Joy of Living a Simple Life..


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While opening my inbox, i found this mail called “joy of living a simple life” and thought it was just the usual forwards, but i felt it not..Yeah, this superb info makes everyone realize and feel the importance of living a simple life.. I cannot find the real source of who wrote this but if you are one of them, kindly mail me.. i wanted to meet you!  Guys, please read his info below and get to know why he is so special. A very interesting mail that will surely ping u r mind…

What is wrong in Living a Simple and Happy Life?

 The recent changes have brought in fear and worry in most of the people on how to manage the coming years.

Last 5 to 6 years, the importance of using money properly has lost its relevance. Just blindly copying unwanted culture has brought in high expectations, expenditure beyond proportion and artificial inflation across society.  

The recent incident in December has made everyone to talk about the greediness of few individuals and also about the methods used to grow the company. Though I am not justifying the same, I honestly want to ask the question, what moral standards do all of us have to talk about it?

Most of the people (IT and other high earning Employees)  have borrowed loans, 100% loan amount, for houses and Cars varying between 60 Lakhs to 1 Crore, paying EMI in the range of Rs 30K to 60K. Everyone assumed that the external world will go on like that. For those who got stocks, the expectation was that the stock value would grow in multiples within 1 or 2 years. Last few years the expectation of stock market is also the same. Everyone knows it is like gambling (simple mathematics knows it is not possible for it to grow) but still wanted to play around and make easy money.

Fundamentally the greediness in everyone has brought in the current state of affairs across the world and hence STOP blaming anyone for the same except our own selves.

What is the best all of us can do at this point of time? Let us all go back and look at our parents & ancestors and see how they lived life. Most of them lived a very simple and contended materialistic life and they were very happy with it.

Look at Abdul Kalam and other few great leaders. They are living a very simple life in spite of being popular and can afford a luxurious life. My father a lawyer by profession at the age of 81 still goes to the court by auto. Even in Wipro few of us, who are working for more than a decade live in rented houses and use only compact cars. The excess money is being donated for social benefit.   

People like them are all passionate about the Job that they are doing and that passion alone is making them to grow stronger and stronger. Instead of choosing a career that will pay more money or focusing on external materialistic things alone, be passionate about the career or the Job that you are doing and that will give immense satisfaction. 

The world is not going to be same again, it will still go through a lot of changes but let’s us not worry and fear. If you look at the history, crossing several thousands of years, right from Satya yuga, Thretha yuga, Dwapra yuga and the current Kali yuga, even great people and leaders went through difficult times.  Everyone has to go through a difficult time however great he or she is because Nature wants to cut the ego of every Human being and make them humbler and simpler. There are no exceptions and hence be ready to learn from the experience of difficult times.

There is nothing wrong in leading a Simple life – loan free and minimum expectation – makes one to enjoy every moment of life. Even if you have to take a loan, at the time of need, follow the 80:20 rule, 20% is loan and 80% your own investment. Even if you have taken a big loan, at worst situation, without bothering about the family circle etc, be ready to walk away without being possessed or sentimental about the item. 

Success is not in materialism, Success is not what position or status you have in your Company or Society.

Real Success is if you can be at peace within yourself in every moment of your life. 

Every Day Practice Silence for 10 minutes. It will slowly change you from an animalistic nature to being a Good Human being, caring & sharing for others. Finally it will take you to the Divine nature, Truth / Ultimate Silence, where you are aware that you are everything.

As Guruji Viswanath always says “Life is to be lived, respected and celebrated”

May God Bless you all to get the knowledge of True Wisdom and to lead a really Happy and Peaceful Life… 

(The Information above is a full extract from a forward mail, if you hold copyright or if you feel this informatin should not be listed here, kindly mail me or comment over here..)

Yamaha YZF R15 the typical Sports bike for India

The January Auto Expo 2008 shocked public when Yamaha unveiled their R15. This is the most talk of the nation bike of the year. Since the bike is built based on the race technology behind Yamaha’s famous R1 series it’s usually a concise ripped version of the R1 bike, some of its characteristics have been splendidly reproduced in the YZF-R15. This world class design is enhanced by Yamaha for Indian Markets which is developed by intelligent research and care. So the strategy begins to beat the Indian Automobile Competition by now.

