Bajaj Pulsar 300cc is a hoax?

During a conversion about new bikes in India, my friend was talking about Bajaj, India’s largest and world fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer revolutionary in India. Frankly speaking I am no fan of Bajaj Products I always believe in companies like TVS, Yamaha and Honda when it comes to biking.

Talking about my friend who alerted me about Bajaj’s upcoming release of a new powerful biking which is probably the BAJAJ PULSAR 300CC. At first it was 100CC then 120,150,180,200 and now its 220cc.

So now a 300 cc bike for Indian roads? Are we power drivers? Already Price of fuel is sky rocketing while traffic in parallel increases. Soon I went through a research over internet about Bajaj launching the new 300cc bike to confirm the news.

At last I concluded it is PURELY HOAX. Bajaj has officially not announced any plans to launch 300cc right now in India. So if you come across any news about it then it’s completely one of false gossips.


Above is the picture of Virtual stimulated photography of Pulsar claiming to be 300cc bike from Bajaj.

Lastly guys please don’t offend me I don’t like Bajaj products due to their constant discontinuation of vehicle models. Some of examples are they discontinued Sunny, Chetak, Cub, Super, Wave, Legend, Bravo, Eliminator, Wind 125, Kawasaki 4s Champion, Kawasaki KB 100 RTZ, Boxer and Caliber. No news at all about Blade and Sonic.

Do anyone ever thinked about the customers using the above model vehicles? Are they assured with any availability of Spare parts? So I usually depend on TVS and other companies! Although many companies constantly discontinue vehicles when they are out of fashion but Bajaj has a biggest list.

*This is my personal opinion and it has nothing to do with real criticism if so it is purely due to the coincidence.

Anyways do you have plans to buy a new bike? What’s your choice ?

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, a Scrum Master and Project Manager with 9+ years of experience handling web, mobile and cloud projects. He is a PSM1 and CSM certified.

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  1. I truly have to agree with your regarding Bajaj’s discontinuing trends. I wonder how long will it take before Discover and Pulsar are discontinued.

    I remember reading about TVS’s upcoming bike… I cannot recall the name, but it was Ferro V3 something… I read it here on your blog itself.

    I think.. that bike has the potential to go against Pulsar.

  2. Ya..u r right…they stopped the production of all 100cc bikes too…think of the CT100 and all..they sold lots of them…then suddenly discontinues the model…There are chances for 300cc pulsar in plans..

  3. i love your bike pulsar its a superb bike specialy the new pilsar 300cc.please my small request to you that make a new pulsar more special by giving full black engine,two headlight if you gave two headlight it would be India’s first double headlight bike.with double dics front tire and back tire.and giving a full mud cover.i dont have a bike and idont have to much knowledge of bike this is my small request to you.Thank you.

  4. I thing the hade light of this bike cont sout in this bike it was very small the light become very havey to the bike so look very sporty and person will be more attractive on this bike and other think is sylenser may be looking back side of the bike so it will look very petty.
    thanking you
    with regard.

  5. Hey guys its really superb. I m Raghu from mysore i mm dam cray ab pulsar its just not a bike to me its my “”””PULVIRAISER””””having pulsar 180 (the legend one)with bit of my taste as color matters wanted it to be in ferrari red & i got it done trust me its my first choice & I M REALLY delighted with performance & looks as well everyone know being manufacture in INDIA WITH INDIAN TECHH … we have to be very proud about”””” HAMARA BAJAJ””””””‘ some one was talking of cost compare bajaj & any company u fill the difference …….but the thing is bajaj never compare his product with any other competitor … i never thought of changing of my bike but looking at thissssss gone mad i dont know ……wat to do now…. i wish if this model comes out with round dome yani naked head lamps…

    if u get more pic or detailed article plz forward me to mail id ([email protected])..

  6. Hi i am manoj dis site i want to buy dis bike asap but plz tell me the cost also plz tell me on my mail id its amazing bike,sportybike,also first bike in INDIA,,,plz give me revert as soon as possible

  7. I m not agree with my freind on his views about bajaj

    I m a true bajaj fan & definately hope to see the hoax come true.

  8. it is d bike for d peoples who are crazy about speed and style.Perticularly i wuold like to have one like this.What ever d views are mentioned above are made by sticking with other companies which are unable to give d better milage with d 100cc+ bikes.

  9. How ever its some one gave a superb design for pulsar company can announce as the 300cc for lxuary bike for indian riders.Design is nice

  10. i think that the bajaj pulsar 220 got a very nice look try to make a pulsar 520cc bike just like the 220cc got look
    nimer maqbool from kashmir i am riding your 220cc now i want to ride 520cc pulsar

  11. Hi … first of all its not Virtual Stimulation .. its Simulation …. and more so its more of 3d Modeling / CAD … so first correct ur facts and then write something. More so u can never predict what Bajaj will do to Indian Bike segment . see the changes they have made … from 100cc to people now think of 200 or 300CC … so my dear that the change they have made to our mindset instead of criticizing they shd be appreciated .

  12. Why bajaj does not have a heavy sound. Its like for just the sake of riding we are riding the bike i want something to be heavy even if it is of 200cc ( For this reason compare Unicore, TVS rtr. and please change the sound of the starting of machine with electric start ( for this reason please compare Karizma a smooth electric start).

  13. Well with all this minimum(7) yrs of xprience which i hve on biking i think its a pleasure to ride bikes when compared to driving,hmmmmmmmm the picture and that 300cc really fascinates me or rather would do any biker for that matter however i would still agree to Sankar Anand that do we really have those roads and no to forget the killer traffic…..i dnt think if this HOAX comes true would be of any good thn jus another thing to show off and impress college chicks………hehahahahehehahaha…..i would suggest Bajaj or any other company for that matter who are looking to do buisness in India,perataining to motobikes,shld gve more preference and stress on bikes which would provide mileage and comfort to drive in this horrible traffic………..

  14. i m very to hear the news about bajaj have lounching their new model pulsar 300 cc. pulsar have already good grip on the road as well as in market. so that a great news for the new age guy and i m among them

  15. Aing teu ngarti ah.. lieur…
    teu ngarenah awak sih…
    kumaha maneh we lah, arek hoax ke, rek ngoex ke..

    nu baleg we… pulsar aing no 180cc ge ayena geus teu pararuguh babawaan…
    neangan mekanik nu ecreg hararese…

    monyong tralala…


  16. Kang Aing, artinya apaan tuh gak ngerti bahasa sunda nih (apalagi orang2 diatas) terjemahin dong.

  17. I like your bajaj pulser byke’s .
    i want to buy one bajaj 300cc so please send me whole models photo of pulser 300cc & price also .
    thank you.

