Bajaj Pulsar 300cc is a hoax?

During a conversion about new bikes in India, my friend was talking about Bajaj, India’s largest and world fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer revolutionary in India. Frankly speaking I am no fan of Bajaj Products I always believe in companies like TVS, Yamaha and Honda when it comes to biking.

Talking about my friend who alerted me about Bajaj’s upcoming release of a new powerful biking which is probably the BAJAJ PULSAR 300CC. At first it was 100CC then 120,150,180,200 and now its 220cc.

So now a 300 cc bike for Indian roads? Are we power drivers? Already Price of fuel is sky rocketing while traffic in parallel increases. Soon I went through a research over internet about Bajaj launching the new 300cc bike to confirm the news.

At last I concluded it is PURELY HOAX. Bajaj has officially not announced any plans to launch 300cc right now in India. So if you come across any news about it then it’s completely one of false gossips.


Above is the picture of Virtual stimulated photography of Pulsar claiming to be 300cc bike from Bajaj.

Lastly guys please don’t offend me I don’t like Bajaj products due to their constant discontinuation of vehicle models. Some of examples are they discontinued Sunny, Chetak, Cub, Super, Wave, Legend, Bravo, Eliminator, Wind 125, Kawasaki 4s Champion, Kawasaki KB 100 RTZ, Boxer and Caliber. No news at all about Blade and Sonic.

Do anyone ever thinked about the customers using the above model vehicles? Are they assured with any availability of Spare parts? So I usually depend on TVS and other companies! Although many companies constantly discontinue vehicles when they are out of fashion but Bajaj has a biggest list.

*This is my personal opinion and it has nothing to do with real criticism if so it is purely due to the coincidence.

Anyways do you have plans to buy a new bike? What’s your choice ?

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  1. I want to assist bajaj to keep the height of this bike a bit low so that the people whose height is 5.6 can use it so easily and can do stunts too…
    Please take my point seriously. Thanks.

  2. better than other pulsar bikes but not bad i like its looking which is very cool and i am also cool boy the pulsar 300 is not good than other bikes like karizma but yaar guzara karna padta hai bhai mere jao bar main AVERAGE BIKE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am also plusar rider… there`s a lots of fun while driving in highways… Thanks for Bajaj company for getting such wonderfull bikes to india.. hope there r more upcoming pulsar’s which would touch our hearts…..

  4. Fuck u, if somebody says that bajaj bikes are discontinues. Fuck the mother fucker.

    Bajaj is dream of boys… The products a excellent… especially pulsar…

    Talking about TVs is there any extraordinary in this bike… this is the world of generation …. customer wants something new… not the old fashion…..

    Regarding TVs… its like a bull cart… nothing more than that…..

    Yeah I belive that Honda is good… but you have especially focus on TVs….

    Fuck U TVs.

  5. pulsar bike is tha best bike . and i want to pulsar bike and i am watting 300cc pulsar bike pulsar bike is the best bike thak you.

  6. awsm bajaj bikes they are made for stuntz ihave 180cc classic black pulsar. im frm hyderabad i use to perfm stuntz on my bike really bajaj rocks no1 automobile compny of india

  7. Hi! this is sachin and Iam wating for this bick, but i have one request please make this bick in button as well as kick start, as facing lots of problem with button start for 180cc.

  8. In my dream that i should bring the bike first pulsar300cc hoax iam a medium class fellow But i want to buy the bike so i thanks baja to introducing of hoax

  9. wsm bajaj bikes they are made for stuntz ihave 180cc classic black pulsar. im frm hyderabad i use to perfm stuntz on my bike really bajaj rocks no1 automobile compny of india

  10. guys … yesterday i went to the service station for getting my manual nd other documents of the bike. But when i turned my head into the servicing room i saw a 220DTS-fi looking bike with 300 written in big letters on the side of the faring…when i enquired the head told me that its just some guy who pasted this 300 to show off…but when i asked one of the mechanics he told me that this is a pulsar 300 DTS-Fi undergoing testing nd bajaj will be launching it soon…i just couldn’t believe him cause this was a bold step taken by bajaj implementing fuel injection in a 300cc bike…because 220cc fi was taken off because of its price and service problems. Ijust hope that they change the style of this one cause it would really suck if they design it like a 220DTSi again…!

  11. bajaj is the most sexist company i have seen till now and pulsar 300 will be the king of the bikes

  12. Hello guys,
    if there is one word to describe this company than that word is bullshit the products are inferior component manufacturing of bajaj is like that of a layman look at the problems with the pulsars ,the chain set , clutch suspension and the engine itself .Personally i think bajaj should stop manufacturing bikes and should start making tricycles for children cos they dont no the word reliability they know only one thing and that is changing the models and discontunuing the new models this company is absolutely rubbish .SHAME ON U RAJIV BAJAJ


  14. Please design pulsar 220 wit a doom like R15 and let the silencer come like R 1 from below . I assure u tat if u introduce a model like that i wll buy atleast 1 pulsar . Please do like that i am crazy about bikes especially from PULSAR 150 – 220. Please it is my humble request for a model like that and most important let the price be WITHIN 90,000 .

  15. niiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeee….. bike yar


    is gadi se racing krne m mja aayega

  16. good look but was expecting more better look then other new coming bikes like Aparchi Velocity, Honda CBR 150R and others and one more thing please keep distance between the engine and road because of India cannot be abroad in future that road will become like them.

  17. I like Bajaj pulsar each model except 220CC i do’nt like its design. But I think you guyzz have to try TVS Apache RTR i buyed it yesterday. and i wanna say that i am very excited for it.

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