Configuring Airtel VDSL router 777VR1 after resetting accidently

I accidentally reset my airtel VSDL router (777VR1) made by Beetel. After a couple of calls to airtel customer care, I was able to reconfigure it and is working absolutely fine. I highly recommend calling customer care for any issues. Posting the following information just for knowledge and information purpose.

  • As soon as the router is reset, allow few minutes for it to boot up.
  • Once the router finished rebooting, access the router configuration page (by default it should be In case if you have changed the router IP, figure it out by accessing your network settings and see which gateway IP you are connected. If you are directly connecting to the airtel VSDL modem without any router in middle, then usually your gateway IP will be the router IP, in case you are connecting to a primary router which is bridged to your airtel VSDL router, then I suggest looking into the WAN settings of your primary router to figure out the gateway IP your primary router is connecting to.
  • The default username for your VSDL router is “admin” and the password should be “your airtel account no.” or “admin” or “password”. (Reset if you cannot find your router password)
  • After logging into your router, Click  Setup -> Wan as shown in the screenshot below
  • Go to the WAN Interfaces Table below and select PPPoE2. On clicking the radio button, you will be able to edit the configuration in the same screen above. If you do not see PPPoE2, then use the form above to create one.
  • Ensure the following settings are configured correctly
    • Default Route Selection: Specified
    • Channel Type: PTM
    • Channel Mode: PPPoE
    • Check Enable NAPT and Enable IGMP
    • Username: Call customer care to get it. It should be usually in the form of the following format [email protected] (Where the numbers indicate your phone no with std code and sometimes it is also different than your phone no. second “tn” indicates your circle state.)
    • Password: your account no which you used to login your router
    • Type: Continuous
    • Default Route: Enable
    • Click Modify to save it.
  • Restart your router, you should now be able to connect.
  • If you still face problems, then please sort it out by calling airtel customer care. They will send an onsite technician to configure your modem again.


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  1. Thaks, this really helped me out a lot when I reset my modem. Airtel support between hotline and app just went around in circles, but this information worked.

  2. Hello Sir,

    I have 777VR1 modem at home. After the process my broadband is working but some sites are not opening. I think this is a DNS based issue. Please tell me how to enter/set DNS manually in this modem.

  3. Excellent, you are an amazing person. You helped me a lot. Kudos to you Sir. Keep posting the solutios. God bless you 🙏.

  4. after resetting the router the wifi is is secured, what will be default password to login, I tried multiple things(account number & phone number) but nothing worked.

  5. i have deleted accidently wan protocol interface and internet is not getting on so what to do.
    please help me to fix it

  6. Thanks a lot .it’s helped me . Broadband Service provider company told big big words like it’s complex ,we have to come home to configure everything from scratch. I spoke to nearly 6 customer care person . They are just useless ,no proper training no knowledge ,I wasted 6 hours calling customer care. Anyway this helped me a lot . Thanks once again Great

  7. I am not able to change anything in wan settings. All settings are blacked out. Tried everything and i am getting frustrated now. These customer care are totally useless don’t know anything at all. Please help me somehow idk what to do

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