Its time to for Indians to showcase their bike talents, to burn your roads you don’t need to be a millionaire until you own a Yamaha YZF R15. At the moment I thought Bajaj was acting as a monopoly on ruling two wheeler competitions by Pulsar but not anymore… Yamaha YZF is not a Family bike which u can ride with your wife, son, daughter, etc but it is a Racer bike. Yamaha R15 has its own style and royalty among Teens its usually a macho bike for serious racers and a college bike for students. In short this is what all the hungry youths of India have been waiting for. So probably you wait is answered when Yamaha YZF R15 is available in affordable price.

What makes R15 special?

Liquid cooling for engines for providing stable performance, reduce vibrations, and offer a high quality ride.  DiASil Cylinder delivers better heat dissipation and less weight. Fuel Injection in Yamaha R15 has two components.  One is the sensors that gather information on the engine’s operation, and other is the fuel supply system that supplies gasoline.  Deltabox Frame forms the basis for riding comfort and handling performance, this is usually seen in Yamaha R1 bikes.

Yamaha represents this bike’s design as R design showing a strong bodyline and macho look for the bike.  As for now officially there’s no announcement about the price but rumor’s and insider information hopes us that the price might be less than 90,000/- rupees in India.

This bike is available in two glamorous colors Blue and Graphite. Other Specifications of the bike can been seen in their official site.

What’s your suggestion and expectation about the bike and its price?

whats your color on valentine’s day ?

Tomorrow it does goanna be a big day for everyone especially lovers. Yeah you are rite, its Valentine’s Day. Usually this day is celebrated February 14 of every year in which lovers express their love in a way of sharing greeting cards, flowers, and gifts or maybe kisses 🙂 . Love never cares about time or age, if you are young at heart and have the endurance to express pure love for your partner then you too can celebrate it. As you all very well know that I don’t have a girlfriend till now nor or a lover so usually I am idle tomorrow and watch others fiddle their lovers. Yeah, that’s what I am doing for years.

Ok I will keep aside my stories and come to the point. Usually during Valentine’s Day people used to judge others love status by the color of dress they wear and so this year they have coded a new info for different colors of dress. Check for yourself the colors below and make sure you don’t get into other people’s eye.


And one more thing, I wanted my blog readers to ask some questions! Some of them are

1.Are you in love with someone? If so express your story.
2.What’s your opinion about love?
3.If you are not in love, do you have any determination to fall in love with someone?

That’s it! I am very curious to read your replies!

Bajaj Pulsar 300cc is a hoax?

During a conversion about new bikes in India, my friend was talking about Bajaj, India’s largest and world fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer revolutionary in India. Frankly speaking I am no fan of Bajaj Products I always believe in companies like TVS, Yamaha and Honda when it comes to biking.

Talking about my friend who alerted me about Bajaj’s upcoming release of a new powerful biking which is probably the BAJAJ PULSAR 300CC. At first it was 100CC then 120,150,180,200 and now its 220cc.

So now a 300 cc bike for Indian roads? Are we power drivers? Already Price of fuel is sky rocketing while traffic in parallel increases. Soon I went through a research over internet about Bajaj launching the new 300cc bike to confirm the news.

At last I concluded it is PURELY HOAX. Bajaj has officially not announced any plans to launch 300cc right now in India. So if you come across any news about it then it’s completely one of false gossips.


Above is the picture of Virtual stimulated photography of Pulsar claiming to be 300cc bike from Bajaj.

Lastly guys please don’t offend me I don’t like Bajaj products due to their constant discontinuation of vehicle models. Some of examples are they discontinued Sunny, Chetak, Cub, Super, Wave, Legend, Bravo, Eliminator, Wind 125, Kawasaki 4s Champion, Kawasaki KB 100 RTZ, Boxer and Caliber. No news at all about Blade and Sonic.

Do anyone ever thinked about the customers using the above model vehicles? Are they assured with any availability of Spare parts? So I usually depend on TVS and other companies! Although many companies constantly discontinue vehicles when they are out of fashion but Bajaj has a biggest list.

*This is my personal opinion and it has nothing to do with real criticism if so it is purely due to the coincidence.

Anyways do you have plans to buy a new bike? What’s your choice ?

Find out how much your body is worth

Have you ever thought of how much you are worth to this society or your family? Well I don’t know how much I am worth but I think I am doing my best part and wanted to be a piece of worth. Ok I forgot about want I wanted to share now. When I was exploring Mingle2 a site offering cool and funny tools to entertain, I just came through this dead body (Cadaver) calculator called Cadaver Calculator. Don’t get weird or look stupid at me!

What is this dead body worth calculator? Actually dead body calculator is a funny tool designed to calculate the worth of your body which you decided to give for science research. I don’t know how much worth when i live, but I am proud that my body is worth 4850$ when I give it up to science research.

