chocolate pyramid…yummy!

after two weeks, i started going to GYM today.. well the problem is if you stop doing exercise then your body becomes weak day by day and lose all the pumped up shapes u have been striving hard before…

Until august mid, i was a member of GOLD Gym which is well furnished and have high tech machines and accessories with fully air conditioned, but to meet their demands they increased the monthly fee to 800 rupees per month which i simply cannot afford for it. So i joined power house this september which is 300 per month. yeah that’s afforadable! But the place is very warm, no air conditioner or even fans run very slow. Good place for people who wish to reduce fat but for body building its not the best. After going one week with a two weeks interval started going now.

my today’s excerise is for chest.. well i wanted to maintain a strict diet for my body but unfortunately what smells around neighbours kitchen fails me..

Today my dad was not feeling well and mum asked me to buy a loaf of Garlic Bread from Hot Breads.. Well this is a good chance as i dont like taking bread for my dinner, i simply have a reason to fast tonight. With virtual imagination of people who have good abs running in my mind, i entered into hot breads and pulled the neatly packed garlic bread out of its case.

All of a sudden, my eyes turned over the neatly shaped up cake. its chocolaty and was in the shape of pyramid and thats why they named it as chocolate pyramid..each pyramid costs rs.38/-. i almost gave the garlic bread packet to the counter and checked it out… then suddenly something inside my mind wanted me to buy the chocolaty cake and so without thinking about my diet plan, my hand was pointing over the cake.

Since its 9.20 pm and mum would be waiting for me, i rushed up passing huge traffic and taking shortcuts.. well after reaching home, i wondered that i left the chocolate pyramid in Hot breads! Then handover the Garlic bread, took my bike again from my garage and rushed to the same spot.. Thank god the waiter for waiting with my choco neatly packed… gave him a smile, said thanks and was rushing again in the same shortcut route..

atlast opened up the fresh pack, removed the cover enlcosed over the cake, and almost i cannot handle the cake coz its more fragile than i ever thought.. that much soft…its very tasty and yum…yummyyy..hmmm

Ok enough, i can smell the gas buring from your stomach…ha ha.. and with a glass of milk my dinner is over hurray… to tense you all i posted the pic of cake… enjoy watching it..

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