Free Firewall test for your computer

Have you ever wonder that your computer might be vulnerable to hackers and virus, or do you know that open ports in your computer can exploit all information ? Well although you use Anti-Virus software, it is recommend to use a Firewall inaddition to the Anti-Virus. Some Av's come with in-built Firewall but some use [...]

Google PageRank for Warez site ?

PhazeDDL is one of a Famous Warez Search Site that indexes all the Warez site. One can say its a google of warez site, but while visiting that page, i found that google gives page rank for that site, it has given 5/10 for that warez site. Its a Suprise that google gives page rank [...]

Voicemail in Google ?

One of a blog says that the user has tried to Create a label but the name of the label was denied. He used "voicemail" as label name but google denied the request as invalid. There is no Doubt that google is already offering voice over ip in its Gtalk and in the Future google [...]

Was this link useful ?

Google Adwords are testing on a new method of getting feedback from users about the sponsered links they display on google search engine When i was searching for notes on EDGE Technology of GSM and i just found the Sponsered link with a Question asking Was this link Useful ? . Generally users click no [...]

Microsoft Codename Max(Beta)

Whats max ? - "Max is a Freeware, actually its not a product but Today Max lets you make beautiful photo slideshows to share with your family and friends. And it recently began showing you the latest news updates from around the world. What will Max do next? Stay tuned! " This is what microsoft [...]

Google + BSD = Google BSD Search

Google BSD Search Engine is a powerful search engine for Unix-like computer operating system descended from Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). The logo of the Devil Looks cool but the page seems to need some formatting. Although the Google Bsd Page is live at , i think google is still working with the interface of [...] ?

While i was trying to index all the pages from, i found and ! when i tried to click it i got a google search page that looked like below.Well does anyone of you have any idea of what purpose this special kind of search engine used ? when i tried to [...]

Ajax Yahoo mail Extenstion

Well, its Firefox time and i found an interesting extenstion called Ajax Yahoo mail Extenstion, Designed by Vivek Jishtu. By Using Ajax Technology, it lets you to preview your message with single click without leaving your inbox. But Unforunately the new yahoo comet users dont need it, and useful only for classic yahoo mail users. [...]

Creating more than one group in CityCita

CityCita is a powerful group-organizing tool that allows users to get together online and meet face to face locally wherever they may be. This Website has been launched just some weeks before.. The Gui is simply nice and it has good features and same like orkut or google groups, but unforunately it allows user to [...]

A.R Rahman my soul….

Do you know the only person i believe whom no one needs introduction, its my godfather A.R Rahman, Have you ever felt the spirit of music ? Well i am lucky enough to feel the soul in his music. i could simply say there is something more than sound in his music. Man, i am [...]