Cool Facts

I always had some unique interests on knowing different things around the world.  Just as I was browsing some websites on known facts, came across these interesting facts and wanted to share with you!

Certain things are really unbelievable and surprising! I will make sure to update regularly on weekly/monthly basis on the known world facts.


  • Pepsi Inc paid $0.00 as Income Tax in 1999.
  • A Fire in Australia has been burning for more than 5,000 years.
  • Contrary to popular belief, hair does not grow back darker and thicker after it has been shaved.
  • You are not supposed to tip at Restaurants in Japan.
  • Just as we use fingerprints to identify, Nose prints are used to identify dogs.
  • Crushed Cockroaches can be applied to a stinging wound to help relieve the pain.
  • Polar Bears are left handed by nature.
  • Most of the streets in Japan don’t have names, only main roads have names.
  • Rain water contains Vitamin B12.

Looking at these facts, It doubts me whether these are true or not.  It will be a good practice to get it verified.

Area 51

A secret Military Base set up by the CIA at Nevada Desert is still a mystery to many of us!.  The U.S still acknowledges that Area 51 does not exist and is just a mere site that carries on classified Aircraft tests.  Literally, Area 51 has become a pilgrimage centre for Alien Watchers.

Popular stealth planes and Blackbird are being manufactured from this base and has countless technologies under this base.  People have claimed to see strange lights at nights and were suspicious on various underground installations.

Area 51

Many speculate that Area 51 is the communication point for all UFO and actually have seen/captured Aliens.  One man revealed most of the secrets, Bob Lazar , a scientist was actually employed to pull an alien aircraft apart and see if they can manufacture the same. He also claimed to have seen a live Alien at S4 base.

The road
to its entrance is known as ‘The Widow’s
Highway’ because of the high numbers of
workers at the base who die through contact
with fatally poisonous materials. Many
experts suggest the area is a secret dumping
ground for toxic substances, rather than a
UFO base.

The road to its entrance is known as ‘The Widow’s Highway’ because of the high numbers of workers at the base who died through contact with fatally poisonous materials. Many experts suggest the area is a secret dumping ground for toxic substances, rather than a UFO base.

Check this link for more conspiracy theories concerning Area51!

The Downfall of Currency – U.S. Dollar!

The Big Brother has been losing its currency value lately due to recession and economic downturn.  With reference to an article stated in “The Independent” , there has been secret talks launched between Arab states, China, Russia and France to stop using U.S currency for oil trading.

US Dollar

The discussions claim that there would be a basket of currencies used for Oil trading that includes Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen along with Euro and a unified currency.  Before World War II, British pound has been used as the Global Currency which got changed by U.S dollar due to its Economic growth and Military power.

40% to 60% of international financial transactions are done in U.S dollars.  Since 1999, dollar began to lose its charm to Euro, which is a larger size economy and has the prospect of more countries adopting Euro as their national currency.

In the future,  U.S dollar might be replaced by another form of electronic money called Digital Gold currency which is measured by Gold gram or Troy ounce.

We need to wait for couple of years to get the full picture of U.S economy and its influence towards global economy.

Sachin – The Master Blaster

Nobody could forget the stomach-churning match at Hyderabad.  There was one man who was cruising India to victory with his willow and was hoping to finish the game in great style.  Bad luck always circled him and was duped with a slow ball delivery, By that time he had done his part and the rest of the guys needs to do only the finishing touch.

Alas! Sachin would not have expected in his dressing room that India had failed to snatch the victory, His scintillating 175 send strong signals to cricket gurus and other critics that he is not  finished yet!  We do not want the old times happening again where India would only win when Sachin bats and the rest of the team fails.

Everyone knows that Sachin cried in his dressing room during Chennai defeat against Pakistan and might have been the case during this match.

Though Sachin has created so many records and achievements, he still has in mind about one thing that India needs to win one more world cup before he retires.  Everyone would be waiting for that event and would be a perfect goodbye for Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar

Facts About Sachin

  • Not many people know that Sachin sponsors the education of 200 under-privileged children every year.
  • Sachin’s father was never a cricket fan.
  • Sachin got his name from the legendary music director Sachin Dev Burman.
  • Sachin was the first ever overseas player to play for Yorkshire.
  • Virgin Comics is launching a series of comic books featuring Sachin Tendulkar as a superhero

Disappearing Car Doors – Amazing Technology

Having trouble parking your car due to space constraints!  Start adopting to this technology and save the parking space.

Jatech has come up with a unique way of opening your car doors.  To be precise, you dont need to open one at all.  The doors will just retract down with the press of a button.

