TVS Taurus – Fiero F3 The 250cc Beast

TVS has come up with another fire competition with Bajaj’s 250cc Pulsar. The result is this awesome and macho looking Fiero F3 codename Taurus.

E-Bikers around the internet, address this bike as a beast and i would say that its absolutely correct. A bike empowering with 250 cubic capacity that costs 1.3 lakhs (rumours)..

This is the first kind of bike in India that has disc brakes in rear wheel. More technical details about the bike is still private or unavailable. i will update this post when the details gets updated.

Do you think a 250cc bike is worth to ride in Indian Roads ? while only macho riders like wanted more cc, most of the people go by the petrol consumption side.

Which is your favourite advertising slogan ?

Advertising slogans
are claimed to be, and often are proven to be, the most effective means
of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product or products.
Typically they make claims about being the best quality, the tastiest,
cheapest, most nutritious, providing an important benefit or solution,
or being most suitable for the potential customer.  – From Wikepedia

Are you fond of Brand name ? Crazy about Designer labels like mine ? Ok ! then lets share your favorite Advertising slogan Please comment which advertising slogan you like and the reason ..

here are my lists

  • “Challenge everything” ~ EA Games
  • “intelligence everywhere” ~ Motorola
  • “Your Potential. Our Passion. Microsoft.” ~ Microsoft
  • “Thanda matlab Coca Cola ~ Coca cola
  • “Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it” – Thomas Cook

To check out your favourite slogan list, visit Wikiquote Advertising Slogans

and comment out your Favourite slogan…

CBZ Xtreme from the makers of CBZ

Biking is my passion but i am not a power biker having those imported bikes, just do some normal stunts. There’s a huge competition among bike marketers in India but this would surely discourage mass transist which leads to over traffic and accidents. Each and every house owns atleast a bike. Well that doesn’t matter but i am here to tell you about a brand new bike called CBZ X-treme from the makers of CBZ.

You can see the ads in televisions now. With much eagerness i was trying to get a pic of that bike, but searched all over internet and could’nt find one. If you miss the Ad of CBZ extreme you can visit their website in which they have placed two promotional videos.

Check the Full Bike Picture here at Sushubh’s Photostream. Photo Source Insanity Rediscovered.

Regrading the bike, there have been some rumours going on that it would be around 150-200 cc but the ad makes me sense like it would be more than 150 cc. By the way i believe CBZ Extreme is just a modified CBZ.

Do you think CBZ Extreme would hit Pulsar Dts-I 220 cc’s market ?.

[update] CBZ X-treme Photo Uploaded.

[update] Check for specs and more pics from Neo999 Blog.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit a personal workout coach

Check out this awesome gear that is born out of Nike and iPod Collab. Discover what you can do with iPod Nano. With your Nike shoe, Ipod Nano and Nike+ Sports kit, you can transform these gears into a personal workout coach. Confused ?

The inside:
Nike+ Shoe features a built-in pocket under the insole, specially engineered for the Nike + iPod sensor. With an iPod Nano plug in reciever and a sensor , whenever you hit the ground wearing your nike+ shoe running, the workout based voice signals are sent to the iPod. You can track your time, pace, distance and calories burned. Another great feature is its realtime voice feedback inducing and alerting you to achieve your milestone for your workout.
You can even sync you data to itunes and

How it works ?

The sensor should be placed in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole. Now you must attach the receiver to your iPod nano Dock Connector. Thats it and you are ready to burn your calories.

If you want to by this Sports Kit you can visit Apple Store and order it. The sports kit contains a wireless sensor, wireless reciever and printed documentation.

Long Queues in ATM Centres….

Everytime, while withdrawing cash in ATM i need to stand in a long queue which adds another 15 minutes to time. Wonder why ATM has been introduced ? the name says its an Automatic Teller Machine but not a quick withdrawing machine…

Last night when i was on urgent to withdraw some cash i found the queue continued upto street lane like a free darshan queue to see lord venkateshwara in Tirumala. Man i got no patience to wait until or stand in this long queue, but its urgent and i had no choice then to stand. I came near the queue, opened my pursue to take my card while people starimg at me like an unwanted weight to thier queue but i was standing in the queue for as long as 5 mins and was eager that the queue would move more further although some aged people who cannot operate the ATM easily was bothering me. I cannot persist the queue any more decided that its not good time to do so.. While still waiting for my turn i saw a guy heading over ATM, With a pride of myself thinking that he needs to wait until i withdraw money, i stared at him. All of a sudden he pulled a checkbook from his bag, pulled a leaf out of it, filled something in it. I was gazing at him, he went inside the bank and came back within 5 mins counting cash that he had withdrawn by using his cheque. I was wondering that we are still waiting to withdraw cash in Latest ATM Machines but that wise guy just used this alternative method to withdraw money. Why does this idea struck on to me ? Maybe this is what they call as lateral thinking or something….

WorldSpace Ad Video Featuring A.R Rahman in Hindi..

The Legend of Music A.R Rahman who has became the Brand Ambassador of Wordspace, has unvelied a superb ad for Wordspace Radio. When i was exploring YouTube this video impressed me and so i posted it here. Not only the reason this video impressed me but i am a greatfan of A.R Rahman and i want to show my users why i like him. check out this cool video

What A.R Rahman says in this video

once somebody asked to define music, I didnt really have answer or lets say I had more than one. For me music is unspoken language, its the sound of nature, if you listen carefully there is music in everything,there is only way to understand & enjoy music.You just have to keep listening. & you can with worldspace. There is so much to hear.

Watch the Same Video in English / Tamil Version.
Source: YouTube | Video Copyrights: Worldspace | Thanks: ARRahmanFans

A.R Rahman my soul….

Do you know the only person i believe whom no one needs introduction, its my godfather A.R Rahman, Have you ever felt the spirit of music ? Well i am lucky enough to feel the soul in his music. i could simply say there is something more than sound in his music.

Man, i am crazy about his albums, the world can’t show a single person who hates A.R. Well A.R Rahman strived hard when he was a child and came up in life with more struggles and obstacles.
Even the God Dances for A.R Rahman’s Music, he was introduced into the field of cinema by Director Mani Ratnam.
His First and EverRocking music for Roja (A Tamil Film), and he goes on rockking, you know what he answers the public’s comment and question not by mail or speech but my song..

Rahman ‘s works can be viewed in IMDB Website and also in some of his fan sites……

Orkut has a group called A.R Raham fans with more than 20,000 members, i could say the highest active group….