The pros and cons of working remotely

Its been one year since I started working remotely and I am writing this post to share the pros and cons of becoming a remote worker from my personal experience. I decided to write this post after reading this interesting post on remote working. I started my full-time career in 2010 as a web developer in a French startup where I had to work about 9 hours a day for as low as 150$ per month. (Yes, you read it right “per month” !!). I have experience working in local as well as aboard another country where I had to overcome some challenges. My life changed when I decided to become a remote worker and be own boss.

Working in an office (Local)


  • You don’t have to commute too far
  • Socialize at work
  • Get to meet and work with people in person
  • Team outing, Person – Person meetings
  • Gossips, fun and some office fights
  • Management Team, team workshops, training
  • Sharing food and other office activities
  • Water cooler chats
  • Staying night to meet the deadlines
  • Live with Family
  • Home Food


  • Fixed working hours
  • Dress Code
  • HR and IT rules
  • Whacky Computer Infrastructures (Raise ticket if your 6 year old headphone is not working !)
  • Restricted Internet access
  • Fixed holidays and leave
  • People peeking at your monitor
  • No privacy

Working in an office (Out of country/town)


  • Bigger package
  • New lifestyle
  • New Experiences to try


  • Relocation Costs
  • Away from Family
  • Eat out
  • Alien to the place
  • Feeling lonely
  • Setup everything from scratch
  • No friends at the beginning
  • Start from scratch to socialize
  • Plus all the cons of working in an office as above

Working as remote


  • Literally no need to commute (saves a lot of time)
  • Work at your own flexible hours
  • Everything is just an inch away
  • Work in your own space with your own choice of devices
  • Build your dream workspace as to your taste
  • Sufficient time for other activities and social life
  • Fat package


  • Lonely at work
  • If you are a potato couch, you will have higher chances of exploiting your lifestyle
  • If you don’t use a private space, you will be distracted by your family, kids and regular visitors to your house
  • Lack of inspiration (if you don’t know how to organize your work and time, you will easily end up losing inspiration to work)



By Sankaranand

Founder at and a Freelance Project Manager building products since 2010.

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