Bajaj Pulsar 300cc is a hoax?

During a conversion about new bikes in India, my friend was talking about Bajaj, India’s largest and world fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer revolutionary in India. Frankly speaking I am no fan of Bajaj Products I always believe in companies like TVS, Yamaha and Honda when it comes to biking. Talking about my friend who… Continue reading Bajaj Pulsar 300cc is a hoax?

Sivaji The boss – Trailer

The most anticipated film of south Indians called Sivaji, the boss is estimated to be the most expensive Indian film till date. This sudden post is about the awesome trailer which was recently released in IBN-CNN website. As usual the sound scoring is given by our music legend A.R Rahman. Wow, there is a special… Continue reading Sivaji The boss – Trailer

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Pick the Best 250 cc bike – pulsar, fazer and taurus

As you all know day by day people giving up mass transit and opting to buy their own vehicle which gradually made the automobile industry hot. Nowadays we can experience an increase in vehicles as well as traffic but without caring about the future the automobile industry is firing up the market with brand new… Continue reading Pick the Best 250 cc bike – pulsar, fazer and taurus