  18. I love this bike sothat this bike lokes very lovely
    iam purchese this bike imedatly i love bajaj pulsar300cc

  19. I guess, there has been talks about Bajaj buying out Ducati.
    and this new pulsar seems to be a direct influence of Ducati Monster.
    I would rather want to have Bajaj-Monster comming into market.
    this would change the indian bike market.

  20. ples releace the new 300 dtsi, im a college student from chennai.I want 2 feel it yar.ples make the process fast 2 releace the NEW PULSAR 300dtsi.

  21. at the time of registration my comments for this bike i wrote purpusely in capital letter because I WANT TO BE A DIFFERANT from others like BAJAJ PULSAR 300CC, THIS CAN SAY ONLY RIDERS!

  22. I have a pulsar 150 dts-i.I was waiting a new bike of bajaj pulsar.and i got a pulsar 300.its really too fast

    Manni negi

  23. whenever it’ll come, i’ll get that…
    i love speed style pickup of pulsar……
    it’ll a great bike
    nobody can beat it……….

  24. ya bajaj is going to launch a300cc bike but not necessarly pulsar 300cc…….
    d nw bike wud be launched somtimes arnd diwali nxt yr………

  25. wahi tanki, singal sylinder, kya hai yar tanki to badlo, kum se kum 25 lieter honi chahiye,lumbi ride par kahin petrol khatam ho gaya to dhakka bhi nai lagega, do u understand mr. rahul bajaj

  26. the new 300cc pulsar looks good but is it the same problems such as the old pulsar have?
    the mono suspension is also good.

  27. if this bike is lower,smaller than the rest of the bikes allover….and is weighty and grips the road powerfully then nothing can beat this baby….the perfect birthday gift 4 ME!!!

  28. just bring the silencer of the bike just upto back tyre for better balance bcoz when we make bike to slant on turns the back tyre loses the grip of track due to weight on other side tht of silencer and make dual nozzle design so tht it look nice. .make ur seat more deeper for driving person so tht it dont hurt while using front disc brake bcoz urs bike petol tank is huge in size.but the design will create probs for air filter.and at tail light just leave a space of no. plate and dont use guard on it. it just ruin the whole design instead of tht use sum technique to cover tyre for dust it will throw when there is no guard on back.bye tc keep it up

  29. I think in India its time to for the availability of Fake products. Now its Two Wheeler in the series after a different variety of Nokia like Mobile phones from Korea and China.

    Peoples also beware of Fake Mobiles which resembles Nokia N95. Here in my area some guys are selling those mobiles by saying its Nokia N95 at the price of Rs.15,000/- but they are getting them actually at Rs.4,500/- only. I came to know this by one of my friend who is running a Mobile Shop.

  30. whenever i’ll buy my own 1st bike, it will be only pulsar,which having that times largest cc engine.fir chahe wo 220,300, ya to yamaha+bajaj’s 800cc (bajaj future planing)ho.bcoz only pulsar & suzuki hayabusa have the power to beat all,make heart beat strong….

  31. all bajaj bikes are just for time being and when get exhausted nobody knows.
    but pulsar 150dtsi really has the power to compete……………………..

  32. Everybody lets pray so thir hoax come true
    My girlfriend needs it badly
    I too want this Powerful,Internationally Designed PULSAR 300
    so as to immepress some other girls in my locality………
    Can anybody submitt me the cost of this divine PULSAR 300 ?

  33. its better to recover the neutral problem in 200cc ……..sometimes it shows neutral even it is in gear……n v hope gear indicator for pulsar200cc…….

  34. Outstanding!!! If I’m not wrong, I guess at last we got a manly bike…. which i had been looking since years.

    The look, syle and power is absolutely perfect.. i just cant wait to get it, if somebody could let me know the date of launch in Indian Market.

  35. im doing my final B.E i missed the chance to ride n rock the bike[PULSER 300 DTSI],N my college campus i like bike very much wen its lunched at market for sale …please release it soon as possible u can

  36. Ya Now Bajaj Going to Lunch Good Bike…….But they Have to take Care of There Material Qualiety.

  37. Its true that they have discontinued several good models, but the fact is that they have latest technology (I’m not saying abt technology worldwide, tech in India) and for that fact I love Bajaj bikes.

  38. i like the design of this bike i think it is first bike in India comes with dual disks and, under chassis exoust and up and down suspension it is fully sporty

  39. all pulsar series is very hot & this upcoming 300cc ic very sexy and attractive send me more pics of this bike

    ITS ……….

  41. sir this is swamy from tumkur karnataka .im an M.Tech, design engg,so can u give following informations
    ur given only one side view .pls send other 5 views .
    and design aspects .
    what is its performens .
    is there is any sensor system availeble

  42. Wht to say abt pulsar. Its everything. I am damn crazy abt it.
    I think this pulsar 300cc Rocks. down to Earth

  43. well dont bout wat might go sky high,or wat might come in between but, if u are a biker remember “a biker”den u might have ur own choice of machine but since bajaj is pioneerin` towards da challenges of da contrast between international and indian bikes den i wud say gr8 job! Bajaj im fully wid ya guys and watever u are doin wish dat u secure da ultimate goal, however and watever da indian roads might say, if taday we stop sayin dat indian roads are not apt for dis kinda bikes den we might never compete,or see somethin unthinable, dis is revolution, believe in change, may be taday indian roads are in not so need and condition but tomorrow as da demand for revolution and change takes priority den da roads has ta be widened, da perception has ta be broadened, cuz we need ta see a bigger and a better india, technically and truelly.

    regards…. …ROBBIE…

  44. well da price is not a factor but da precise time of its bein launched is unforcastable, so, ll be really nice if i getta know bout wen its gonna be launched?

  45. yeah and one thin` it wud be a matter of gr8 honour if i cud get da tech specs and da price list includin da x-showroom price reflectin da differnces of different cities.

  46. Guyz whtz the actual price of 300cc Pulsar and whtz His Fule Consumption…???? How Mnay Kms… per lItre anybdy Knows abt it//??

  47. i like the bajaj bikes i think that 300cc is gave us the best performence & bajaj always the best company! thanks

  48. Hello Bajaj 300 cc makers. I think its a first bike which will on road with high cc (300) with stylish & Comfertable body. I think there is no compiteition b/w pulsar & others b’coz its best & good.