How is your body’s worth calculated? This short tool has a series of interesting questions based on which the worth is calculated. What’s the worth of your body? Share it and see if yours is more worth than

Links: Calculate your body worth | Mingle 2.

Rahman’s Anthem for Taj – Watch It and vote!

After the successful Vande mataram, Pray for me Brother and other master bits, A.R Rahman has unveiled this Taj Anthem which is simply superb. Report from the seven wonders officials says that Taj Mahal is currently at the tenth place which strives hard with lacking in votes from the Indians. Only few days to go and I think we badly need to encourage our fellow Indians to vote for Taj Mahal. To contribute the best of his side, Rahman has put up his camp of voting for Taj Mahal to elect as one of the seven wonders of world by composing this awesome music.

Before watching the video, please make sure you turn your speakers on, so that you can hear the music.


Rahman’s comment on the video:

“The Taj has always been a source of inspiration for me, and it is not just about the love between Mumtaz Mahal and Shahjahan but about everybody’s love. I think this monument deserves to be on the list of Seven Wonders of the World and we should all strive for it,”

My final Verdict:

Please Spare your little time for the sake of India, I am not asking you to shed your blood for the country but it’s just your time by which we gonna earn fame for the “TAJ MAHAL”. I have done my job what about you?

Links: Vote Online | Or send sms as <TAJ> to 4567. | Your vote Values !


Sivaji The boss – Trailer

The most anticipated film of south Indians called Sivaji, the boss is estimated to be the most expensive Indian film till date. This sudden post is about the awesome trailer which was recently released in IBN-CNN website. As usual the sound scoring is given by our music legend A.R Rahman. Wow, there is a special curiosity among the public for Mr.RajniKanth sir’s film who is known to be the “SUPERSTAR” of south indian films. I vote him as superstar too and no one can perform styles like he does. I love to watch his films since childhood especially his dialogues and styles which are not only attractive but inspirational and thought provoking.

This film Sivaji is getting a very high fame not only because of its cost, but the mixture of three great minds, RajniKanth who is starring, Shankar who is one of a famous director and our legend A.R Rahman.

Thanks for the trailer, I hope you all enjoy it.

Links: Watch | Download.

Pick the Best 250 cc bike – pulsar, fazer and taurus


As you all know day by day people giving up mass transit and opting to buy their own vehicle which gradually made the automobile industry hot. Nowadays we can experience an increase in vehicles as well as traffic but without caring about the future the automobile industry is firing up the market with brand new models and features that inspires customers to buy their own vehicle.

Born out of this competition, came up these three beasts that burn up the Indian roads. They are none other than Bajaj Pulsar 250cc, TVS Taurus Fiero f3 and Yamaha Fazer 250. Economic bike drivers please stay away from this post and keep worrying about your petrol consumptions while young energetic drivers out there I am sure these bikes will quench your test. The main catch about these bikes are their 250 Cubic capacities but they inherit different design and performance.

Hope everyone will eagerly be waiting for launch of these vehicles in India but until then I want your personal suggestion of which bike outta 3 will rock?

So go ahead and post your comments for which out of these three bikes goanna rock the Indian roads and why?

The nominations are

Bajaj Pulsar 250 ccbajaj_pulsar_250.jpg

TVS Taurus Fiero F3
Yamaha Fazer 250yfazer250.jpg

I am eagerly waiting for your comments on it…

Tribute Video for A.R Rahman’s Birthday

Sorry folks for my in activeness in this blog for the past 10 days. This is my first post for the year 2007 and i just had time to update since my first semester exams finished today. For a new face of year i changed my blog header and i hope everyone liked that too.

I was about to tell you that i missed to wish my legend A.R Rahman on his birthday thats on January 6 and i feel sorry about that. Hey i am his great fan. One of my friend Raaja who is known as its_me_raaja worldwide among A.R Rahman fans has posted an excellent Tribute Video for A.R Rahman, which was fully complied by him from bits of others video.

I thought this video would be an inspirational one to become Rahmania (addicting to A.R) and people who have not yet. This video is surely a real tribute given to A.R Rahman by his fans. i must appreciate Raaja for his efforts to make this video live. As i too a fan of A.R i never contributed this much.

Why don’t you care watching the video ? Ok then just download it from here..

Video and image Credits: A.R Rahman Msn Groups

Feel free to comment about this video and the reason you love A.R Rahman.