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One of the growing Edtech trends in 2018 is the drive for using technology to learn with the same experience as in a classroom. Thanks to the cheap and affordable internet access that we get even in remote corners of India. Almost everyone has access to a mobile and a computer but the question to ask our self is, do we have access to a good learning resource and guidance?

I am writing this post to share my experience about Experts’ Global, an EdTech firm that helps MBA aspirants maximize their chances of securing a seat at their preferred business school, by providing professional MBA admission consultation.

Experts’ Global’s GMAT software was developed entirely in-house and has played a pivotal role in helping students to conquer the GMAT. Their training has helped students from fifty nations secure admits to some of the world’s best business schools. In fact, ten percent of all Indians studying in the top fifty American business schools are an Experts’ Global alumnus. The firm offers a number of services, designed to perfect any aspirants MBA candidature. Here is a brief overview of their offerings.


About the Company

Founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm. The central idea behind this firm’s conception is to utilize cutting edge technology for the purpose of education. For the last ten years, Experts’ Global has been guiding students worldwide, helping thousands in securing admission to some of the world’s top institutions. The firm boasts of the most complete and exhaustive GMAT training software

GMAT Online Preparation

The cornerstone of Experts’ Global’s repertoire is their GMAT Online Preparation Program. This program is incredibly extensive, with over three-hundred videos, which explain every concept in the GMAT syllabus and over four-thousand questions, designed to test the student’s absorption of those concepts. Experts’ Global has taken great care to replicate the actual GMAT experience in these questions. The question screen is built to closely resemble the one employed in the GMAT exam, so as to familiarize students with the GMAT setup. The program also features a rigorous diagnostics feature, which pinpoints the areas that the students are struggling in. This makes it that much easier for the students to target and overcome their weaknesses.

GMAT Practice Tests

The second major element of the Experts’ Global GMAT training is their Practice Test series. The firm offers fifteen full-length mock tests, for their students to hone their capabilities on. This is considerably more than other firms in this field. Each one of the mock test questions has a video and textual explanation for its solution. These explanations not only help the students understand the questions that escaped them but also provide them with more efficient ways to arrive at the correct answers. These tests are also intended to be as close to the GMAT experience as possible. They have been written to mimic the GMAT questions, in terms of style, the scope of content, complexity, and overall difficulty. These mocks also employ the same GMAT-like screen and analytics software as the training questions. Even the scoring pattern has proven to be incredibly in sync with the GMAT, as countless students have marveled at just how well the mock tests predicted their GMAT performance.

Classroom Program

Experts’ Global also offers GMAT preparation classes in Noida, conducted by the company’s founder, Mr. Mayank Srivastava. As one who secured the Ninety-Ninth percentile on the GMAT and an MBA from Boston University, with a one hundred percent scholarship, Mr. Srivastava understands the GMAT like few others do. Mr. Srivastava teaches these classes out of a sincere love of teaching. According to his students, Mr. Srivastava is a highly devoted teacher, always willing to devote as much time to his students as needed as he teaches just 1-2 small batches per year.

MBA Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global’s offerings do not end with GMAT training. The firm also offers end-to-end MBA admissions consultation. From the first profile evaluation to the final mock interview, Experts’ Global is behind its students all the way. The admissions consulting services are boutique in nature. Only a small, pre-determined number of students are trained each year. This focus on quality over quantity has clearly paid off, however, as since 2008 Experts’ Global’s students have secured admits to each of the world’s top one hundred and fifty business schools.

MBA Interview Preparation Module

As mentioned earlier, Experts’ Global offers interview training, as part of its MBA admissions consultancy. This training is an excellent example of Experts’ Global’s methodical approach to admissions consulting. First, the students are provided with more than fifteen training videos, which cover all the basic aspects of good MBA interview presentation. After the videos, the students fill out an exhaustive questionnaire, based on the most frequently asked MBA interview questions. This gives the interview mentors a baseline understanding of the students’ skill level. Finally, the student undergoes a series of mock interviews. These interviews are designed with their specific weaknesses and requirements in mind. Each interview is followed by an extensive feedback session.

ISB Admissions Consultation

With the popularity of the Indian School of Business amongst their students, the admissions teams at Experts’ Global have made it a point to develop an impeccable understanding of the ISB admissions process. Since 2010, ninety percent of the Experts Global ISB applicants have been called in for an interview, by that coveted institution. The firm is so confident in their ability to crack the ISB admissions that they even have an ISB interview call guarantee.

Over the last ten years, Experts’ Global has developed a well-earned reputation for excellence. Their consultation teams are extremely well-trained and dedicated. Their methodical approach to GMAT training and admissions, as well as their constant innovation, makes them the prime choice for every MBA aspirant.

By Sankaranand

Founder at and a Freelance Project Manager building products since 2010.

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