  49. Pulsar is bike which is most offenly seen on road. love ur bikes. 300 is most awaited bike. nd bikes r waiting for it. pulsar rocks

  50. i have pulser 200 , i m waiting 300 pulser plz as soon as possibe , give me 300, boz it’s black colour is so sexy & girl’s are crazy about pulser and its help for me setting for girl and i m a good rider so GOOD RIDER KE PASS GOOD BILE HONA CHAIYE………..OK

  51. Pulsar 300cc is a very powerfull bike. It is a racer bike, i like it. It is a first bike in India which is very fast. It isfastest from other bike like Karizma. It has style greater than bullet. double disk brake in front and 7 gear set is very shocking and it is world famous. I like U

  52. pulsar 300cc is a fuck all bike…… its a waste buyin this bike coz TVS is realising a 350cc bike soon…… dont buy dis bike coz TVS is d beauty…..

  53. ha ha ha… just kidding the bike pulsar 300 is god ….. i love it…… tat is d bike ,every youngesters should have 1……..

  54. i am bike racer,but realy very super about the bajaj product expectly pulzar 180cc red colour TN 45 AK 0293. i am in tamilnadu i want to buy more cc bikes like that 1000or above please dont smile,because i am a dreamer about high c c bikes please dont ignore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. wat a fucking bike who is the buster 2 think about it wat a son ot the bitch if i meat here i will scre her ass…………

  56. wat a fucking bike who is the buster 2 think about it wat a son ot the bitch if i meat here i will scre her ass…………

  57. I love 2 ride Power Bikes…
    and 300 CC, it’s Amaizing…
    It can be my Dream Bike…
    i m just waiting 2 Fucking the Traffic rules

  58. U cannot tell that its a hoax because it may be a surprise for every one . But it really looks coooooooool….

  59. we dnt hav gud bikes on road n the ppl who wants mileage shld go for xenitis bikes not bajaj…u cant get everything in life..

  60. i thnk the front shld be more modified so it looks like a sports bike..not an ordinary of luck

  61. friends… i think Pulsar 300cc is hoax.. but they are launching Kawasaki Bajaj Ninja… This bike will prove all others that they are no more in competition with Bajaj. Bike has damn cool look.. its just an starting of a very new segment on all Indian roads… and if biking is someone’s passion.. then why to think for petrol prices.. as passion needs only devotion…!!!

  62. its a awsome…..
    and if it will be true then i sure that i bought it……..
    its very chalange bike….
    i like it……….
    so …..

  63. Ya wht ever u say but one thing I love this model and I have one 180 model and looking for a change and I hope It should again Pular 300……So If possible provied me details….

  64. If this is the new pulsor 300 then I think its just a junk They should have done much more modifications in this bike It is pathtic in looks

  65. My friend what u lack is market knowledge. I am using pulsar for five years now. Bajaj is always better due to best technology, cost effectiveness and feul effeciency. You talk about TVS, YAMAHA, do you have the bike which gives fuel effeciency more than 40. Do u get the parts of yamaha RX 100. I don’t think so and if u buy it from open market, it is the most expensive bike u are using my friend.

    I agree Bajaj has stopped few models due to market requirements but they do give after sales service and all the parts are avaiable at company rates which was offered when those models hit the road long ago.

  66. hi thats nice …….. but whats the cost…… whats the milage……. top speed ….. fuel capacity…

  67. this is a very very good bike for fashion. or also its pick up is very good,i like this bike most.its very good for travel with girlfriend.

  68. areee bhai saheb kui khawab dekhteh ho agar 300 cc ka pulsar aayega then i will cost toomuch for us and the average will low pagal people. we middle class people cannot affort it dreaming to get pulsar 300 cc hahahaa

  69. are waw kya khus khabari………………..
    aj mujhe dhekhne ko mila
    now i have a pulsar 200cc and i had purchased when u lunch in orissa for the first time,and i am in ur 1st 10 customer
    in orissa
    and now i eagerly wanted to bring my home 300cc soon kiski mat suniye isko jaldi lunch kijiye its my request thanks

  70. Dam it looks very good and super cool keep bajaj company the worlds famous,when it is going to launch in mumbai and what will be the price..

  71. hello friends ,
    it looks cool,sexy,good but is the actual bike or what can any one give the information and i am great fan of pulsar

  72. i want some questionnaire on my mail id plz send b’cause i m student & iservey on bajaj pulser & made a report so plz send

  73. well…i feel this pic is a morph or a modified pulsar 200cc…look closely…still…it luks cool

  74. wah!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a surprise by bajaj
    i ll be waiting for its launch
    it will the raods of mepal like other brands of pulsar

    thankyou bajaj

  75. Sir,
    Please show the another side view And front view of pulsar 300cc.



  76. Sir,
    compair to my Bajaj CT100 bike it is fully waste and my bike is best in every thing.


  77. Hi,bike looks quite muscular but cant say about its performance,as far as controlling,comfort,gear ratio,stability,wear and tear,how the engine performs.
    U see the main thing in the bike is the engine how it performs,the strength,its quality,how it performs,the rest is just cosmetics to the bike.I am an Rx owner got an 88 model,well its true that one cannot compare a 2s with a 4s but if u ask any Rx owner he is bound to say that i wont mind upgrading myself to another bike but he will say i want that new model to perform a thousand times more and better than the Rx,pickup is not the only criteria.
    A bike means Style,Performance,Quality,Maintenance,Toughness,The Pulsy out here looks quite sporty n tough but cant say anything about the performance,as it is Bajaj.Frankly speaking Pulsar has made its name only in pick up and style as far as the engine performance is consirned,quality of the bike,the spares used by the Co,one can say f**k all.
    This bike can break all the sales and name of other companies as far as it is tough like the RD and performs like the RX (means alot ah no jokes on this).If u see,the young generation does not know what exactly is the performance of the bike,wear and tear of the engine,for them it everything that glitters is gold,this is what Bajaj has studied in the people and come out with all these models.

  78. Hai frnd,recently i owned a brand new bajaj pulsar 220cc.Itz got stylish luk wen compard to othr bikes especially karizma 225cc.Pulsar has gt bettr stability,milege,power than othr one…& i had beat karizma wth ma rider.Really i luv ma rider..And abt 350cc pulsar its certainly haox…My uncle works in bajaj as senior manager in mumbai,he told me…


  80. Esa moto si que es una belleza, tengo una DTSI 180cc.
    y tambien quisiera saber cual es el precio de esta moto 300cc.

  81. hi i realy like pusar very much though i dont have .bt still im waiting for pulsar’s sports bike .

