Indians use ringtone to trap leopards – creative isn’t ?

leopardtrap.pngLeopards which come under wild category are not easy to be trapped or mingle with social life. From ancient time till today people use many tricks to catch animals’ especially wild animals, with the advancement in technology, the impact made some forest officials in western India to use Ringtone to capture or trap leopards. When you sneak the creativity behind this idea, the concept seems to be ultimately simple.

How the trick actually works?

Using cell phones with ringtones of cows mooing, goats bleating and roosters crowing to attract leopards, they easily make the wild cats to fall in their pit. Leopards usually roam into villages near forests in search of food and as a result they attack people, but now this method had made the officials to fetch the leopards easily. This is one of a best usage of technology while people on other side misusing cell phones like mms scandals, pranks etc.

Vasani, one of a forest official said forest guards have downloaded the sounds of over a dozen animals as ringtones on their mobiles which they attach to speakers and fix behind a cage.

Yahoo news also reports that activists welcomed the new initiative saying that previous methods of trapping the cats using pits often resulted in the animals getting injured. Hope PETA promotes this step every where for the better care of animals.

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