TVS Taurus – Fiero F3 The 250cc Beast

TVS has come up with another fire competition with Bajaj’s 250cc Pulsar. The result is this awesome and macho looking Fiero F3 codename Taurus. E-Bikers around the internet, address this bike as a beast and i would say that its absolutely correct. A bike empowering with 250 cubic capacity that costs 1.3 lakhs (rumours).. This […]

Which is your favourite advertising slogan ?

Advertising slogansare claimed to be, and often are proven to be, the most effective meansof drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product or products.Typically they make claims about being the best quality, the tastiest,cheapest, most nutritious, providing an important benefit or solution,or being most suitable for the potential customer.  – From WikepediaAre […]

CBZ Xtreme from the makers of CBZ

Biking is my passion but i am not a power biker having those imported bikes, just do some normal stunts. There’s a huge competition among bike marketers in India but this would surely discourage mass transist which leads to over traffic and accidents. Each and every house owns atleast a bike. Well that doesn’t matter […]

Nike + iPod Sport Kit a personal workout coach

Check out this awesome gear that is born out of Nike and iPod Collab. Discover what you can do with iPod Nano. With your Nike shoe, Ipod Nano and Nike+ Sports kit, you can transform these gears into a personal workout coach. Confused ? The inside: Nike+ Shoe features a built-in pocket under the insole, […]

Long Queues in ATM Centres….

Everytime, while withdrawing cash in ATM i need to stand in a long queue which adds another 15 minutes to time. Wonder why ATM has been introduced ? the name says its an Automatic Teller Machine but not a quick withdrawing machine… Last night when i was on urgent to withdraw some cash i found […]

WorldSpace Ad Video Featuring A.R Rahman in Hindi..

The Legend of Music A.R Rahman who has became the Brand Ambassador of Wordspace, has unvelied a superb ad for Wordspace Radio. When i was exploring YouTube this video impressed me and so i posted it here. Not only the reason this video impressed me but i am a greatfan of A.R Rahman and i […]

A.R Rahman my soul….

Do you know the only person i believe whom no one needs introduction, its my godfather A.R Rahman, Have you ever felt the spirit of music ? Well i am lucky enough to feel the soul in his music. i could simply say there is something more than sound in his music. Man, i am […]