  82. i think this pulsars shape is great and there could be more modifications to this and specially the mud guard

  83. its brilliant,excellent…………
    m waiting 4 its launch as soon as it vil b in da market i vil purchase it

  84. woooooooooooooooooooooow its amazing that bajaj has launched the 300cc bike.iam wating to own it

  85. at least tryy to make it somewhat like ducati.. at least you can try.. i mean your everymodel is the same and your prices keep goin higher and higher but your style remains the same ..

  86. i am from bangladesh.the new pulsar 300 is more than best but i am an unlucky because bangladesh govt. will not give permission for my sweetheart pulsar 300

  87. this is the bike after i saw the film pollathavan i want to buy a bike pulsar 180 but after seeing this add i more eager to buy this one but i cant i hope i will try to get this and make it has own pulsar is ROCKING ANY TIME KOOOOL BIKE……….,,,,,,,,,, THERE IS NO END FOR THIS

  88. hello guys………….
    i own a bajaj avenger 180cc i think this bike is not discontinued…… i wish if 300cc bike is released i will be the first to own it since we r youth if we dont drive it then who will…………….

  89. hi iam karthik from chennai wow….what a bike this was my dream bike…..i expected a pulsar with mono shocks n this300cc looks definitly male(vergin)


  91. hi my name is royal sharma poudel?i am from nepla(kath)? i am a raccer? i like raccing? i am a winner of 2004? i like bike ? spesally bajaj?300cc pulsur bike? i have 1 300cc pulsur black bike?this bike is ammazing? mine blowing? i can,t believe this?this is not a simple bike [email protected]?

  92. Hi,bike looks quite muscular but cant say about its performance,as far as controlling,comfort,gear ratio,stability,wear and tear,how the engine performs.
    U see the main thing in the bike is the engine how it performs,the strength,its quality,how it performs,the rest is just cosmetics to the bike.I am an Rx owner got an 88 model,well its true that one cannot compare a 2s with a 4s but if u ask any Rx owner he is bound to say that i wont mind upgrading myself to another bike but he will say i want that new model to perform a thousand times more and better than the Rx,pickup is not the only criteria.
    A bike means Style,Performance,Quality,Maintenance,Toughness,The Pulsy out here looks quite sporty n tough but cant say anything about the performance,as it is Bajaj.Frankly speaking Pulsar has made its name only in pick up and style as far as the engine performance is consirned,quality of the bike,the spares used by the Co,one can say f**k all


  94. wow! i love to ride it. This very Sexy, Lunch it,i have Pulser 180 but I will must Purchase it,I really Love it

  95. i think the pic above is nice but some sort of changes should be done in above pic the headlight should be somewhat like pulsar 220cc with a beam light and big

  96. yep! bajaj bike designer are really genius yet they have to keep in mind abt the avg of bike it should be somewhat on 25-45

  97. this looks dam good bike………… hot babe……….. i wish this dream wil come true nd make pular fans happy…… sexy bike

  98. HI GUYS
    1.RD 350
    2.33 BHP
    4.TOP SPEAD 200KM/hr


  99. this is damn powerful leave behind others,,superb ,too good 2 make a boom……..yup
    ………….and you have to rich tell top of the world

  100. I Think This New Bike Hoax Come Be Super Bike On Indian Road. Wishing U a Good Luck For This Bike.I m Also A Fan Bajaj Pulsar1.
    1. Good Quality.
    2. Big Strength.
    3. No Maintenance.

    Good Luck.

  101. After Yamaha 350cc. Amazing to see first time in india 300cc bike in Bajaj pulsar 1.

    I like this bike with sexy looks and good pleasure for youngster.

    I love to ride more heavy bikes.

    Its performs look so dashing.

    I really waiting to arrived.

  102. now I have one 220cc pulsar. & I wish that this hoax of 300cc could come true & Im with bajaj company I mean Im in their support they are doing the right thing, they should stop making small bikes

  103. Yes this bike really proud for India…
    but If you see the wear and tear of Bajaj bikes for the last 10 years.. Person really need to think about it.
    In my friend circle 5 people have Bajaj bikes but they never say bad about it, not even, if those bikes can breakdown in the midnight.

    After a couple of years.. I saw Kick problem, Clutch plate problems, alignment prob, Engine prob etc on it.
    In most of the weekend my friends spend there time in Workshop rather than enjoying weekend.

    Yes for racer and bike freekers they will definetly enjoy the ride of Pulsar 300cc but If you see .. Old bikes like Caliber, wind 125, Old Pulsar 150 were vanishing ..

    Caliber comes up in the market when Splendor Launched, and now hardly we can see the Caliber in road. not even Later versions of bike.

    Conclution: If person did not want to compromise money with his/her hobby then they must go for it, Else think of some Good Engines Bikes

  104. this pulser 300cc will rock if i come fast in market. and best of luck to the bajaj owner, for making such degined and powerful bike.

  105. ghatiaa bike dobara na banana{vaise its ok}
    from jashan

    no purja no pulsar
    from nishant

    pehla rate ta dasdo kinna
    sahi sahi lalo 3 lailange

  106. j pink colour haiga ta dasso nai main case kardu
    from jashan

    pehla rate daso fir gal krage sahi sahi laalo 3 lene hai
    from Anshu

    i know u copied frm “hunk”.hun ta tuhade te case hona hi hai
    from nishant

    p a i g e b h a n d e b o r i v i ch……

  107. Hey Man Just Wanna Say We R 12 Members In Our Group

    Whenever Its Been Launched 10 Sales Guaranteed

  108. hi … name is sanjay…
    my age is 16………..///…,.,.,.,.,..,i have no vichel licence
    but imy dream is riding with new pulsar300

  109. Hi i m Ananta, i m using Bajaj 135cc Discover, can u tell me when u lounched Bajaj Pulsar 300cc bike b’coz i want to purchase it……………..

  110. what the fuck?
    what a fucking indian bikes????
    we are talking here in us about 3000 cc
    when you ppl will our life ?i think after 20years u will get 1000 cc
    hahahahahahaha bloody fools

  111. brokesh bike fucking
    bajaj company business going down
    if 300cc launch this model of bike
    the customer not purchase
    modyify bike

  112. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ LAUNCH THE 300CC BIKE I M ITS BIG Fan i like bajaj campany very much coz i have i bajaj chetak since 15 years ago its wonderful scooter and i trust bajaj that the new bike will also b rocking i waiting for it to launch… one thiung that make the bike more accractive that all should tell that it is a sports bike after seeing ti

  113. i like pulsar 300 in its style but i like mostly the cheapest , powerful,indian road king ….Its the all new bullt machsmo 500

  114. pls inform me as soon as this 300cc launch in mumbai, & also let me know the price asap.
    dam rocking bike

  115. BAJAJ has made my life so exciting after it’s launch of pulsar to the market.Bajaj co. has always anxious to fulfill the YONGISTAN of Univers.

