Dandiya nite 2008

Its 11 am now and i just woke up.. Not because today is sunday but last night was dandiya nite and i returned home at 2 am. Usually every year Dandiya nite is celebrated in subalakshmi mahal, puducherry organized by Rotary club of puducherry. Dandiya nite 2008 is the eight annual event.

I managed to get pass by a friend wearing INFORMAL dress (incase of not wearing dhothi and pagdi or kurta pyjama) but just a newly brought Pepe tees. It was 10 pm and the drum roll already started and people warming up for the bash. For first half an hour, i was chatting with my friends and known passer bys later they started distributing dandiya sticks and it was a complete mess that everyone is rushing out to fetch one, it was like i used to get tickets for Rajinkanth film…lol Although this is not a big deal for me as i am well experienced(first day first show movie freak) to get pairs of sticks.

The event started by we (the boys) forming the outer circle and the girls (inner circle). This time i was completely disappointed as there was no-coperation between girls. i should teach them some time…yeah really some even started hitting my hands instead of my sticks. We got fed up completely and quit ourself out of circle by forming a group among ourselves. its kind of swapping places while dancing and tried to attract public.. he he lol.. don’t look at me it was not my idea.

The dandiya got over by 1.30 pm and i almost forgot that i was standing idle for half an hour coz i was oogling at the girls over there……:-) I met many of my college mates as they were one of the organizers and not even a single girl frm my college. In the mean time, i tried to interpret frequencies of many girls, some are modulating well and responsed back while some are still using analogue wave while mine is digital.. i hope u can understand about what i am talking. The last part was a bumper lucky draw which ended with selection of some lucky members. Around 1.45 pm it was raining outside but myself and my friend sagar managed to get home by 2 pm yeah just 15 mins…

So saturday nite was over….and today is sunday…i want to kill time.. any ideas…?

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