who would like a chance to get a message on a missed incoming call

  9. Dear Mr. Sankaranand: Thank you so much for this information. I had given up trying to get Airtel Customer Service to help me. I am now all set – and I appreciate again your post.

  10. Dude, you rock totally!. Wanted VM badly since moving to Airtel years ago – it was free on Hutch/Vodafone, multiple attempts to get it from Airtel support ended in futility and despair!.

    Again – You are the man

  11. Thanks Buddy for the info. When i called up airtel customer service, i made 6 calls to get a response, but finally i had to use ur blog to get the info. So pathetic customer service

  12. Hey ! I did all the things that was asked above !! but when i tried calling the voice mail was not activated !!
    Plz tell me how do i do it !

  13. You rock man!!!
    very true, airtel customer service people are not aware.
    with your information I have activated and works great..
    Thank you for your valuable info..

  14. Worked for Airtel Chennai circle. Thank You. Kindly tell me how to use/setup Visual Voicemail on iPhone 5.

  15. Hey, can anybody help me? I am using Airtel. I want to use my own voicemail msg. I recorded that as well. But as a trial, when I called myself from a different number it didn’t work. Can anybody tell me, how can I make own voicemail msg into existence? Thanx a lot in advance.

  16. i tried the number but a message came saying it will charge Rs.30 per month..and so it seems it is certainly not free!

  17. I activated, its working. But i dont get alert for new voicemail messages, i have to call up 52555 to check if there is any new voicemail. Is there any way where i can get sms alert for new voicemails?

  18. thanks a lot man..
    this is work fine…
    i just do it …
    but can u tell me airtel voice mailbox number.. bcos.. when i want to divert my calls to msg box it says plz enter voicemail number first … i enter 52555 but it didn’t work..
    plz help ASAP…

  19. I have a airtel sim with iphone 4 in Mumbai,
    52555 wont work if you are in roaming, you need to be in your circle for this to work.
    and after setting up voicemail with airtel, you need to configure your iphone, to do that call *5005*86*52555#.
    next time when you press voicemail button on your iOS device it’ll call the airtel’s voicemail service.

    ps: last step may differ for android/BB/symbian users as ios doesn’t allows to enter voicemail no. directly….

  20. Hi, it was awesome as mentioned by others even the AIRTEL doesn’t about this feature, thank you… Wish you all the best!

  21. thank you so much it is working amazing for me and not even charging …it is actally free…..can you help me with the same in a aircel network i mso unable to do it…… its in the karnataka circuit

  22. Right so this service does work and it is indeed free of cost for postpaid users. I am a postpaid airtel delhi user myself.
    1. I asked the customer care guys as to how can this work when my phone is busy or left unanswered. Obviously they were clueless!
    2. But what you want to do is this: Go to your ‘call forwarding’ settings. you will see that your calls are forwarded to +919810098200 for out of reach and switched off scenarios. Copy the same number for busy and/or no answer. And voila!
    3. Of course you have to have the service activated on your phone before hand.

    Remember – service is free and so is the message retrieval in home network. While roaming you have to dial the very same number and normal roaming rates will apply.

    Hope this helps!

  23. hi I have successfully activated the VMS service but how to find my VMS no to setup on my phone..

  24. I am unable to use the voice mail service. It has got activated but when I call on 52555 to retrieve the messages, it asks me to ‘enter call back number’. What do I enter? If I enter my own phone number it says ‘you have entered your own number, please enter call back number’.

  25. thanks a lot for this! bt when i dialed 52555 it said its an invalid no. so whoever has faced this problem plz call +919935099250. u will b charged but it will do the works!!

  26. Hi,

    thanks for the post.
    I have successfully activated my voice mail service.

    But when I dial 52555 to check the voice messages, its asking for call back number. I have tried to my own number, my friend’s number(which is also airtel number) but its not accepting there numbers. Any suggestions how to get through this step.

    Because we can’t access our voice messages without entering this call back number.

    Kindly help on this issue.

  27. How do i divert my calls to my voicemail box? I have done da set up in my airtel number.

  28. plz guide me how to use it on iphone 5s as i click on voicemail it shows cannot connect to voicemail

  29. i did subscribe but my callers still dont get any voicemail option when i dont pick up the call…whats this?

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