  116. The pulsar 300cc is a dreem bike i never see like this bike in indian market its a amesing realy today pulsar 300 is compiting the other sports bikes (R15,baby ninja,) …….BAJAJ PULSAR IS GREAT plzzzzzzzzz launch this bike quickly………

  117. The pulsar 300 is amrsing bike loking sexy but i want to see this pickup compare to other bikes ? pulsar 300 is a dreem bike i never see like this bike in indian market pls lanch this bike quickly

  118. ye its perfect for wild stund.i like .bajaj no more than other will get chance in yhis asia.perfect.

  119. this time bajaj have to suffer from large value of loss after the launching of pulser 3oo new

    so please stop this project launching in punjab >>>
    this is my heart feeling fo r u



  121. Its already released dude.

    My friend owns this in Hyderabad. U take it or leave it, but it is a test version which he has purchased from the bajaj showroom. He has already crashed once at 180 speed.

    Bike wont last on our roads soon after it releases!

  122. M from nepal, I had seen its all items, its all good but the head light really bad. why dont we try the head light of 220 or any thing else, little bit different from others.. I have my 180 cc blue pulsar its really digital, really great problems in display and headligt and really a tali light is very week.

  123. Nice BABY… Wow!!! How much it cost & when i can see it in my hone town?

  124. there is no Motorcycle but Pulsar……..
    best of the best Indonesian motorcycle…

  125. well what you said is partly wrong,as though this is a an unofficial photo of the bike, the bajajs have already assured that one of their bikes may be the pulsar 300 will be the fastest indian bike soon in an interview with autoindia

  126. It looks more strong than pulser 200 and 250, what is the cost for new bajaj pulser 300 and could you please let me know the fewtures also

  127. i have got d dream of once owning a super bike but jus look at the price,,,,, i hope my dream comes true with this PULSAR 300cc,,,,,, the bike looks so gud ,,,,,i love this bike

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  129. i like this bike.just i want to know key when this bike is coming i want to purchase cantact me my cell no is 09377009990

  130. Pulsar 300 so so& so nice bike. but when attach wit it pulsar 220 body kit then it looking style is extra nice.

  131. Por que voceis não fabricam esse tipo de modelo no brasil ???
    Ou como que eu faria para comprar um ciclomotor desse modelo ???
    por favor entre encontato com migo
    fone:55 011 83559321

  132. i have craze 4 bikes but on indian roads i like pulsars the most. i myself own a 220cc. it is nothing short of….only thing i think needed is a bigger engine & a more power..

  133. sure it will be one of the best release of all bikes as i love pulsar a lot i am waiting for more models as now i am just studying 10th std i will surely buy pulsar of any cc in my future. if the cost will be a bit cheaper it will be better I LOVE PULSAR the model of the front boom can be altered as 220cc

  134. i have a 150cc pulsar that’s a superb bike in india,.,,,,,,
    i love my bike & the bjaja pulsar they provide the younger to show passion abt racing bike & they r verysmooth riding ………2 mnth later i have to go delhi in my own bike & in highway they meet me tata207……….then he challenges me to race but my bike is very smooth running,,,,,,,,,,they go 120-130 km & withoutunbalanced…….last i have won the race & tata driver congarts me to win a race & said bajaj pulsar is really good bike …….

  135. {::::::::::::::::::::::::::::}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    thta’s a cool bike in india………
    i don’t think….that’s type of bike can launch any other automobile company in india……..
    that’s only automobile co. in india they launch a pulsar bike.

  136. In chandiagrh mostly the youngsters they bought the bajaj pulsar bike whether any model they buy ,150,180,200,220 cc…
    n chd.any younger can’t live witout pulsar.

  137. Cool…………………………………………

  138. If bajaj will launch this bike then I will be the first person in Delhi or in my town who buy this bike. So plzz bajaj lunch this bike soon, its a humble request from my side.

  139. from its pictur everything seems good, but my advice is if the colour comes in black and gold, black and darkblue this will looks perfect.

  140. this hoax is a new sensation in da biking wrld.i have one of pulsar 200.iwould love to get more pix n details regarding d new 3oocc …………………

  141. this bike

    mast man
    i love to hve a bike like tht
    thnx bajaj to make bike like this

  142. hi dis bikz luk so kool but if dis bike has a mask on head light so den i vil say deffinatily WOW ……….
    Bcoz i have a previous model of 150 DTSI bike,dat y m sayin ……………………


  143. hi dis bike luk so kool but if dis bike has a mask on d head light den i vil say deffinatily WOW..

    Bcoz i have a previous model of 150 DTSI , datz y m sayin ………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  144. hi diz iz Aashu n i would lke 2 say abt diz new 300 DTSI . if dis bike has a mask on head light den deffinatily say WOW…

    Bcoz i have a previous model of 150 DTSI bike of pulser , datz y m sayin…….


  145. i also ower of bajaj pulsar 150cc. So i know the new bajaj pulsar 300cc will great ride thrill. i would like it.

  146. HI my self dipesh patel .

    I have 220CC pulsar . and i like to purchase new 300 CC pulsar because i like fast bikes for racing ….

  147. i m deepak, i m big fan of bajaj bike so plz what is prise for above 220cc bike and what is tha date of 300cc lounching date


  149. doood may b its a hock but wish tht kaash it comes to b true mana fuel prices r rising but i know sme prsons who can pay even 20-25 lakhs 4 a superbke…………….!

