Add images in Orkut Scrap

Now you can add an image while you scrap one of your buddy and let him suprise... Adding an image is Scrap is simple and its just a code that places an image in scrap. Just type the followind code in the SCARP [link=]yourimageurl[/link] Example: [link=][/link] Please don't change the url, i got this [...]

i dont like google ?

Had anyone tried this keyword "i dont like google" ? You get some Strange wierd results as mine, have a look at the shot below.. Man this seems like people who dont like google works in google. The First result for the term is Google Jobs... dontlikegoogle Hosted on Zooomr Well Larry page once said [...]

c’est mon

hey its me sankar anand, back to blogging......... Well blogging is just ain't an hobby, it is something more than that...... It helps one to express oneself.... But Whatever field i am, i just don't use it only for personal purpose, its meant to be public, co when you need the fame and glory then [...]