Some of its Advantages are

  1. Less Parking and Garage space.
  2. Less supervision before getting down and getting in.
  3. Moving doors will stop and reverse if foreign object detected.

Watch the video for more detail!

2012 – End of the World

There are many speculations that the world would begin a new era or an Apocalypse by 21st December 2012.  Mayan’s were considered as most sophisticated and inventive astronomers, and 21/12/12 is considered to be the end of their calender. They had predicted the lunar count accurately and scientists believe that their count on 2012 might also be true.

Adding to Mayan prophecy, Nostradamus had predicted that a comet would hit earth by 2012. For the first time in recorded history, the sun will also block our view as the earth gets aligned disrupting the energy flows. The Earth’s magnetic field would be reversing causing the North moving to South and vice versa.

Many of us would have not heard about the “The Web-Bot project” which was developed in early 90’s for stock market predictions.  It uses small programs called “Spiders” to crawl the Internet and search for keywords like a search engine.  The project’s concept is aimed at tapping into the collective unconscious of the universe and its inhabitants.  In June 2001, this program predicted that some disastrous event would take place in next 60-90 days and eventually the Twin Towers incident happened. It also predicted that some worldwide calamity is about to happen in year 2012.  Coincidence or fact, you can read more about it in the web.

Mankind is not immortal!  We need to brace ourselves and enjoy every moment rather than being worried on all these prophecies!

Watch this video for more information on 2012!

Secret of Hitler's Wonder Weapon!

Hitler’s Wonder Weapon! German technology and Engineering were at the peak during Hitler’s period as they developed a secret weapon to scare the entire world. German scientists confirmed that they had created prototypes of Flying Saucers during the cold war. Unfortunately, it was destroyed when it was captured by Soviet Russia and America.

German scientists were taken by the U.S Govt., and used them to build prototypes of Flying Saucers.  This explains the reason for many UFO sightings in America. They also made unique flying beads to divert the attention of enemy pilots which was truly fascinating.

Seen a Flying saucer near your window!  Don’t be surprised if it was driven by U.S or Germans.

Watch this video for more information!

Hitler’s Wonder Weapon!

Hollywood in Bollywood


Have you seen any Hollywood Actor/Actress in Indian Cinema for the past 50 years!  Things have changed drastically after recession, Famous pop singers, macho-man and popular artists are all streaming into Bollywood. Most of the credit goes to Akshay kumar who is proud to have acted with Kylie Minogue, Sylvester Stallone and Salma Hayek.

Irrespective of that, SRK and Karan Johar has also signed with Fox Studios for a large sum of 100 Crore deal. Global Recession or not, has worked out really good for Bollywood cinemas.

Who Knows! Down the line Bollywood cinemas might become more attractive than Hollywood.

Recession – How India Survived?

RecessionThe billion dollar question that arises in one’s mind is that of how India survived Recession. While the rest of the countries like Germany and France recovered well in Recession, India was never into recession at all.  Is it due to the domestic demands and less foreign supply or strict Banking rules or the mindset of the people?

The truth is that all developed nations didn’t have any problems with the basic necessities of life like Shelter, Clothing and Food before the Recession whereas in India it was always a problem with scarcity of resources irrespective of the nation booming or glooming.  An average Indian had the usual sufferings and the recession would just impact them a little and not more.

But, we also need to check on the brighter side which helped us avoid Recession.  The banking system in India is so good that we don’t face any problems with Mortgage issues vis-a-vis USA.  Everybody knows that “When the Wall Street sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” does impact India if it blindly follows the U.S.  Thanks to the IT  and other sectors who have started exploring the European countries and are less dependent to U.S. The upcoming government projects in India have really helped to generate more employment at the time of global recession.

India is still better positioned in comparison to developed US, EU and Asian economies due to its comparatively less dependence on exports and strong domestic demand.  We can’t argue whether India has fallen into Recession or not, but can agree that the global recession did make little impact to India.

Google Code Search – An overview

google code search

Google Code search is a powerful open-source code search launched in October 2006.  It gives you the public source code and the class definitions of almost many languages and web script technologies.

Though it is a beta version, has been optimized well and gives accurate results.  Take any programming language keyword and type it as a search keyword, It instantly gives you the necessary commands and descriptions with external links and class definitions.

A simple Print command gives you all the possible options from Java, C, Python and also shell script to name a few. Different technology users would now be able to get instant help without going through particular websites or links.


  1. Open Google code search using the link
  2. Type any keyword or function name and it will give you the entire list for different languages.
    Interesting thing is that Google stores a cached copy of all source code and gives you the dump of it.