  150. this bike is very nice but better to buy pulsar 220cc bike.bcoz it not have too style like pulsar 220.i have pulsar180bike next i will buy 220/

  151. Sir,
    I bought bike {Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTS-I} on 2006 with extended warranty plan so I got 4year warranty. I’m sorry to write that my bike was not running properly. I have requested many times to get the bike repaired, but all was vain because they could not get it repaired properly. They advised me to approach you and also to go to Consumer Forum. Apart from all this I m giving u the detail of what the problem was from the starting and what the problem is in my bike presently……following is the detail of problems.
    When I bought my bike from that day I was facing the problem in the Acceleration and Steering which was firstly ignored by the dealer saying that it’s ok n there is no problem in bike, then after few days I again reported the same problem then again they refused to take steps for repairing, after that I made complaint to PUNE regarding this matter. Then only replied in mail, when he will visit then, he will look for the problem. He came one day n told the dealer to change the carburetor n finally they replaced the original carburetor with the carburetor of other new bike n the problem of acceleration was solved. But the problem of steering, they just adjusted the steering part n said now it’s ok but steering problem was as it is there was play in the steering n was giving jerk whenever it passes through rough surface n ditches.
    PARTS CHANGED – 1) Carburetor
    2) Air Filter
    With the same problem of Steering, I went to service center many times but they always use to tight or lose the nut of the steering n make some adjustment, but the problem was not at all rectified up to satisfaction because the problem was still existing.
    Again n again this process was repeated whenever I felt more jerk n the steering lose or tight, I use to go to service center but they never took this matter seriously saying there is no problem. But another new problem came when they had taken my bike in servicing time I complained of loud rattling sound coming from engine then they made some adjustment n noise was still there, then after riding for few distance the sound again became loud with the vibration. For this problem I went to the service center n told him what they had done yesterday that sound is coming more than before then he told me that the engine valve n the timing chain is to be changed then only this sound will be made off. Now here it is also clear that the timing chain n the tappet of my bike is changed the whole assembly of engine head is opened n the engine valve tappet n the engine timer is replaced, after this replacement of parts the whole bike was giving vibration n the tappet sound is loud n after running few kilometers the sound gets more louder & engine gets over heated, n this problem was also not at all solved by service center instead what I saw is that they made the my bike worst with giving undue sound n a lot of vibration.
    PARTS CHANGED – 1) Engine valve
    2) Tappet
    3) Timer chain
    Then I again made complaint to u by mail, & AM replied that bring your bike to our service center we will look into the problem. They dismantled the whole steering parts n changed the cup n balls of steering, for which they had charged me for the parts replaced & said after doing this the problem will b solved, I agreed with the statement n finally I found that the problem was as it is, n the alignment or the company settings of the headlight n the whole steering section got disturbed, then n there I told them the problem is still there. They told me come after few days we will adjust the steering, it means, they were knowing that play in the steering is still there. I made the payment for the parts which they replaced n came back n informed by mail to company n AM also, that the problem of steering play is still existing.
    PARTS CHANGED – Cup and balls
    After few days again I went to dealer for the same steering problem, he suggested me to ride the bike as it is (with the play in handle) we will try to solve the problem in your next periodic servicing time, but I told him that I can’t ride with so much play because riding with this condition of bike my hand gets started paining. Then he said to his service engineer to make some adjustment in steering n give it to me.
    By same repeated problem which I was facing in my bike, I asked company for the exact solution by mail, I made call to AM many times requesting him to make my bike better, then he asked me to come to OTHER DEALER (which is 50km far from MY PLACE) to get checkup of the steering problem, I visited there also n they found the existing problem of steering after taking test ride. They took my bike n after completing their work, they told me cup n balls of the steering are replaced, and asked for the payment of parts they changed, which was not to be taken as already some days before when the M/s. replaced the cup n balls of steering I had given the payment for that. I told to AM about the matter of payment they r asking for but AM told not to pay I will handle it and the service engineer of that dealer he misbehaved with me n said not to bring your bike to our workshop. Why they r taking all the matters in person, that I don’t know!! After that when I was coming back I found my bike is not at all ok, problem was still existing, I immediately informed AM about problem. Then he told me to ride the bike for some time, after some days it will be adjusted n will b made ok, presently the balls and cup r new so problem will b there, but problem was not solved n steering was stiff as compared with the normal setting.
    PARTS CHANGED – Cup and Balls
    After few days, when I got time, I went to Sai auto to get loosen my bike handle because it was hard to ride with the tight steering n on turning it wasn’t smooth, it was obstructing n was jam. There at Sai auto the workshop engineer adjusted the handle but again the play came when it was set to lose condition ……like this the problem was repeatedly solved either by tightening or losing the handle steering or many times there solution was to change the steering balls and cup …..As per me I have been informed three times of the replacement of balls and cup. But the problem was not at all rectified, each and every time they dismantle the whole parts without any sense n without any result or they were trying to learn on my bike with experimenting….which in result cause damage to my bike n wasting my office time.
    Again AM was HERE then he called me for the checkup for bike. I went n then with well systematic way they took the details of bike &, they went for test ride of 1hr n after coming back AM said your bike is perfect with the guarantee of the bypassing public or a layman who was present there for his bike servicing, when I heard this response of AM I said ok if u r proofing that my bike is ok with unauthorized person than I can also stand many people who r saying my bike is having problem, then I left the place n came back home by saying that I don’t have time to talk meaningless or off the topic.
    This matter was in the knowledge of whole staff but they all were not at all serious with the matter and they were taking it as fun. After my so many mails n conversation with the customer care executive of your company I haven’t got any satisfactory answer n solution to my problem of bike; all was in vain.When I discussed the problem with dealer he told me to go to the service center at Durg there also I told him the problem n finally they dismantled the whole steering section n changed the cup and balls of the steering, which was already done several times as I told u above, but the problem was still there after changing the parts.
    PARTS CHANGED – Cup and Balls
    I made complaint to the company by mail that I m not at all satisfied with the service center work n still problem is existing n I can’t able to ride bike as my job is field job n I have to go long distance which was not easy to do with this bike. Then AM in place of 1ST AM replied me that u take your bike to service center n tell SE who will check your bike whether there is problem or not. I went to Sai auto n told him to check the bike he went for test ride n came back after 2hrs……. (test ride was always of such long duration) after he came back he told me that bike is running properly no sound nothing coming from your bike, I asked him is there any problem u found in steering section he answered me NO. This I told to AM n he said when he will visit HERE he will look into the problem and surely it will b solved by him. Mail by me to company was in continuation so that the knowledge of problem should be clear to company also. But this process of mine was creating problem for the dealer of the M/s. auto and to the AM n they always took it in other way n misbehave with me by saying that if u will launch complain to company we will not accept your bike n never bring your bike to our service center. Then I stopped mailing to company and after this I always had contact directly to the Area manager n the dealer.
    After talking with AM about this problem, he told that he will be visiting HERE within few days then will look into your problem in bike, I agreed n he called me when he was in Bhilai. After reaching there I saw AM, 1ST AM, DEALER, and SE who were waiting for me. They had meeting with me of the whole problem of my bike, AM asked me about all the free servicing whether it was on time or not n do u change the engine oil on time or not. I told him clearly that I m aware of all the servicing period n when oil change is to be done. I also told him that I m not having problem with any other part or section of bike just the problem is in the steering section, so care to solve the problem at once because several times the parts has been dismantled & I can’t tolerate my bike getting damaged because the other thing what I observed is the whole company setting of my bike is disturbed n undue noise is coming while riding. So I kindly request u to make my bike perfect. Then I went to workshop for giving my bike to job, there they asked me the problems again (how funny it is/they were trying to irritate me) then I told him the main problem with the other normal setting to be done after solving the main problem. Then I left the center after that they called me at evening to take bike. I went there n asked whether my bike got ok or not they said take test ride then u say, after taking test ride I felt that the problem of my bike was as it is, I told AM that problem is still there, then he was laughing for while n said u r crazy, I said what crazy in that problem is there so I m saying that, he was not at all ready to accept that my bike is still having the problem. Then I decided better to leave the center, thinking off why I will talk when they r not at all trying to understand my problem. I asked for the gate pass then they asked me for the payment for the parts which they had changed without informing me, n said first of all pay the bill then only we will give u the bike.
    PARTS CHANGED & PAYMENT ASKED FOR – 1) Balls & Cup of steering.
    2) Air Filter of carburetor.
    3) Both Sparkplugs.
    4) Clutch assembly.
    5) Engine oil.
    6) Shock up oil.
    When I said earlier I m having the problem in the steering section then what makes sense of disturbing the unrelated parts or changing the other parts, and who is Mr.Shrivastav, to change the parts of my bike when it is not damaged and its working properly.
    1) Balls & Cup of steering? – This was related to steering section, I m ready to accept the bill, but I have already paid many times for this part.
    2) Air Filter of carburetor? – Which is not related to steering section?
    3) Both Sparkplugs? – Which is not related to steering section?
    4) Clutch assembly? – Which is not related to steering section?
    5) Engine oil? – Which is not related to steering section?
    6) Shock up oil? – Which is not related to steering section?
    Why I will give payment for the above parts when I haven’t told any other problem, my problem was in steering section, which was still there n they were trying to become smart by hiding the main problem of my bike n talking off the topic. Then also I had given payment for the Engine oil and Fork oil because next servicing time to change was close so I thought changing now is ok for me. But they made the issue of the payment and on the basis of this issue they were trying to keep away from them, and were always trying to torture for the payment, and I replied many times that forget about the payment as I will not pay it because I haven’t told to change the parts. Finally they agreed and why they agreed it’s up to the Dealer and the Area manager. As what I think is they haven’t changed the parts and r making the fake bill to just scare me n divert the topic.
    But what conclusion came in front of all this matter is they always talk about the payment. And finally the bike has became worst; now with the problem of the steering play n jerk coming out from the front assembly, pickup down, average is low, from engine the smell of oil burning comes out, the engine is getting over heated after few minutes ride, and because of it I have to change the engine oil after every month. This problem was informed to area manager and to the dealer also n then also they were just ignoring the problem by saying that bike is ok.
    After that whenever I made complain by mail or on toll free number I told to the executive all about the old problem and the new problem of my bike. They always launch the complaint and give me the complaint number sometimes they say it will b sent to mobile n sometimes they gave me at that time the executives of the toll free number with whom I had talked were Mr.Ritesh, Mr. Daniel, & Mr.Kushal they are also having the knowledge of the problems n whatever the problem I was facing with the dealer I immediately inform them, so that they can take legal action from the Pune office, but here the area manager and the dealer always say not to make complaint to the head office, why? They only know but, when I was not getting the exact solution I use to make complaints to customer service department.
    Problem of steering was as it is for few days n I made calls to area manager to do something so that it can be solved but many times, he use to say that my bike is ok n it has no problem with steering…this conversation was continuous for many days after that, I asked them if they can solve the problem or not? otherwise I will send a complaint letter to company for this problem then he called me one day for rectifying the problem, (that day I was there at service center from morning to evening) after that they said that the Handle `T’ has been replaced now your bike is ok, now there is neither play nor jerk coming out from the front side. I agreed n taken test ride I said somewhat the problem is solved but handle is too much tight while steering they said bring bike after some days, we will adjust again then it will b ok. I informed about the matter of the T change to the area manager he said ok n again said for the payment of the parts which he replaced before I again replied with same answer that I haven’t told u to change any part of the bike it’s your mistake what u had done n I will not give the payment of it. In this way they changed the handle `T’ n then also my bike was not ok there was play if it is loosen n if it gets stiff if tighten to remove the play.
    PARTS CHANGED – 1) Cup and Balls.
    2) Handle `T’.
    3) Steering Tightening nut and bolt.
    When I was getting pain in again in my hands and the vibration of my bike was too much, I made complaint to toll free number and to the company by mail also, n asked several times to the dealer and the area manager about the solution what they will provide me regarding the handle play and the overheat of the bike and the vibration coming out on whole bike, they always say bring your bike and they take test ride of few hrs and always they reply with the same problem. But on the other side other then this dealer there are other Bajaj authorized dealer also who were saying that there is problem on my bike and I also use to ask the unauthorized mechanic also to just take test ride and tell me the problem why I m getting the vibration n my hand gets start paining after few km ride they also say the same problem what the authorized dealer say, I accept that the unauthorized people r not much aware with the technical things but they are also experienced of doing the work on engine from last many years. I never ever gave them to do anything on bike but I use to ask whether there is problem or not they reply the same answer what the authorized dealer say except the M/s. AUTO there only they ignore the problem n never repair at once they always make fool n say my bike is ok. More over already they had dismantled the parts and damaged my bike without any sense and not at all concentrating on the problem of bike. Either the lack of knowledge is the reason or they don’t want to repair my bike intentionally. And there intension was also to irritate me by calling again n again n wasting my office time without giving the solution of problem.
    In between also they opened the clutch section many times and they tried to solve the problem but they were not at all aware with the knowledge what to do with the problem n how to solve the problem & how to set the clutch, after their hit and trial method when they complete the job, every time they ask for the payment of oil top up and some parts like the clutch box gasket and the inner parts, I always pay the bill first time but when they will open again and again then why I will pay for the same parts again and again. After this also they can’t able to solve the problem then I went to the dealer’s other showroom at Durg there again the clutch section is dismantled and with the help of chisel and hammer they were trying to open the spider nut of the clutch which got damaged and after that they opened the parts like this and damaged the parts, and again the same thing after that they were asking for the payment for the gasket of clutch cover and the spider nut which they had damaged and the now u only tell me is this the to work on the authorized shop. Like this they damaged the whole parts also one by one n my bike became worst and the smoothness of my bike now absent.
    Whenever I discussed all the matter about the condition what they made of my bike they (the dealer) started misbehaving with me and started warning me that if u will make complaint then never bring your bike, and pay the payment otherwise we will take action against u. Then I went for help to lawyer he said that let me go once for your bike get repaired then let’s see what they say. One day I went with him then, firstly they accepted the bike till they haven’t seen me n they were not knowing that it’s my bike then after taking test ride they also agreed that there is some problem with the engine section only and they said bring your bike some other day as it was Sunday n there was rush that day. By seeing me they changed their sentence and start neglecting the problems and refused to take the bike, my lawyer also said that change the parts whatever section I m facing the problem with then also they haven’t accepted to take the bike, my lawyer said ok then give in written that u will not accept the bike then they started misbehaving with us, saying the bad words then we went to the police station and put FIR against the dealer and the service engineer and the mechanic, as they all misbehaved with us. And we gave in written to the dealer about the problem which I was facing in my bike n he also gave us by courier that after taking test ride we found that there is no problem in bike.
    This was all the detail what happened with my bike and what all problems I have faced from your dealer M/s auto, they also made Bajaj company’s reputation to downside in front of me as I was the old customer of Bajaj, I already had before the PUSAR 150 (round headlight) model n with its performance n best features I decided to purchase it again without thinking about the other company, but now neither I ill purchase the BAJAJ’s bike neither I will suggest to any of my friend or relative to purchase.



    Email my add betale about this bike

    i want to bay this bike

    i m live in karachi

  153. are laude ke baal agar 300 nai launch kiya to bajaj walo ki maa ka chuut………………jaldi launch kar lauda dimag kharab mat kar road ki maa chodni hai……..samjha lauda

  154. Plz send the more details,cost abt pulsar 300CC on my e-mail ID. And finally Launch kab kar rahe ho………….

  155. please gift me this bike … i love this bike alottttttt
    i ve no money……I M bukha nanga…. my family is very ameeeeeeeeeer but m very gareeeeeb……

  156. so many people r saying pulsar 300 cc is comng soon but in this site pulsar pic is a fake and the most one is Bajaj not announce officelly 300cc is hit on the market yea but 250cc is sure .Why you people crowing so muc H 300 IS COMNG..COMNG…

    and so many people say Bajaj are not a good bike production company , Herohonda ,TVS and other r best i am saying to tat people all Heavy bike r best like Pulsar ,Hunk ,Karizma etc but bajaj only give you look+milage+power+warrenty(5 year of his pulsar engine) No one give you this facelity.


  157. wow realy i dont know about this ………………its amazing……….this bike look is wooooo……….kamal hai…….bus ……kamal…………

  158. well as u say the spare parts are a real problem yet when it comes to pulsar every thing takes back seat so chill enjoy and wear helmet so that no one gets hurt these are fast bikes so be careful about those things no actuallu these are very very fast bikes as the bajaj puts it “definetly male” so its not a scooty dude keep on rockin brother bring the best bike and hope pulsar to bring something bigger and better than 300? they should as guys can handle it pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring it on

  159. Ha ha Some smart prankster that is I swear, anyway it sure does teach bajaj a thing or two, Bajaj is always upto to cheating the publick wit h all their plastic flashy bikes which have parts that keep wearing out time and again….Good business, I feel make a bile for 15k sell it for 50 k and sell spares for that very same bike worth 30 k in the next two years. smart deal I should say, Bajaj….open ur eyes and start oullking u’r Socks up….ha ha ha ha…..

  160. This is looking something special,now its calling the real pulsar mania of baja and please know what is the price of the goergeous 300cc,,,,,,,THE SEXY PULSAR……

  161. this must be the most owsome bike in india.i already have bajaj pulsar220 and waiting for 300cc segment.

  162. your bikes are imaging .my bike is pulsar180 can i add any extra feature to it to increase its performance

  163. i like this bike but i want some photos of this bike and i also want this bike to be sold in the market in all the cities. bcoz of this only it can give a tough comp. to the apache RTR 160 Fi


  164. hello guys. any body know the price of pulsar 300. and i also want to know about its features. its acceleration, top speed and mileage . also about its grip on road. i want to drive it now. i m a great stunter from bihar patna. if any body know plz reply at my email id: [email protected] i m using pulsar since 4 yrs , bajaj platina since 2 yrs and now i want pulsar 300… so help me plzzzzzzzz

    1. you guys” Driving me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      i am admin of blog speaking… i said its a HOAX… then ppl still keep bugging me abt the price of this 300 thing… y don’t some one hit up a google search or a dictionary of what HOAX actually means ?

  165. Thios is really dam fukin…..byk iiiffffff it comes true den i knw dat i m d one who buy this fukin …………hoax….

  166. ………..Bajaj products due to their constant discontinuation of vehicle models… are you joking? not onlty bajaj, all the major manufacturers are discontinued their products(even most popular)because there trying to make things better than we means there are working not sleeping like ambassador(hindustan motors)

  167. Hi this kneerace from nepal I think 300cc pulsar is a real Hero between other byk congratulation to Bajaj

  168. pulsar very good looks like stylis bike pls littl bit change for handle bar and seat posision b oz complint for all person back pain.

  169. Now i firmly believe it to be a pure rumor. Coz on a similar note, I broke into an argument with one of friend, who claimed Pulsar’s 300CC is scheduled for launch by this year end. However, the picture he showed me is completely different from the virtual simulation shown above. It was more like the Yahamaha R15. But, to keep the pace with the present two wheeler industry is Bajaj coming up with a big surprise?

  170. Pulsar 300 so so& so nice bike. but when attach wit it pulsar 220 body kit then it looking style is extra nice.

  171. pulsar 3oocc looks hot ,bt it cnt beat yama r15 ….
    sir i m wting for bajaj bike which can beat all the bikes in india or all the company of bikes in india….
    bt for that u have 2 launch a new bike with minimum price and maximum average…..and even the looks……with good service…….

  172. sentil… its not a new hand by the time it launchs you might not be in full physic to ride this… for coment on 475

  173. bajaj will be always bajaj and which can never beat yamaha
    or honda. what ever its launching is just for fun i believe which does not have any looks and cuts like other hondas r yams got it……………… puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,.

  174. increasing pulsars in market dosnt mean more of sale…
    so kindly d company members listing launch a product which is more likely n which can compete to boxers…